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More About The House In Orkneys


I had other strange things happen at the house. My husband and my son had both said they had seen a man in dark clothing walk past the back of the house, my husband said he had felt uneasy especially at night when out in the back garden with the dog, (he actually described feeling threatened). I had never felt this myself and had not seen anything until one sunny late afternoon in April.

I was cleaning the kitchen side down, facing the small window that looked out over the back garden, when a movement caught my eye. A very solid looking back of a grey coloured jacket was passing the window on the left. My first thought was that some strange man was walking around our house and I turned to my left to look out of the other larger kitchen window waiting for him to appear. Nothing. I looked back through the smaller window to see if he had doubled back but again no one appeared. I immediately went outside through the back door, that took seconds, and walked around the entire house, even looking up and down the main road at the front, but again no one was in sight.

We had quite a lot of tourists mistaking us for a hostel sometimes, and have had strangers walking up to our door, so I put it down to that. However I never saw him pass the window right to left, I just saw the back of him as he had already past it. I would not have failed to notice him at first because he was close enough to touch the glass and would have blocked the light out, and because the way the house sat on the land, walls and fences ect... There was no physical way he could of disappeared so quickly. My husband and son continued to see their dark figured man pass by the house many times. Was it the same man I had seen? I don't know, but I never saw him again.

Another time I was walking into the kitchen and saw a wooden toy train being pulled around the corner of the door into the kitchen. It happened in just seconds, but enough for me to see it had two carriages attached, and it was painted pale pastel colours. I had no small children then, and we had no toys like that in the house. I told myself I must of imagined it.

There were quite a few times I thought I saw a black shadow at the back of the house, near the bathroom and kitchen, darting out of sight, almost as if it didn't want to be seen. Again I dismissed it, or just refused to believe in it's existence until my husband had a later account that confirmed it for me.

On leaving the property my husband had to spend the last night night there alone, catching the ferry the next morning with the last of our things, he said he sat in the empty house, and watched a tall black shadow walk casually through the wall from the back of the house, across the living room, and into the wall leading to our front bedroom. He spent the remainder of the night in the car at the ferry terminal.

We also had a problem with the electricity, the prepayment meter was just eating the electric. Even in the summer when there was no heating on and nobody was home all day it would still be using tons.

We phoned the company to enquire if it was possible we were being overcharged on the meter, the company said they had our property on a watch list because of the amount of electricity we were using was so high. They said that not even ten short circuits could use that amount of electricity!

The whole house did need modernizing as I wrote previously in my first account. For example we had a microwave, 3 toasters and 4 kettles give out in the first 6 months of living there.

We lived in that cottage for 3 years, during which my older son had many horrible experiences. My younger son was adamant he had seen a young boy outside the porch, at the front of the house, despite it being a pitch black and snowy night, there were no footsteps in the snow and no sign of a car or anything else, we checked the whole area at the time.

I had used a voice recorder at one point in my older son's room, when activity had got bad for him; he would see a woman in his room often, as well as having an encounter with an aggressive male. I asked the normal sort of questions, feeling really stupid, but also terrified in case I got a response. The only voice I heard was a word that sounded like "YES", this was after asking if she had died in the house, (I was addressing the female that my son had said he was witnessing a lot, he also said he was not afraid of her, but she made him jump.) I helped my son to ask the lady to go to the light, as I have seen on many programs in the past, hoping it would help to put his mind at ease. The funny thing is he never saw her again afterwards, so perhaps it worked after all, whether it was his imagination or not.

I can't tell you about my son's events, unless he decides to post them himself. In which case I can tell you my side of them.

I am so glad we left that house, we were always drained, and depressed. I have read that you can be affected by negative energy. I'm sure that we did experience this at least, whether it was paranormal or some kind of natural/manmade energy. I can safely say we will not be going back, at least not to that house.

Thanks for reading.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-10)
Again I join the conversation LATE. My apologies for that.

Many of these 'events' sound as if they may be related to the 'old wiring' in this cottage. If the old wiring was causing a electrical draw that the power company could monitor it seems likely that because of the old wiring in the house that high levels of EMF could have existed. This is important in two ways...

