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In January 2017 my Mother discovered that she was pregnant. With me, my sister, my parents and a new sibling on the way we all felt that it was time to find a bigger home. It took a while to find a house which both fit our requirements and which we all liked. After a couple of weeks we finally found one which we all fell in love with. It has tall ceilings, large rooms, a three car garage and it came with a field for my sister's horse. It's an old house with most of it's original features still intact and plenty of character. As we would soon find out it had a little too much character. I want to state that before moving into this house I never believed in the supernatural or the paranormal and had been a devout skeptic all my life. However, my experiences in this house have changed that forever.

We moved into the house early July 2017. The house was actually part of an estate so the previous owners' furniture and belongings were still in the house when we moved in. Some of the furniture was really nice and old fashioned so we kept quite a lot of it. On the first night in our new home the rest of my family went to the supermarket as we didn't have a bite to eat in the house. I decided to stay behind and make the place a little more comfortable for our first night. I swapped the old mattresses for the new and made the beds and by the time I'd done that I wanted a cup of tea.

Luckily my family had taken Dad's car to the supermarket because the box with the tea and kettle in was in my Mum's car. As I was retrieving the box the front door was blown shut by "the wind." I walked around the outside and was relieved that the back door had been unlocked. I made my tea and read a magazine in the kitchen until my family came home. When they knocked on the door and I went to open it I was beyond confused as to how both deadbolts had been slid across. Sure the wind could blow a door shut but I couldn't believe that the wind had also moved two large bolts across. However, with my family charging through the door with bags full of groceries I completely put the door out of my mind.

After food we all retired to our rooms for the night. I put on the first DVD I could find and crawled into bed. Just as I lay down my bedroom door creaked open. I thought I mustn't have shut it properly so I got up, shut it with conviction and got back into bed. A couple of seconds later it creaked open again so I shut it again. The third time it happened I was convinced that my Sister was doing it to annoy me. I went to her room to confront her but she swore blind it wasn't her. I went back to my room, shut the door and waited two minutes until I was certain it was shut properly. Ten minutes after I got back into bed the door didn't just creek open, it swung open. I told myself it was just a faulty hinge, the wind or that the house wasn't level and propped several large books against it so it couldn't swing open again.

When I woke up the next morning the books were scattered around my floor and the door was wide open. I asked my family if anyone had come in my room during the night but they all denied it. Naturally I didn't believe any of them and assumed my Sister had come into my room to steal a DVD or something. Throughout the day we all made our way through a to do list my Mother had made to make the move a little more organized.

I'd been doing things in the garden when I came in for a drink. I entered through the backdoor which was in the kitchen and found an old lady sitting at the table. I smiled and quickly said hello before going into the living room where my family was sitting. I asked them who the lady was and they had no idea. When we went to the kitchen to confront her she was gone. We assumed she was just some lady who'd gotten confused or lost and just made sure to keep the doors locked.

That night I had a dream that I was walking through the house. Except the house was different. Instead of electric lights there were gas lights, the wallpaper and furniture was different and everything looked new rather than old. I came to stand outside the bathroom. The door was open ajar so I looked through it. There was a man in the bath humming a song under his breath. He looked up to me and stopped humming. I turned to run away and woke up. I'd never been one to dwell on dreams and nightmares so I just turned over and went back to sleep.

A couple of days later I was sitting in the conservatory reading a book while my Sister was painting her toenails. Out of nowhere the glass in the window shattered. After the initial shock we looked around for something that could have caused it and found nothing. That same day I was making food and saw someone walk by the door but I was the only person in the house. Things began to escalate quickly. I began hearing whispers, laughing and full conversations in the next room. I kept seeing people darting around corners and in and out of rooms. Things kept breaking and my sister's horse impaled itself on the fence.

A couple of weeks after living in the house we finally decided to tackle the mess left in the attic. We were all claiming furniture and art that we liked and right at the bottom of all the clutter we found a painting. I almost collapsed when I saw it. The man in the painting looked exactly like the man I'd seen in that dream. Even then I chalked it all up to coincidence. My parents were going to throw the picture away so I claimed it. I don't know why I just felt like getting rid of it would be a bad idea. With nowhere else to put it I hung the portrait above the fireplace in my room.

What happened that night revealed to me what I'd been so desperately trying to ignore and refuse to believe in. I was putting away my laundry while listening to the radio in my room when someone began humming behind me. Humming the song from my dream. I turned expecting to see my Father. Instead I saw the man from my dream. Only this time I wasn't dreaming. There he was sitting in the armchair by the fire looking up at his portrait. He said something about the painting but I wasn't really listening. I tore through the house to the kitchen and told them there was someone in my room. When Dad went to check there wasn't anyone else in the house.

Until that night I thought I was the only one who'd been having strange things going on. But when I told my family about the door, the dream, the painting and I listed the other strange things like the horse, the old lady, the door bolting itself etc. I was somewhat relieved when my family told me they too had experienced strange occurrences. My sister had been having nightmares that she was jumping off the roof and she said that she'd woken up in the morning and found the candle on her fireplace lit. Mum had felt someone push her down on the floor and had heard voices too. Dad said he'd seen people walking about, had things vanishing and had been having dreams of being strangled in the attic.

