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My sister Lisa passed away in 1982. She died of chronic (controlled over a long term) Leukemia. Lisa's death was an eventuality and all of us knew it, including, of course, Lisa. Eventually Lisa went into a blastophyte crisis. This meant that the chemo drugs she was using were no longer working and controlling the manufacture of immature white blood cells (blastophytes) in her bone marrow. As a consequence, in a short amount of time her body systems would start shutting down, possibly in a matter of weeks. We all knew Lisa had a short amount of time left, and since this eventuality had always been in the background, I felt that it was time for some direct talk with Lisa, as her sister and her best friend. One of the questions I asked was what type of funeral arrangements she would like. I also asked her to communicate with me from beyond if she could, to send me some sort of message if at all possible. About a year or two after Lisa died, I am not exactly sure of the year, I had a dream which was very explicit and which I will never forget.

The dream was this:

I was walking along a dusty road. The area was very dry and desert-like, and the earth was a goldish red. I was walking past a long line of people facing in the opposite direction of my path. All of a sudden a woman appeared walking towards me on the path. She had a large brimmed sun hat on, dark glasses, and a long white sleeveless dress with a red rose embroidered on the bodice. Lisa owned that dress when she was alive. She was smiling as she approached me, and then she yanked the hat off. A cascade of long blonde hair came falling down around her shoulders. Then she took the glasses off, and I recognized that the woman was Lisa. Lisa had had a full head of very thick blonde hair in life, before it fell out during chemotherapy.

I ran up to Lisa, hugging her and crying, saying over and over, "Lisa, Lisa, I thought you were gone!" Lisa laughed and said "No, I've been here all along, I was just hiding". Then we held hands and walked off along the path in the direction I had been heading. I felt a deep sense of happiness and contentment.

I feel certain that this was the communication that Lisa had said she would send if she could. I definitely think that many psychic, spiritual and prophetic messages come to us in our dreams.

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angelchic10189 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-25)
God wanted you to have the dream of your sister for a reason. The dream meant you missed your sister and you needed closure of what happened to her. One day, you may be reunited with her as well as your family.

If you want to talk more my email is, aaron.teresa [at]

Take care and God bless. 😁 😊 😁
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-23)
That was a very nice dream, but I'm sure you realize that that's all it may have been is a dream. I would think that the ability to communicate with a loved one after their passing to assure ourselves of their well being would be at the top of the list, and because of that so many take coincedense, and dreams as a sure sign. As a rational person I would be lying if I said, yes hautsaki, yes indeed it was your sister communicating from beyond. I could no more say that in truthfulness than anyone else could. Was it possibly her? Maybe, and if it makes a person feel better, I don't see the harm in that belief. It's a nice story and I'm sorry for your loss. I also see its been many years since then. She must have been on your mind recently. Hopefully reliving this dream does bring you any peace that you still lack. I know we never really get over the loss of a loved one.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
Thank you for sharing. Lately this site has been so negative and full of...ridiculousness. Its nice to read a positive story. I'm sorry for your loss, but you are lucky to have her "visit" you.

And you're right about dreams. People should pay attention to them... You never know who or what will come to you and brighten your day
mrdeagle (6 stories) (69 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
It is nice to hear she came back to visit you. You must've had a very important relationship with her. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure this brought you a little peace and closure. 😁
ChildOfTheLotus (10 stories) (133 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-08)
Dreams are the very easiest way to receive messages from those who have passed onto the spirit world. Lisa probably chose to see you in your dream, because she was no longer on the same plane as us (meaning she wasn't stuck as a ghost). It's wonderful that she decided to give you a sign. Congratulations.

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