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It Smiled At Me


I am 27 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada. I lived in a semi-detached house with my father, mother, little sister and baby brother. We moved to that house 17 years ago, and everything was going great. I was as happy as I could have been, finally in a house with a backyard to play in, grass tickling my toes, the fresh smell of lilacs nearby. No more apartments, it was exciting!

I shared a room with my sister and we had bunk beds, she had the top bunk and I had the bottom. We had our bed set up where our headboards were along one part of the corner and the right side of our bed was against the other. Our bedroom door was on the same wall as our headboards.

It was a night like any other night. We brushed our teeth, put our pj's on, gave our parents a goodnight kiss and headed off to bed. We kept our bedroom door open for some lighting that came from a night light that was plugged in the hallway.

I was fast asleep until I had this strange feeling that something was in the room watching me. I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at my left, and to my horror there was something there! Right up against the side of my bed! It was all black from what I could see. It had long pointed ears that stuck up off the top of its round head, large glowing red eyes, and its claw-like hands were resting on the edge. I'm not sure as to how tall the creature was but all I could see was from the chest up. As soon as it noticed that I was looking at it, it smiled at me! A massive smile, with sharp pointed yellow teeth. It dug its claw-like hands into the bedding and just kept smiling.

My heart started to race and my breathing intensified. I couldn't move, couldn't run, couldn't scream. The creature knew it had me trapped, and it smiled even wider. I was so scared that tears started to blur my vision. I had to do something, I had to move. Then all of a sudden for some reason I was able to pull the covers over my head and turn away from it. I kept whispering ever so softly "Go away, go away" And just like that I was out cold once again.

When I awoke the following morning, my head was throbbing, and it felt wet at the back. I placed my hand on the area and a wave of burning pain came rushing in. I looked at my hand and it was covered in blood! I ran to the kitchen crying to my father as he was preparing us breakfast. He noticed the blood on my hands and asked if I had fallen out of bed.

He took a look at the back of my head and was in shock at the amount of blood. He rushed me to the bathroom and washed off as much as he could. My father told me there were tiny gashes forming into what looked like teeth marks. He brought me to the hospital right away and had a doctor take a look at it. The doctor had no idea as to what it was or what could have caused it, but it indeed looked like a bite. He explained to my father that it was very badly infected and that stitches weren't needed. I was given some sort of ointment for it and had to place it on the wound twice a day, every day. After a couple of weeks or so, chunks of my scalp started coming off and produced such an awful smell that went on for almost 6 years.

My family and I have moved out of that house 4 years after that night, and not once did I see it again. Well, until the first night in our new home that is. I had my own room now, my bed was in a corner again, but the left side was against the wall. The window was across the room to my right and my bedroom door was near the foot of my bed. I was asleep, and once again I had that feeling something was watching me. I opened my eyes sat up right away and noticed that creature again. This time it was outside my house, sitting on a tree branch looking right at me.

It just sat there for a few minutes and I was able to get a better look at its form. It appeared to be about 3 feet in height and almost humanoid. Its left arm was resting on the branch slightly above it, with the right one at its side. The legs were swinging back and forth and then it jumped out of the tree in just a flash. I ran over to the window as quickly as possible and closed the curtains, then ran back to my bed and hid under the blankets again.

That was the last time I saw it, and it bothers me not knowing what it was and as to what did it do to the back of my head? I hope someone here can please let me know if they have seen a creature like this and/or have experienced anything similar.

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Julie_W696 (11 posts)
5 years ago (2017-07-16)
There are a couple of comments I want to respond to:

Babygoatpuller - if small chunks of scalp came off it would not show bone. There are many layers of scalp. That's what dandruff and various other skin conditions are.

RedWolf - that's a very good point about the fact that she would not be allowed to leave the hospital. I went to the hospital with an unknown infection and was isolated (in a room with all glass on two sides) for a week, but I did not see an infectious disease doctor after I left the hospital. However, we all know that sometimes (often, in fact) doctors screw up. I can name several instances, but let's just stick to the biggies: my mom complained of feeling sick & tired for years - was referred to a psychiatrist (she didn't go) - actually had cancer (found too late, only after you could see jaundice in her face & eyes). The same thing happened to my Dad (had Celiac disease - he also died), and me (had protruded discs in my neck - C4-5 & C4-6) - doctor didn't believe me about pain. All different doctors. Yet another doctor almost DESTROYED the remainder of my kidneys because this new doctor didn't believe me when I said I had severe CKD (chronic kidney disease). The files weren't transferred yet, and he sent me for an MRI to confirm what I had told him (my kidneys had both shrunk). On the MRI form they wrote "no" to kidney disease. Had I not stopped them, the hospital would have given me a fluid (to help see the MRI) that would have destroyed the remainder of my kidneys - probably killing me. So you can never really rely on what a doctor will / won't do.
trustb (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-13)
For some reason, the title pushed me into creating an account and commenting, because of how weirdly similar this is to what I've experienced when I was younger in a dream. I was around 5-6, and I was in a dream state, but extremely conscious and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in a forest beside a burnt building, there was this dark pipe where a toilet or something must've been, and it went off into solid darkness so I walked up to it. Looking inside with curiosity, then suddenly this thing with two wide white eyeballs, weirdly symmetrically placed on its face sat those eyes, and it had the same WIDE smile you describe, and afterwards it grabbed me without moving and I fell into the pit, suddenly feeling like all the nerves connecting to my lower body were squeezed for a long amount of time. Pretty much torture. I woke up afraid, and scared of toilets, and the dark for a few years, as if something was going to grab me and pull me in.
Crimsonhope (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-30)
Thank you all for responding, I've read your questions and I will try to answer them the best I can.

