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The Ghost of 68 Piermont St


I was nine years old and very excited to move into our new home. I finally had my own room! It was only a few months before the excitement became an excitement of a different sorts. Our family of five went to the circus together leaving no one at home all day. We returned to find a round light fixture that usually hung at the bottom of the stairs on the floor, upside down, over in the corner below. It was in perfect condition and actually had two out of three of the screws that bolted in place underneath it. The third screw in the ceiling.

My parents discussed who had a key to the house. My Mom's mother was the only one. They called her to ask if she'd been in the house that day. She had not. They confirmed with her that she knew nothing of the mysteriously place light fixture.

I think we all kept it in our minds and kept our eyes open. I remember I was excited at the idea of the paranormal even at that young age. It didn't take long for my curiosity to be intrigued yet again.

My brother's birthday, September 1982 (the same year), we had family over for cake. All of us children were playing upstairs. My brothers and male cousins in my brothers' bedroom, the girls and I in mine. We were called downstairs for cake and when we returned upstairs my brothers could not get back into their bedroom.

They had called our parents and the adults upstairs to see why the door would not open to discover that the bureau that usually sat against the wall on the left of the door was in fact in front of the door. Right up against the door that opened into the room.

Thinking there had to be an explanation my father and uncle muscled the door open. We checked the windows, they were shut and locked, we looked under the beds there was no one. Did a headcount and everyone was accounted for. They didn't have a bedroom closet to hide in. Yet another mystery.

Things calmed down for a while. We had of course told our friends our "ghost stories" and with pride. There were friends who slept over and said the eyes in my mother's wedding picture over our mantel turned red. We had seances with friends and kids from the neighborhood where we would rig baseball trophies to fall and basically play jokes on the kids, the spirit or spirits of our house may have been quietly watching but they were not gone.

It was a few years later when my brother told me that he had been listening to music in his room and heard someone call his name from the bottom of the stairs. He had turned the music down and looked down the stairs to see "a white floaty thing" at the bottom of the stairs. Quite frankly I did not believe him. I thought he had been tired and had tired eyes or something.

Maybe a few months later I had been home alone, in my room listening to music and heard my name being called from down the stairs. I lowered my music and looked outside my room a few times and saw nothing. Finally I answered again, convinced I had heard something and I also saw the "white floaty thing" at the bottom of the stairs.

Part of me felt and still would feel like I would be interested in interaction with the unknown and communicating with this white floating object but when actually faced with this, as a teenager, I backed into my room, shut the door and sat on my bed with the radio down low staring at my locked bedroom door.

I continued to be intrigued by communication and existence of the life beyond. My friend who had an Ouija board had convinced me to try it. We had made contact with what we believed to be a spirit. We spoke with him often through out our high school years. One of my younger brothers decided to use the Ouija board with his friends. It had become old hat to me so I was not part of the "conversation". What I can attest to is what the outcome was from that communication.

My brother and his friends had approached me after hours with the Ouija Board and told me that the Ouija board claimed to be a boy who had died in our house. The spirit could prove this because his body was buried under the fourth floor board back from the front of the house. My brother was looking for permission from me to rip up the corner of the carpet in his room to look under a floor board. Our mother was not home and this somehow left me in charge of such a decision. I had basically told him I would not tell him it was okay, but if he did it I'd like to be there.

They peeled up the corner of the carpet nothing. There was a space behind the slanted roof and straight walls that was empty and not accessible to walk in or even crawl in. They had suggested we put a hole into this wall to see what may or may not have been in that space. Again, I refused to "okay" this but subtly encouraged it.

We put a hole in the wall, looked in with a flash light and saw a white material on the floor. We got it out and it turned out to be two boys sized t-shirts. I believed my brothers took the t-shirts to the cemetery and buried them in a shirt box. Nothing occurred in the house after that and we were not able to make contact with any spirits with that Ouija board after that day.

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Bostonian (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-18)
This is the author of "The Ghost of 68 Piermont St". I'm so surprised and flattered by attention given to my story!

I agree with all of your comments. I wish now, as an adult, we had done more investigating into the prior residents of the house. The rumor around the neighborhood was that a woman lived there with her mentally challenged (fully grown) son. I'm not sure how long they lived there.

