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The Black Hand And Other Strange Things


The first experience happened when I was about 8 years old. Two of my sisters one younger, and one older and I all shared a room. The night this happened we were all reading. It was late at night probably 11:00 pm or so. Anyway all of the sudden, a completely black hand shot across our bedroom and turned off our lamp. Needless to say we were incredibly scared. After that happened, we got up as fast as we could and turned on the ceiling light.

Another thing that was always at that house was a shadow man. This shadow man stood on the roof right outside of our room. He wore a cowboy hat and a trench coat. He appeared to be staring into our bedroom. I don't know why he was there or quite what he was. But every night he was there. Every time if you looked at him you got the chills. One thing was he didn't seem malicious or anything just every watchful and observant.

This is the last thing that happened in that house. One night my two older sisters and I were up late at night just goofing around when we heard a squeaking noise on the steps so of course we had to go and investigate what it was. We saw the carpet on the steps was being pushed down in the shape of footprints of some unseen foot. The house has since been torn down. One odd thing was that the house was owned by a church. I don't understand just why some things were there but they were.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2010-07-01)
I have no idea if you are still around, Esther, but, uh... Do you mean to say that this house was an old parsonage, missionary housing, missionary children's home... In what capacity was this home owned by the church?
The bit about this being owned by a church holds MANY possibilities as to WHY someone would still be there. They all make total sense, too.
ghostbeingaculture (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-31)

Thanks for the comment on my story and to posting this read! I find it interesting and very strange. But in a good way!:P Do you no more about that origins of that house? I know you were young, but maybe you might have researched about it.

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