We began looking into the history of the house and land immediately. The original owner of the house had died of influenza and his son had murdered the rest of the family before committing suicide. The house had also been a brothel where several men and women were murdered. During world war II it was used as a war hospital and more recently seven different families had owned the house. The history of the house was full of murder, rape, miscarriages and suicides. After discovering this we were terrified. The only "logical" thing to do was to hire a psychic. The first psychic we hired was clearly a phoney and didn't pick up on a thing. The second one we tried had a stroke in our livingroom. Eventually we asked the vicar to bless the house but this didn't work either.

We have been in this house for five months now. The ghosts are no longer subtle. More and more is happening every day and it's just getting worse. We can't sell the house, we have nowhere else to go and we need help. I'm not sure what else there is to do and I'm hoping someone here may be able to suggest something. We've tried burning sage and have even tried a DIY exorcism. I tried to throw out the painting but tripped on the stairs and decided it's safer to keep it.

Please, any suggestions would be helpful. I'd be happy to answer or clarify any questions you have.

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Caz (342 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-01)
I'm sorry to see you haven't been back to give us an update Elliot! My sister's house was once like this, with comings and goings of all sorts and not all were human! She and her husband had four children and as you can imagine, they were living in terror a lot of the time. In the end, we called the Scottish Association of Spiritualists and they sent a man who said there was a portal in the house, which he managed to close. He was there for several hours and when it was done, all he would accept was £5 for his petrol and the house has been peaceful ever since. This happened quite a few years ago now and the only 'visitors' they get these days are family and friends. You could contact the S.A.G.B. (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) and they'll be able to help. It doesn't matter what religion you are, or even if you're not religious at all. Please do come back and let us know what's happening!
L_Mak (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-23)
I promise you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You do not need to move home, unless of course things become really dangerous for you and your family.

Trust me and follow these simple steps. Please get an Islamic maulana, or phir. One that doesn't expect payment for his services. He will restore peace and normality in your home. Because it is your home and you shouldn't have to leave.

What you have in your home isn't ghosts. There's no such things. No such things as people from the past, who are dead and have come back to haunt. But they are what we muslims call Djinn. And there's good and bad Djinns.

Please do what I suggest and your family will be kept safe from harm. Also, please let us know how you get on.
Mainindianhu (5 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-09)
Hiii, I Read your story and I want to say onething very clearly is that its totally up to you that you want to get out of it if yes. Then simply you have to do only one thing is that you just have to put one indian god picture framed on those place where you seen those things happning. Trust us it will really infect you will surly feel that everything is under control indian god name is Hanuman ji you have worhship him atleast once in a day. If you don't want to do this or don't trust it then you have to change your home
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-25)
I second Rook's method or if that does not suit you, looking up another cleansing ritual - then hit that house with all you've got: get the whole family together to perform the cleansing, use the sage during the ritual, sacred oils (ie those blessed in a church and/or things like rosemary and clove oil, which are said to have protective powers of their own), holy water (maybe take a gallon of water around to several churches and see how many you can get to bless it... Sounds silly but it might help), salt - you name it. Everyone should use what they most believe in. Call on good spirits to protect you and the home. Maybe measures that were insufficient on their own will gain more power in concert. It is good that your family is on the same page - having everyone participate in rituals is said to give them more power... And it sounds like you need it! If the cleansing you chose doesn't work, do it again and again until it does. Even if it does work, a brief weekly repeat for the next few months would probably be a good precaution. Also place items in your home that are powerful and sacred to you and your family - for some, religious icons fit the bill, for me its photographs of my late grandparents and other ancestors and items that belonged to them - its the meaning and power of the item in your mind that counts the most.

So long as you never let yourself feel defeated, helpless or alone - you will be fine - and with your whole family behind you and the folks of YGS to add support and suggestions you are never truly any of those things:)

Good luck and keep us posted!
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-24)
ElliotM - Fight or flight? I would suggest the fight option first, especially if you are happy living in the house despite the negative energy. There are ways to get rid of negative entities.

The horse being impaled? There just might be a normal explanation for that, as sad and horrifying as it may seem.

I would suggest that you take a look at the link I have posted here, being Rookdygin's cleansing method. Many YGS members have used Rook's method and praise its very positive effect. You don't have to do it of course but no harm done in just taking a look.


I lived in a very haunted house as a child and can relate to what you are experiencing.

Regards, Melda
BART43 (5 stories) (21 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-23)
Crazy scary house indeed. If your family really loved the house and don't want to move ever again, fight for it. There are many ways to cleanse a house. Naturally in my culture, everytime we moved in a new house, new ones or even have a previous owner, we would cleanse and bless the house first to prevent from anything bad happen. You can't still try do a cleansing by yourself but it be better done by someone who have a lot of experiance in paranormal or someone with strong religion beliefs like a priest or an imam or a shaman. But it will not be that simple, believe me. You have to go through many stages, but it will be worth it. Sometimes the process might take years for the problems to be solved. You are just not helping yourself but even those spirits that was traped in the house.
publicways (32 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-23)
If these paranormal events are happening with such high frequency, you should easily be able to record them occurring. Leave a camera on your door overnight and show us the door opening by itself.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-23)
Oh my!
Could you provide a more specific location of the place? There's no need for an address but, perhaps the area or the town where all these happened?

Are you sure the second psychic didn't suffer a previous health condition that could have caused their stroke? I hope s/he has recovered since then.
Did the spirits get upset when the vicar blessed the house?

You should try to trow the painting off the window or burning it in that nice fireplace in your room.

Congrats for the birth of your little sibling. I hope the spirits don't try to hurt the baby.

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