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Good day, I'm new at this so please bear with me if I misspelled some words or such.

I've been very interested with the paranormal since I was a kid which is quiet unusual since we're Chinese and we even celebrate my birthday with a spooky treat, My birthday by the way is Halloween. Now if you're a Filipino and was born during the late 80's you'll remember that every Oct. 31st, or just before All Saints' day, channel 2 features Horror specials and I'm referring to Magandang Gabi Bayan, Hosted by the former Vice President, Noli De Castro.

I'm not sure if I am sensitive but the people around me sure are. So what I'm about to tell you is not just my story but all our experiences.

I lived and grew up in the city, so my parents don't really believe in the paranormal, My sister and I were big Horror movie fans and as kids we use to have a horror movie marathon every weekend. But as I enter High school creepy stuff started happening.

1st: I was hanging with my classmates at our house (which is a block away from school) when we had this eerie feeling that we are being watched, then all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a grown woman weeping, so we ran out of the house, but a few minutes later I had to go back because all my friends went straight home after that incident. Note: there was no one crying at our house during that time.

2nd: My girlfriend at that time saw my dead grandmother at the top of the stairs looking at her wearing her favorite purple dress and at the same time she also saw my uncle who by the way was shot in our house during the late 70's, she said his face was covered in blood, and It sent chills down my spine as the same description of my uncle was once told by my mom when she dreamt of my uncle and he was asking for soap to be burned so he can wash his face. (in Chinese tradition, when a person dies the family must burn ghost money, to serve as currency in the afterlife, a paper house, or anything they can use in the afterlife like cars, plane, even servants with names, just don't burn a servant with a living person's name on it or that person dies soon after.)

3rd: My sister occasionally ask her friends to hang by our house to chill after school and one of her friends saw a big shadow of a man near our dining table, up until now I still glance at the area and sees nothing but feels like someone resides there, it started when one of my cousins both a house and stocked all the old stuff from the house they bought in that area.

But as I grew older and entered college I started to feel more sensitive about it and even refrain from watching horror films because I get more jumpy.

4th: I saw a kid in our school's fire exit, and he was crying when I looked back he was gone, my girlfriend also saw the same and we ran to our classroom after that incident. And at the 4th floor of the building the girls CR was being avoided because of a flushing noise that can be heard from one of the cubicles. My professor and girlfriend experience it together.

5th: I was now working for a publishing company and was assigned in one of the many universities in Manila, I often hear kids playing in my computer lab, when no one was there and experience a looming shadow at my back when I'm working at that lab, also I saw a kid running in the hallway of the high school building, the kid was about 2 or 3 years of age naked and it seems to have a cord attached to it as it giggles away.

6th: At the same school, I often go to the elementary CR because I don't want any of my students see me as I do my business, one time I saw a girl in the boys CR and she was crying, I didn't enter, instead I ask her to come out as it wasn't appropriate for a girl to be in the boys CR. But when I looked back inside she was gone and the faucet was running.

7th: My sister lived away from us for a time and she had several experiences with the condo where she used live, all of them experience the doors of the condo being close so loud and no one was in the rooms. And the occasional missing stuff but when they yell at whatever it is, the stuff mysteriously reappears to where it was originally left, later she told me that the house was full of entities both playful and malevolent, so they had the condo blessed and ask a reiki to cleanse the condo, one of the sensitive stated that when the reiki threw a mixture of salt and garlic to the area the entities scattered like roaches and hissed at them. Until now some of her friends lives there as for my sister she had enough and moved out and when home to live with us again. But with consequences.

8th: My sister started training as a reiki healer as she was being trained by a reiki master who appeared in Misterio (Ryan Eigerman's show in GMA 7), She encountered several black ladies and shadow people as a result and even had a ghost attached to her. When she learned about the ghost she went for a cleansing, and the ghost imitated my sister's way of saying goodbye to her friends, My sister isn't polite, her usual way of saying good bye is "Hoy! Pwede na ba ako umalis? (. Seemed funny to me.

9th: I'm now working for a big restaurant chain here in the Philippines and the haunting started more often, during our stay at the 3rd floor of the building I was ask to buy groceries for our training on Monday (by the way, I'm a behavior and technical trainer) that Monday I was the 1st one to arrive in our office, all the computers weren't on and the room is still dark, but I heard typing as if someone was already working.

10th: As a trainer, we're required to go to different locations to train the new employees for a new branch and in one of our trips in Cebu, Our venue was an old jewelry factory (one of the most popular Gold jewelry makers in the Philippines) and I was ask to borrow a computer speaker at the lower floor at first it seemed normal, a little bit dark but normal, after our training had concluded, I went back to the lower floor to return the speaker, I slipped or rather was pushed by what seemed to be a kid, The floor has many dismantled mannequins and one of them seemed to move but I was a little skeptic so I brushed it off, then as I was climbing back the stairs, a kid suddenly jumped from my right side as if playing pick-a-boo and I froze because the kid had no face, I can clearly remember what he was wearing, Orange collared shirt with blue shorts, When I ask the employees in the building if there was a kid in the place they said "No". But a kid died in the building during a typhoon years back.

11th: We had our sales rally at Subic, and we are part of the advance party to set up the venue, during the day the residential part of the place was quite nice but at night I wasn't as it seemed before, I think I was called La Genda, Urban legend says that La Genda was a dumping place for women who fell in love with American sailors, but when the sailors have to go back to the ships, they killed the women who fell for them and stuff them at the ceiling, legend says that the place a was renovated and when they poke the ceiling several bodies of dead women fell. We had the unfortunate luck to stay at the place for 2-3 nights, but we couldn't even stay the 1st night, our guest speaker and also my Behavior/aura reading mentor Dr. M (just his alias) sensed the presence of the place, during this time I was already uneasy and having headaches and as we sat in the car and turn the curve, both of us saw a woman looking up one of the building translucent in appearance and Dr. M didn't even bother to get out of the car, as he described it, the woman we saw was just to mislead us or a lure to snare us. By showing us one of them, the place was as he said filled with malevolent spirits and entities waiting to strike. We discussed this to our Company president's wife and she decided to let us stay in one of the VIP rooms in their hotel in Subic, It was a good thing Ma'am G was there or else we're doomed.

I got plenty of experiences these are just the tip of the ice berg.

Thank you for your time.

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GothamsReckoning (1 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-08)
Very interesting.

I'm also a halloween baby, was born 31st Oct 1976. My poor mother was pregnant with me through the hottest summer on British record!

About the kid with the cord. Where on his/her body was the cord attached? I've heard of people that have seen astral projections of other people who are projecting. Kids are said to be able to do this more easy, and those who are astrally travelling are said to have a cord attached to them. This is apparently to enable the astral body to get back to the physical body.

Loved reading your experiences. Thanks for sharing! Xx
Zeromaru (guest)
6 years ago (2016-03-07)
Wow, interesting!
Just a quick question is your family background Sino-Phillipino? Or is it just a religion?
Your second experience interested me very much!

The following just a warning, or that's what people around me said.

Once you are interested in spirital things that's the time your "third eye" will start to open.

Well it depends on what you believe but people say its good if you bath with grapefruit leaves when those things happened.

Thanks for sharing!


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