First: High Levels of EMF can cause sensitive individuals to 'see/hear' things and possibly even manifest 'physical symptoms' such as rashes, nausea and the feeling of being watched. So SOME of what was experienced may have been just that... EMF Sensitivity induced experiences... No ghost/spirit/entity required.

Second: The older wiring MAY have caused high levels of EMF to exist and these High Levels actually attracted 'ghosts/spirits/entities' to your home.

The downside is without a proper investigation... Starting with historical research, Journal entries from those experiencing the events and then evidence collection using sound/video recorders and still photography camera's it's really hard to tell the difference between the two.

Again, thanks for sharing.


nessiev (2 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-14)
other than local knowledge, (which, if its negative, the locals do not wish to discuss) its not easy to find documents or articles relevant to the history of the older properties on the islands.
Every attempt we made was met with a brick wall.
You get the impression that a lot of secrets are kept within the local community.

Authority is not really welcome there (there are no police on the island for example). So if anything bad had happened, it could easily have been covered up.

My son did meet a boy at school who had lived in the same house for a few months, he told my son it was haunted, but we had only just moved in then and I ignored it. I thought it was kids telling tales. How wrong I was.
Aaru275 (4 stories) (55 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-14)
I am glad nobody got hurt. I want to ask did you guys try to investigate about the past of that house?
nessiev (2 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-09)
It could be very likely there were power surges, the power lines are not regularly maintained by the companies. They employ local people to oversee any minor problems.

The company we contacted said they would look into it, but nothing changed. To be honest I think remote areas are not high on there priority list.

In fact we had a strange occurrence take place outside the sub station.

The house itself definitely had wiring issues.

It is interesting to know that a lot of the rituals took place around those months. It seems very strange that the activity was so active on those months alone.

Thanks jubeele.
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-09)
I think the energy drain, be it from faulty wiring or not, is interesting. Is it possible that the appliances may have been shorted by power surges and it could be the electricity grid or some problem with the regional substation? Did the company ever come out to investigate the power lines?

When you mentioned that the activities were stronger during Feb to May, for some reason I thought of the Spring Equinox. If there were mostly farming settlements there in the past, then the seasons would be very important to them. Spring starts in the Northern Hemisphere from Mar 20, when the sun is directly overhead the equator, and the length of night and day are almost equal.

I also found that the following sabbats (seasonal festivals) fall within Feb to May in the Northern Hemisphere:

* Imbolc (Feb 2): "...a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of spring."

* Ostara (Mar 21 or 22): "...marks the vernal equinox in some modern Pagan traditions."

* Beltane (Apr 30 or May 1) "...Gaelic May Day festival... Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires were kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers."

In all honesty and with respect to those who follow these Ways, I am no expert in such matters and could be totally off-track here. There are many others on YGS with far greater knowledge and experience; maybe Rook or Biblio, or someone else would be available to offer some direction here? 😕
nessiev (2 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-08)
hi jubleele,

There were the remains of a much older croft attached to the cottage, our very elderly landlady, 100 years old at the time, had lived on the isle her whole life and remembered everything. She said she had no knowledge of the age of the older building, nor had her family, so we could be talking 1700s. Or even older. We believe the extension was built around the 1930s.

This was not an isolated case. We experienced other strange things all over the isles. I will post a bit about them soon.

Another thing I should of mentioned is the fact that the events took place between feb to may. It was so active during this period, that my son slept with his brother at the front of the house and only used his room at the back during the daytime.

Thanks for your comments.
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-07)
Nessiev, I've just re-read your other account, as well as your son's. The Orkneys are full of really ancient memories. Who knows what happened on the site even before the cottage was built? Not that I'm any expert, but I think that house sounds like a locus of sorts for restless activity. You mentioned before that the oldest part of the croft cottage was built before the 1900s and the extensions were added-on in the 1930s? Are the different sightings linked to specific locations in the house?

I find the energy drain particularly interesting. The sheer volume of electricity being guzzled does sound extraordinary. It's as if those entities were somehow using your household electricity as a power source to physically manifest. The fact that you were all left feeling drained as a result of your experiences there is significant too. The emotional strain can impact on your physical well-being, but there is also the effect of negative energies too.

Glad you are all safely away from the house. Thanks for another fascinating read.

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