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Spirits In The House


From 1998-2005 my parents and little brother lived in this house. I wouldn't call it haunted, but I do remember some weird things happening there. My mom said she had seen this man a few times just standing in our living room. And once she saw him standing by her bedroom door when she was in bed. Then one day she was talking to the owner and mentioned this man. My mother described him to the lady and she said "that is my husband's father. He used to live in the house". Now I was only 11, so I don't remember if he died IN the house or just died during the time he was living there, but it was one or the other.

My brother's room had a ghost/spirit of a young boy. One time my mom said she was home alone and heard a child laughing from inside my brother's room, but we were all at school. I once thought I heard the laughter too. I know for sure about this though. It happened about 3 times within a year, but I heard this toy remote control type car driving in his room, only for less than a minute though. My brother wasn't even sleeping in there he was with my parents. No one was in his room. I always got real scared when I heard it. Another toy, Charmander, from Pokémon went off saying "charmander charmander!" I think twice I remember.

Finally, once while I was cleaning my bedroom, all of a sudden the little song from a wind-up music snow globe started playing. I thought they would only play after being wound! Creepy.

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