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The Imitation Ghost


I want to start by saying that my friend and I are deeply interested in the supernatural and regularly read submissions here. Never would I have thought that I, too, would be submitting my own.

Let it be known that I usually wake my Mum up on weekends. So on the morning of May 26th, I go to her room as usual at around 9. Once she's awake, she asks me slightly confused "Did you come into my room before?"

Instantly, I too, was confused, and replied with "No why?"

She then proceeded to say that she heard me enter and felt the weight of me lying on the bed. Apparently I asked her to come downstairs, to which she said she would in five minutes and then promptly went back to sleep. Now, as a child I would often do this to wake my Mum up, though it's been a good 5 years since.

Though it was amusing, I was slightly concerned. I didn't think much of it until it later reoccurred to me that our house is directly next to a graveyard and crematorium. I had a thought that perhaps it could be the spirit of a deceased child from the cemetery, as I am a believer in the paranormal.

The following morning, we had planned to visit my Aunt's flat. However, I woke up later than planned and my Mum was already downstairs when I woke up. When I greeted her, she asked again "Did you come into my room before?"

Again, I shook my head and warily asked why. She stated that she had heard me again, approximately around the same time as the day before, but this time "I" had asked "Mummy aren't we going to Auntie's house today?"

Bare in mind I haven't called my Mum "Mummy" in several years.

When we arrived at my Aunt's flat, we told her our experience. We collectively shared our own explanations. My Mum simply thought she was half asleep, whilst my Aunt theorised that it was a ghost imitating me. This really scared me, and I started to feel a little threatened. To make light of the situation, I joked around and made fun of it.

That night, my mind was full of this experience. I was trying to make sense of it and had a strong sense of regret for making fun of the spirit. I decided to apologise out loud, in case it was there to listen, and after some time, I managed to fall asleep. I had no dreams that night, and did not wake up once during the night, which is very out of the ordinary for me as I am an insomniac and regularly have poor quality of sleep.

At around 9 in the morning, I woke up to a soft pat at the end of my bed. Immediately, it came to me that my apology must've attracted the spirit. Although I was scared, I did not feel like I was in any danger. My blanket was covering my face and I was lying on my back which is also unusual for me as I tend to sleep on my stomach or sides. Having second thoughts, I tried to sit up to see if my cat had somehow gotten in my room. But to my surprise, I had sleep paralysis.

When I finally managed to free myself, my room was empty. I rushed downstairs to tell my Mum and she said that it was simply because I was overthinking and had scared myself. This seemed logical so I told myself to stop thinking about the spirit, convinced that my Mum was right.

On the fourth day, I woke up to the sound of a loud and heavy sigh coming from my doorway.

Immediately, I thought it was my Mum as it sounded just like her when she's annoyed. I assumed it was late and she wanted me to get up, but when I did, there was no one there.

Later that day, I told my cousin about the whole ordeal. She suggested that we may have attracted this energy due to a significant change occuring in our lives that they may have also experienced in their past life. I do not wish to disclose the full details, however our home life was due to change drastically later that week. Perhaps the spirit was there to comfort me?

During our conversation, I put my phone down momentarily with the screen still on facing upwards. I started to give my cat a treat whilst looking down at my phone, when it suddenly flicked to my cousin's profile picture. This could only have been done if the image had been tapped on, however my hands were nowhere near the screen.

Thinking it was the spirit, I assumed it may be curious to see who was I was talking to about them. I decided to speak to it and told them it was just my cousin who meant no harm.

This concludes the series of strange events my Mum and I had. Throughout this, I did not feel threatened by the spirit and that feeling remains. I believe it was not one with malicious intent and I sincerely hope they have passed on peacefully.

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