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I have had experience with an Octopus entity here in my hometown of Limerick City. It all started when my Grandmother died.

It was 3 days after she had died and I was lying in my bed when this ghostly figure started hovering in the corner of the room. It had tentacles and for a minute it looked like the Virgin Mary's cloak floating, but then I noticed this entity's mouth. It was black and round and it looked exactly like an octopus but was completely see through, like a jellyfish.

I was lying in the bed and I swear to God, may I die this minute, my grandmother came out the octopus's mouth still in the posture she was in inside her coffin, with her clothes on, and lied down alongside me. She was trying to talk but she couldn't open her eyes and she could only murmur (maybe English is forbidden in the afterlife, who knows).

My girlfriend was asleep in the other room and she was pregnant at the time. I told my grandmother to go, that I loved her and that she would be alright and so would I not to worry (crying my heart out). She hovered up in the air again with the octopus leading the way. They went through the wall to where my girlfriend was asleep.

A couple of months later my girlfriend had a baby girl and I swear to God she is the spitting image of my grandmother. I could swear the octopus put her soul into the baby. Not only does she look like my grandmother but I used to get this peaceful feeling off my grandmother when she was asleep and the same peaceful feeling comes from my daughter when she is having a nap. She has her facial expressions and everything. She does reminds me of my grandmother.

I look at this as a blessing not a haunting and it fills me with hope. I have done a lot of research about this, and I found an article were it states the ancient Celts believed the octopus carries the soul into the Afterlife to get ready for a new body but I can't seem to find that article. I was looking for it today and I came across this article.

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Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-29)
Wow. This story is just amazing and at the same time really creepy. Imagining your grandma's spirit coming out of the octopus's mouth is just really 😳 😳 (sorry I can't find the right word for this).

I hope we can read more stories from you!

Thanks for sharing 😊
lady-glow (13 stories) (2989 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-29)
Welcome to YGS.

Darklight99 - I find your story fascinating and intriguing, not to mention thought challenging.

It's possible that your Grandma was trying to tell you a message using the meaningful image of the octopus, which makes me wonder what is the moment when a baby/fetus gets its soul and, in a case like this, if every single baby is born with a 'recycled' soul.

Or, it's possible that all this was only a dream due to the stress of your, still resent, Grandmother's passing and the likeliness of your little one to her is nothing else than your genes being dominant over your girlfriend's when conceiving the baby.

In my opinion, in any case you're very lucky, either if this is a second chance at enjoying your Grandma's through your daughter, or to be able to remember her while watching your baby growing up. ❤

Thanks for sharing.

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