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I'm new to this site, and would like to share some of my recent experiences about my new home.

Last May, my husband and I decided to purchase a home in the historical downtown area of the city we live in. Our home is a charming, 3 story (6 bedroom/3 bathroom) house, that is due to turn 100 years old next year. Most of the time, our home has a very pleasant and welcoming feeling about it, but the third floor of the house is a different story altogether (no pun intended).

Within the first week of moving our family into our home, I began to have some unusual experiences. These were odd things I considered non-threatening, like lights turning on/off and doors opening on their own. I kept these experiences to myself for awhile, because I didn't want to frighten my three children. Most of our family was settling into our house quite nicely, and everyone seemed happy except for my daughter. My daughter has always been a playful little girl, but since we moved in I noticed she was becoming increasingly timid and quiet.

My two teenage sons occupy the second floor of our house; they seem very comfortable and haven't had any issues. The third floor is where 90% of the weird stuff happens; this floor is where my bedroom and my daughters bedroom are located. I chose the third floor, because the views from our bedroom windows are amazing. Unfortunately, there is definitely something 'off' about that area. There are times where I feel like I'm walking through a fun house, almost like a dizzy, sick feeling when walking around up there. I've had friends tell me that they feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable when they enter the third floor of our house. Both my husband and daughter hear voices and footsteps on that level of our house. I have felt an definite presence several times in that same area.

At first, my daughter loved her new bedroom and played in there everyday for the first few weeks. Then one day, I noticed she wouldn't go up to her room without me going with her. I asked her if something was the matter, and she just nervously shook her head no. My gut instinct told me otherwise, I was pretty sure she had felt, or saw something. That night, she refused to sleep in her bedroom and wanted nothing to do with the third floor. That evening, I decided to sleep in her room with her. Once I tucked her into her own bed, I assured her that she was safe with me. After watching her fall asleep next to me, I decided to dive into some reading since I had some quiet free time. At first her room seemed very still, and that's when I felt something really odd. I heard movement near the bed, like some type of rustling, but couldn't see any movement. Then suddenly it felt like there was something underneath her bed trying to move it. The bed felt as though it was vibrating, almost in strong pulses, that's the only way I can describe it. Then I became aware of a very strong odor of urine; the urine smell was so strong that I almost gagged. I pulled my daughter from the bed, and looked her over, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Her bed wasn't wet, and the vibrating had stopped. I felt so badly for my daughter; no wonder she was so scared! I have never experienced a pulsating bed, accompanied by a bad odor ever before, so this was unnerving for me. Since that night, she no longer stays in that room.

The next morning, I decided to have a very honest conversation with my 7 year old girl. I shared with her about my experiences as a little girl, and how I have learned to cope with 'paranormal stuff' throughout my life. I told her about her grandma Sherry (my mother), who also had many experiences while growing up, but she too had overcame her fears. She then told me that she has been seeing a tall, black misty shadow in her room and that it made her feel bad. I promised her, as long as I am here, that she will never be alone when it comes to dealing with the spooky stuff in life. Talking with her seemed to help her calm down and helped relax her a bit. Now, we talk openly about what we see and feel, and we practice positive visualization together everyday. I think it's helped her. Daily prayer has also helped her feel more empowered.

We still have strange things happen on the third floor, and we haven't quite figured out her old bedroom yet (it's vacant now). I don't know if this has to do with generational paranormal phenomena or not, but things do feel lighter around our house since we've been more open with each other.

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LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2019-09-11)
Hi AugustaM,

I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment, which I found very perceptive by the way! Also, thank you for the thoughtful compliment ~ much appreciated.

About a month after I submitted my story here, I met a new neighbor who had some pertinent information about my house and its past occupants. According to my neighbor, she said that an older woman had lived and passed away in our home about 14 years ago. Supposedly this older woman loved cats, and lived alone. My neighbor also mentioned that the older woman kept to herself, but seemed friendly whenever she encountered her. I never mentioned this in my original story, but on several occasions I have seen a partial apparition of an elderly woman pass through my kitchen. Each time I have seen her, she does the same thing; she walks through the kitchen over to the sink and then disappears. Never once have I felt threatened by the sight of her, and I feel as though it may be residual energy left behind. I'm left to wonder if she ever slept in the room that was once my daughters bedroom?

My neighbor went on to say that years ago, my house was once a duplex; the two top floors were a separate apartment from the rest of the house. After talking with her for about an hour, I gathered that my house had a lot frequent renters, and several home owners during various decades. So, it got me thinking: maybe all of the strange stuff we've encountered could be chalked up to so much human activity that took place over many years? I suppose it's a possibility...

Otherwise life is good here at the house, odd things still happen from time to time, but it's nothing that we can't handle so far...

😉 LightMight
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-22)
It is so wonderful hearing of parents who are so open and understanding about this sort of thing with their kids! Bravo! 🖤

Have you looked into the history of the home? It may give you some insight into precisely what you may be dealing with. Perhaps someone bedridden had once occupied that room - by the smell, someone who may not have been very well tended.

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