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I would like to share a few stories of things that has happened to me. I don't know if we just move into the wrong houses or if some people are just more receptive to unearthly phenomenons. My mom and I lived in this cute little house. Nothing happened at first until a couple of months later. We were sitting in the kitchen having tea with my aunt and my cousin, when all of a sudden we hear this lady crying in the basement. We all looked at each other and we knew nobody was downstairs because we were all upstairs. We knew it wasn't a radio or t.v because there wasn't any downstairs. My mom suggested we peek down the stairs but as we came closer the crying got louder. So we decided to just listen upstairs. It continued for a few minutes then just stopped. I only heard this one time, I don't know if my mom heard it again.

I was sitting in a chair watching t.v in the same house when I felt like someone was watching me. You know that feeling of chills down your back? That's what happened. I turned to look behind me and I could see this red kind of see through hand coming at me like it was going to grab me. It was kind of late in the night and I was up by myself. I immediately jumped up turned off the t.v and hopped into bed with my mom.

Here's another story that happened in another house, about 3 years ago. This was an old 2 stories house that belonged to this old couple that both died. I don't know if they died in this house. Me and my friend were painting a piece of furniture downstairs. Just her and I were there, when all of a sudden the washer door just slams down twice. We both looked at each other and walked up the stairs slowly. She then told me that she was just sitting on the washer a few minutes ago and that the washer door was closed.

There is only one bedroom on the main floor in this house and it happened to be my room. Sometimes we could see little orbs of light in there. That bedroom was right beside the living room and one night, while I was watching t.v by myself, I could hear someone breathing hard, sort of snoring. I turned down the t.v and listened, sure enough, it sounded like someone was sleeping in the room when there was nobody in there. We used to hear someone walking around upstairs too.

I'm not the only one that heard these things, my husband and children used to hear these things too. Even my teenage daughter never wanted to be alone in that house. To this day, they still mention the old haunted house. The house is now empty but the guy who lives beside it says he hears things like slamming doors coming from the house occasionally. I don't believe that these spirits were out to harm anybody, maybe it was the old couple just living there with us.

This is the last story. Just before we lived in the old house, we lived in a trailer where we experienced a few freaky things. A few people, including me, used to see shadows in the shape of a person walking around in the trailer. This one night, everybody was in bed, except me and my husband. We decided to go to bed so we turned off all the lights and went to bed. About ten minutes go by and we are just falling asleep and the lamp in the living room turns on. We knew it wasn't any of us because the kids were sleeping and we were both in bed. Maybe it was the land we were living on because my husbands brother used to have a trailer about 2 meters from where our trailer was. The freaky thing is both of our trailers burnt down. His burnt quite a few years before our trailer burnt. We told his brother what we experienced and he said that they used to hear and see things too.

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HaleyScott (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-04-09)
listen if you want to know if there was any demon in that house then you should use a ouija board! Or maybe not, well I have experinced it and well it did work when we teased it. 😳 😳 😳
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-27)
it sounds like it maybe haunted. Most houses are. Where else are the ghost going to live. Strange things can happen in houses I heard a little girl's voice last week then she banged I just said to myself leave her. I have seen a teen boy ghost standing in my bath and I saw a other teen boy ghost at my boyfriends old house. I know when a ghost has entered the room because it goes all cold. When they want to tell me something I get this tingly feeling on my back that just happened now which told me my mobile was fully charge. I have seen floating clouds in my bedroom, I hear someone walking in my mum and dad bedroom. I have seen strange things in my pictures. I always feel like I'm being watched so I have wrote stories on these things on psychic website my name is Katie on there just Katie I have 10 stories on there you should read the. My dreams come true the bad ones. I have been through loads I know what your going through. I enjoyed reading your story thanks for sharing it with us. 😊

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