I agree with Macknorton about the fight or flight, but I am also puzzled as to how I was able to fall back to sleep after seeing it. All I could remember was covering my head under the blankets, breathing heavily and repeating "Go away".

Unfortunately, no tests were taken. My family doctor was away the day we went to get it checked out, and a new doctor was there. He just took a look and said he had no idea as to what could have caused it and just prescribed some sort of ointment to put on the wound. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the medication.

I have mentioned to my parents that it wasn't going away for those 6 years. I'm the black sheep of the family, and never amounted to anything in their eyes. My mother never believed about my encounter and kept calling me a hypochondriac, so they never took me back to get another opinion.

For the "chunks of scalp" that were coming off, my skull was not exposed. The infection was located at the back of my head where the skull meets my neck just above the hairline. It was covered in pus, and small chunks of flesh, scabs and hair would fall out. Giving off an awful smell of rot. I wish that I had taken photos to show you what I mean.

I had no stomach pains or morning sickness, and I have no idea as to why and how it became infected so fast in a few hours. I hope this helps. ❤ thank you all again for your help and questions ❤
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-23)
Do you mean clumps of hair?

Okay here is what I know. If you went to the hospital and the dotor said he didn't know what it was or what could have caused it, but indeed looked like a bite, and was already badly infected. You would NOT have been allowed to go home. Even in Canada they worry about things like Mersa and Rabies. You would have been admitted, they would have cultured your wound. Had you on several I.V. Antibiotics, and lots of blood work and because they didn't know the source of the bite you would be getting rabies shots. An Infectious Disease Doctor would have been assigned to your case and you would be seeing that doctor every few weeks for up to a year and s/he would see the chunks of scalp coming off and the smell and it would be taken care of. Six years of this is craziness. Why didn't your parents bring you to the doctor?

_Mustapha (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-23)
Did you have stomach pain or morning sickness, because many hair issues like hair falling can be poisoning in the stomach that can stay for years. Some entities also use poisoning to effect the mind which can lead to chronic tiredness, hot flashes,stomachache,hair falling and so on. But people who have this suffer from nightmares and those symptoms in weekly and and even daily basis.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-21)
Crimsonhope- I have the same questions as Mack with one more. What do you mean by "chunks of my scalp started coming off"? If it was really chunks of scalp tissue, you'd have nothing covering the cranium. Was the skull bone exposed and did you do anything medical-wise about it?
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-21)
Ya, that is freaky. I would have died if I saw that.
Funny how we are more accepting of people hearing, seeing and feeling spirits and their sometimes "rage" (pushing, scratching) yet we are not comfortable with the possibility of seeing "trolls" or god awful creatures that look like they are from a horror show.

If it is possible for a known person to appear younger after death then what's to stop them from manifesting as a "creature" to scare the hell out of someone if that is their intention and nature? And what of reports that people are absolutely drained after coming in contact with spirit, could they not induce sleep because of this?

Now let's assume this is a troll or an elemental gone rogue, a physical paranormal being, he would have bacteria on his claws and in his mouth. Mouth or claw wounds can and do get infected quickly because bacteria is often forced into the tissue and it gets trapped, an immune response can start immediately and start producing inflammation and dead white cells in a few hours. (been there, got a bite playing water polo that became infected quickly even after clean out at the hospital). Sounds like he passed on a form of "mrsa" It can produce skin death and flare up for years.

I hope to heaven you never see this creature again. Hope your hair grows in too, my eyebrow hair sadly, did not. "sniff".

Thanks for sharing.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-20)
Hi Crimsonhope. Thanks for sharing. There's a couple of aspects of this recount that don't make sense to me personally.

You wrote how terrified you were, yet you were able to suddenly fall asleep after you put the covers over your head. That seems unlikely. I've been terrified in the middle of the night, and my body has flooded with adrenaline, you know fight or flight etc. It's very difficult to go to sleep straight after being terrified.

I find it very unusual that you slept through what appeared to be a very serious (and presumably painful) bite wound to your scalp. And if it was indeed a bite mark, how could it be already badly infected but still only presumably a few hours old?

Are you able to provide more details on what kind of tests were carried out to ascertain the type of infection and source, considering the very unusual context?

And an infection that persisted for 6 years? What kind of medical assistance did you seek and receive for that kind of problem?

Sorry to sound skeptical, but there are so many aspects of this story that don't add up for me, if you could provide more details then I could possibly offer some assistance.


Mazzmarach (2 stories) (78 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-19)
That is freaky. I was going to say sleep paralysis, but the bite to the back of your head threw me. I've seen the term "goblin" used around here at least twice, and I'm inclined to think that's what it was.

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