Also, this all took place before the internet and the access to public records that we have now. We really didn't know where to turn and what to say to those people. This was before the power of the internet.: /

To answer some questions...

When the corner of the rug was lifted we looked between the floor boards as best we could with a flash light and saw nothing (no bones). When we retreived the t-shirts they were stains on them. We debated at the time could they be blood, or just water damage of some kind? It did appear to be a liquid of sorts. Who could we have turned to? What would we have told them? We were kids who cut a hole in the wall of our parents house by the request of a Ouija board. LOL

My parents were together when we moved into the house but divorced about four years later. When the t-shirts were found we lived in a single parent household with a freaked out Mother who was just happy to see everything stop happening. I think she wanted to believe it was a hoax. I assure you to the best of my knowledge it was not. I do not see how it could've been.

I moved out of the house shortly after graduating high school (after the shirts were found) but that was in fact not the end of the occurances.

Now that we're no longer in the house and grown, my brothers and even my mother talk more freely about the occurances. I spoke with my brother just today and confirmed that the "white floaty thing" was seen in approximately 1997. I graduated high school in 1991.

In 2001 the house was remodeled down to the studs, entirely renovated. There were no remains etc found and from that day forward no occurances in that house (to my knowledge).

I've had other (minor) experiences in other homes I've lived in since then and often wonder if it's something attached to my family rather than the house.

As for the t-shirts? I do not know. I think maybe there was more than one issue going on at a time. Maybe now with the power of the internet I will do some investigation.

Even as I write this things come back to me from those days. I recall talking to an entity on the Ouija board -before my brothers found the tshirts- who named himself Chris (I remember this well) and I now recall him telling us there was "something" (I remember it to be male) that would make him go away, that he didn't "like" him.

These occurances started when I was nine and occurred until I was 19 (in that house). Half of the time I was concerned someone was pulling my leg or was honestly just too scared to believe it for what it was. It's only now that I am 37 that I look back and see it for what it was... Paranormal activity.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-10)
that would be pretty creepy to find. I think if that happened to me I would be trying to investigate further then just t-shirts. I mean it would be really odd to find clothing inside of the walls really weird if you ask me.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-07)
Hi Vickie. This is a really well told story and I enjoyed reading it, but, I'm having trouble believing it. It's a truly amazing story but it leaves me with too many questions. Could you give us some info to back up the story of the boy and/or the events that took place due to the discovery? That's what I'm having the most trouble with, the possibility of a child who's come to harm and been undiscovered. The only reason I can see for a child's body to be within the walls of a house is that someone was hiding the body. What did your parents say or do? Did they investigate further? They'd been involved in unexplained events in the house so they should have done some serious investigating into the history of the house, did they? What was the history? Why was a child buried in the wall? Did you contact authorities with any suspicions? I feel like you told a story without giving details of the most incredible and provable parts.
fizzylizzie (2 stories) (67 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-31)
wow that's really crazy, I never was one to mess around the ouja boards, my sister did and we did not have the best experience thanks for sharing with us!
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-28)
Hello Vickie, I have the same questions as FRAWIN. I can not imagine leaving some very adventurous boys alone after they tried to tear up the house looking for me, if they only buried my t-shirt.
I mean, that would be great. If all the entity wanted you to find was proof that something had happened there, the proof was found, or so it would appear. But... You were nine at the time, you may have forgotten some of the details. I am just curious what caused the haunting to stop completely.
Thank you for your story.
FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-28)
Hi Vickie,
Thank you for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed reading it but found it a bit confusing. 😕 Could you answer a few questions please and please don`t take offense because I`m not trying to be offensive. 1. When your brother peeled back the carpet, did he also take up any of the floorboards? 2.If he did, were any bones found? 3. When you found the shirts were there any blood on them or any signs of violence ie: tears, slashes or (bulet)holes? The reason I`m asking is, and this is just my opinion, if I were a restless spirit I believe it would take more than burying my T-Shirt to soothe me. Again thanks for sharing your story.

frenchpoet (10 stories) (61 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-28)
That's interesting- finding those two t-shirts! That's cool. I was afraid something bad was going to happen when you mentioned you had used a Ouija board, but you ended up helping a little boy (it seems). This is one of my favorite stories for sure.

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