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Lilly Are You There?!


I have never experienced this type of fear. One day I was having a peaceful bath away from the hustle and bustle, and I would like to say before I go on that my family was away shopping for my birthday, it was just me and the dog. Recently my favorite cousin in the world, Lilly, had passed away. This was devasting and so I was relaxing in the bath and the light turns off and I'm like oh its ok, the power probably went out but then the cold tap started turning on its own. My heart stopped. I screamed so loud, then I ran out of that bathroom just like that.

Later I came back into the room to check and the light was on again, I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I knew I was scared. A couple of hours later my family came back and I tried to tell them what happened and they didn't believe me. My family has never believed in this stuff but I definitely do now. The next day I was giving my dog a bath and the light gave out and exploded in a poof of smoke, the dog started jumping around then. He jumped out of the bath and was doing tricks as if Lilly was commanding him to, he only does tricks when someone asks him to, never just for fun.

I know you may think these are all just coincidences but the thing is that Lilly died because the light from her bathroom fell on her when she was home alone just like me. Sometimes when I'm in the bathroom the lights start flickering and I feel a shiver down my spine. Sometimes I just go in the bathroom just to feel her.

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Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-24)
I'm sorry for your loss.

I can see why you would feel that way and draw comparisons between you and your cousins similar situations, being alone and the light blowing out and so on... It's ok to be scared but you have to believe that the same thing isn't going to happen to you.

I know how you feel when you lose someone close to you but I like to think that our loved ones are always with us.
G_Bozzy (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-23)
Sry 4 your loss bbg this is a really sad story, I am sending prayers your way ❤ ❤
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-23)
"when my cousin died the light from the ceiling fell on her, we are not sure if it electrocuted her."

And I'm sure an autopsy had to be performed on the body, and the pathologist would had to inform their findings and the cause of death.

Also, it's hard to imagine that a heavy light fixture would be installed carelessly and without taking into consideration it's weight and the strength of the structure holding it. I'm sure your family can file a lawsuit against the builders of the house.

Would you mind to describe your cousin's bathroom and the size of the light fixture?
A_stoney (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-23)
Thank you for your linjahaha, when my cousin died the light from the ceiling fell on her, we are not sure if it electrocuted her. Thanks 😁
Linjahaha (24 stories) (151 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-23)
Hi, A stoney, & welcome to YGS. This is a perplexing account. I'm not discounting the possibility that it is your relative. However, my question is, also, did the light fixture fall on her, or fall in the tub, thus electrocuting her? Is it possible she is possibly giving you a warning that something similar could happen to you?
It's something to ponder about I grant you, but it was an interesting read, & thanks for sharing it!

Best Wishes! 😊 😊
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-23)
Welcome to YGS. I'm sorry for your loss.

Meaning no offense nor disrespect for your cousin's sad accident but, could you elaborate more about the light fixture causing her death?
Was it a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling or was it something smaller or even a light bulb, or a free standing lamp that fell into the bathtub?

"Sometimes when I'm in the bathroom the lights start flickering"

Does this happen only to you? Has an electrician checked the wiring?

I don't discard the possibility of your cousin trying to communicate with you though, in my opinion, it's not a good thing if your grief is preventing her from moving on to the light.
Do you know if her direct family has experienced any disturbances after her passing?
If you, and her, practice any religion, it would be a good idea to offer a service with the intention or her eternal rest.

Thanks for sharing

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