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Haunted In The Desert


Back in 2006, I decided to move out of the Inland Empire. It proved to be a mistake due to numerous issues. I found a decent home that was Spanish style built in 1993. In the City of Adelanto in the high Desert.

Shortly after moving in odd things began happening. My black and white cat, Sylvia, sometimes would sit near the hallway entry and stare down the hallway. It was as if she was seeing something or someone. Each time I would look to see what she was staring at, I wouldn't see anything.

Many nights, Sylvia would claw at my bedroom door to get inside with me. It was to the extent of meowing sweeping her paw beneath the door in a desperate plea. It was so weird! I always let her in but I didn't understand why she was behaving this way.

One day my son, Glenn, asked me if I left any meat out that could have spoiled. I said no! He was searching through the kitchen for bad meat. There was the smell in the air of rotten, bloody, raw meat. However there was no source that could be found that could have contributed to the odor.

This situation would come and go periodically. You would smell it a few days then it disappeared and returned a month or two later. Our dog would bark while staring at the rooftop on certain nights. There was also the sound of shuffling of feet around the bedroom carpet sometimes.

Other times we would hear the doorknob moving. Things would move on their own. Such as hairbrush or toothpaste sliding from one side of the vanity to the other.

One night my daughter, Lisa, was jumping rope under the porch light and I heard a blood curdling scream. As I ran out to her she was running inside. She was out of breath. She said that she saw something on the roof. A big hairy and hunched over something with glowing eyes staring at her.

We all experienced strange things that we can't explain at this house. I always felt like someone was right behind me when I walked down the hallway. My cat was obsessed with staring down that hallway. It was a full year of strange occurrences.

As soon as I had the chance I moved back to San Bernardino.

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Linjahaha (24 stories) (151 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-06-27)
Kathyf: I am not sure what was on the roof that your poor daughter witnessed, but I think I am pretty confident in surmising that something very paranormal was going on in that house.
Who knows what went on in the house, or on the property before you even moved in.
I, too, am glad that you, & your family got out of there. My late husband, & I lived in a very haunted house for 4 years, & we left a vapor trail behind us when we moved out. I understand. Very scary, but interesting read!

Take Care! 😊 😊
Berggraf38 (3 stories) (24 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-06-26)
Wow, that is a scary situation, I would have moved out quickly too! I'm not being a smart alec, but my first thought was that it sounds like what they call a chupacabra, or some other kind of animal spirit.
blosomes (15 stories) (89 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-06-26)
Wow what an experience.
I use to have my live in Brazil and just once when I came back from a bar I smelt beasts in my own room, back then I thought was my house cat but I was touched and had a paws like mark on my back... Lucky you and hope nothing else happened.

Roy E. Lynx (blosomes)
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
3 weeks ago (2024-06-26)
Animals can see things that we cannot, I've had a few experiences of unexplained foul odours myself, I was told that it means there was a very dirty and evil entity present (mind you this happened a long way before the conjuring came out) it's a good thing you and your family left before anything bad happened, God only knows what must have happened in that house.

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