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The Little Boy?


So I went to Mexico this past summer. I stayed at my uncle's house for 3 days only. The first day I got there they gave me a heads up that some have sworn to see a little boy walking down the stairs. Now this scared me.

The room I slept in was on the side of the stairs. The first night there I was good, nothing bad happened. However, the second night it started raining and I couldn't sleep, it was very humid. My parents slept in the same room and kept the door open. I couldn't fall asleep and I would always be looking at the stairs.

Minutes later I was about to knock out but I saw the lights go on from downstairs. I thought it might of been someone to get something. But the lights turned off and back on again and again and again. When they finally turned off I expected my uncle or someone to come up the stairs but no one did.

I closed my eyes to fall asleep because I was scared but I opened them because as much as I was scared it was tempting to look at the stairs and I saw a little boy standing there and he ran to the restroom. I woke up my dad and told him everything and he went to check it out and he said he saw nothing. I decided to go back to bed. Layer on that night I woke up around 4:30 am and the door was closed (thank god).

The next night I was really scared and decided to sleep on another bed further from the door. As I was falling asleep someone tapped my shoulder. I turned quickly but it was no one. That was all for the third night.

My aunt has witnessed once when she was downstairs she heard a noise and she looked and saw the little boy sitting down on the stairs looking at her. Another story was when my grandma was showering she got out to get her towel and she glimpsed at the stairs and saw a shadow run downstairs.

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