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This is my personal experience 5 years ago at our ancestral house in Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

It's been 2 years since my parents came to Ilocos Sur to attend the wake of Lola. This story is not long but rather a short story which was a true personal experience. I do not know how to explain what happened during that day, all I know is that when a person passed away, some part of his/her energy will still remain here, either in the house, hospital, or other places. I did some research, and found out that some spirits, souls of departed ones and other energy will roam around in other dimension, and some will remain here after they left their physical body due to unfinished business. There are also spirits that will stay here after their passing to wait for their loved ones like their husband or wives; Which I think has the same case like my Lola. You will know what I mean as you read through the story. I do apologized for making this introduction long since my short story did not meet the 1500 character requirement.

My parents decided to have a vacation in the province of Ilocos to visit their parents. It is a 10 hour drive, and it depends on the traffic situation. We arrived at my grandparents' house, I pay respect to my Lolo, and I had a tour inside the ancestral house because I was 10 years old when I first visited. My Lola who passed away 2 years ago still has lots of memories in the house including picture on the wall, her "rocking chair", "abaniko" and others things which belongs to my Lola.

I sat on the rocking chair on the porch, and my Lolo called out my name. He told me to bring Lola her favourite snacks which is our "pasalubong" (butter toasted bread). Lolo told me that Lola is waiting outside the porch beside the rocking chair, waving at him to bring her the snacks. Later that day, I told my parents what happened.

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