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Who Was That Boy?


I have been a reader of the stories on this site for about 1 month.

Today I registered myself so that I could also post one of my experiences with you all.

Sorry for my bad English grammar (being an Indian I would also apologize:)) as others do).

So here goes the story.

It's a real story of mine, when I was in 7th standard aged around 14, now I am 26, I used to go for karate classes on my bicycle at around 8 o'clock from my home to the playground which was 3 kms far from my place and used to return at around 10:30 o'clock.

While going for the classes, on the way there was a large area at the left side of the road which was fenced with metal wires and bushes all around inside and there was one tree standing bare without any leaves on it. This area seemed to be haunted as I never used to look at that side while going n returning back because it used to be dark and felt eerie when I looked at that bare tree having pale yellow stem and branches without any leaves.

One night at about 10 o'clock while returning from the classes, we (I and one of my senior karate players) decided to have Kabab paav at a road side stall just at the beginning of that road. While I finished eating I said him that I wanted to leave then and I turned to go from that lane/road.

Right at the beginning of that road on the right side (while returning it was on my right side) where that fenced area was, a young boy aged around 9-10 years stopped me. I couldn't see his face as it was dark or I didn't know why I couldn't see him. He told me that he knew where I was heading to (i.e that place called Aaisha nagar) and asked me to drop him over there. And said,"can I sit on your bicycle?"

I was shocked to realize that he knew my destination. I made me hell horrified and chilled my spine. I couldn't answer a single word. And in a frightened state I looked backward and started calling my friend's name who was still standing there at the Kabab stall enjoying the kabab. I rushed towards him with my all energy I could apply he was just 10-15 meters away from me. When I tried to point out at that boy, he was nowhere there. He vanished like nobody was there. It scared me so much that I requested my friend to drop me at my home.

When I reached home I narrated the whole incident to my mom, and got fever suddenly. I was ill for whole one week.

My mom recited several ayaat from holy book quran and made prayers to make me calm everyday. After complete one week I felt good. My karate teacher visited me and on his suggestion/request,I promised to continue the classes once I feel better.

I had 3 questions at that time and still have...

(1) was that tree a haunted one (because it looked scariest at night)

(2) who was that boy and where he got vanished when I tried to show him to my friend?

(3) how did he come to know about my destination. Which was 3kms away, and to remove your doubts I must also clarify that there were so many ways going from the end of that lane/road so it was not easy to anybody to know where I was heading towards.

Later after this incident I continued going for the classes but from different road/lane.

Your comments and suggestions about this real incident are welcomed.

Thank you!

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Comments about this paranormal experience

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ishan (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-11)
[at] rags:
Hi rags. Thanks for sharing your experience.
I guess you've already covered pretty much the complete story in your reply to lady-glow, chawl being demolished and people forced out. May be some little boy sadly passed away during the event and you saw him on that night. Or maybe he's just some normal boy who was messing around with you. It's just a speculation.

I just have a very small doubt. Did that boy actually mention the name of the place or he just said that he knows where you live.?

About that tree, well no one can really say. Anyone will assume that there's something wrong with tree with the condition you described.

Thank God you are safe and sound. God bless you.

[at] sant22:
Fair point but atleast make a habit of being courteous. OP is sharing his experience here and I'm pretty sure, he's just requesting other people's views and thoughts on the same, and not the exact answer. It's just a case of communication gap.
My point is, be polite.
sant22 (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-03)
Even I am new to YGS now and I have read some really horrifying and frightening stories that scared shiat out of me.

Coming to your query how can anyone from here guess who is that boy unless some more information about the same is not available.
ragstoriches (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-30)
Thank you lady-glow for your valuable comment.

As far as I remember there was a story famous about this area that it was haunted because of that tree as it was a weired kind of ttree which sometimes used to bear 1 or two floweres or leaves.
And it used to be dark at least until 500 meters when anybody was passing by that area.

Some years of this incident when all these bushes and trees were not there, there used to be a small chawl at the same place occupied illegally by different tenants.
Later the actual owner fought in court for that property and won and got it vacated by police force because the tenants were not ready to vacate and they also beat the owner once when he came to talk to them before filing the case into the court.

All the homes amd constructions built on that area were demolished and the rremains are still there hidden under the bushes and trees until date.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-28)
Rags: welcome to YGS.

I guess it'd be difficult for any member of the site to know/answer if the old tree was haunted or who the little boy was but, if you have a chance, it would be a good idea to research the history of the area where these events happened and ask if anybody else has seen the boy.

Personally, I think it is pointless to be afraid of something that happened 12 years ago, whoever the boy was didn't seem to mean any harm to you.

Thanks for sharing.

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