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So a lot of people have been asking when I will be putting up the experience with my Nana. So here they are.

My mom was cleaning the house and she decided to freshen up my Nana's room (we still call it that even though she passed away) so she got the Frabreez but then remembered she didn't like it so she put it back in the cabinet and got Lysol. As she was passing by her bedroom door to get it in the bathroom she froze with fright, standing right in front of her door was my Nana. My entire mom saw was from the waist up she had her curly hair and a plaid red shirt on. My mom was frightened right away, so she ran to the phone crying and called my dad and told him. My dad was shocked right away but was able to calm her down. Despite what had happened my mom sent back got the Frabreez went in her room and freshened it up. Well if I were her I would have ran out the door and never looked back ha-ha.

Here is my experience. So the day after one of my best friends Alex slept over I decided to show her my Nana's room. When I showed her we only took one step in and heard "Get Out" in a raspy voice by her window next to her bed. Alex and I looked at each other and asked "did you hear that"?

Alex shook her head and replied yes..."it sounded like someone said get out" I replied. We ran out and slammed her door. We ran out side and told my mom. That's all I can remember. It was last year the year she passed. That's when I remembered my Nana hated when I showed people her room or went in it. My dad was joking around and said hey maybe she was getting dressed and didn't want you seeing her naked.

Well that's if for now I will tell you some more some other time.

God Bless you all and thanks for reading.

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XxSamiGorexX (2 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-19)
Yeah I tottaly agree with you whitebuffalo my Nanna always hated frabreez. And she never liked people in her room.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-08-15)
I guess Nan liked lysol less than your Mom liked Febreeze. I would say that, as she stood in the doorway she was letting your Mom know that there was NO WAY she was going to use that in there.
I would likewise think that Nan did not want to be "put on show" to your friends. Maybe she thought you were being disrespectful. But, you did the right thing and stopped before you did anything further that she may have disapproved of.
Thank you for this story
FRAWIN (guest)
14 years ago (2008-08-14)
Hello Sam. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I found it very interesting. I will be looking forward to your future stories. Take Care.


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