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Judicial Deity, Er Lang Deity


I was walking along a road to school at about five o'clock in the morning.

I was walking when I noticed that a dark figure was hiding in the bushes. Then suddenly, it rushes out of the bushes, shouting:"Help me! Help me!" Then another figure rushed out of the bushes, but this figure is different, he is protected by a set of silver armor and was holding a spear on his right hand. I knew that he is the Judicial Deity, Er Lang deity because he is known to be a deity with a Third Eye on the forehead.

He chased after the dark figure a distance ago and penetrated his spear into the figure and the figure disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Er Lang deity turns to me and said (In Chinese):"Boy, please do not be afraid. I know that you know who I am. I was chasing after a demon that had escape from the Eighteen Levels of Hell. I am afraid that the demon might harm you so I had to destroy it." After he had finished speaking, he transformed himself into a sparrow and flew away high up to the clouds. I was shocked not because I had saw Er Lang deity, it is because when he destroyed the demon in my face and it just poofed.

After a few minutes, I was feeling alright. I continued walking to school and never told anyone about the incident that I had encountered earlier on. I was quiet during lessons and was unable to concentrate. This is the first time I encountered a deity and witnessed how a deity destroys a demon. It was quite an unforgettable incident.

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She138 (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-10)
That must have been quite a sight! How very fortunate you were.
grassdance (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-14)
He actually let you see him wow your lucky he could of done it invilsbly 😆

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