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I am a mature male, 55. My wife is also 55. In fear of hearing the same old adage, I never believed in what I have written below. Rather than write a long extensive letter from scratch, I would like to copy and paste the log that I started in December, '09. Since the frequency of the events grew in December, it was then that I created a log and tried to back track our events. There were more events that I actually logged in, but these I tried to dismiss as coincidental. The names mentioned are family members: my wife, my step son and my daughter in law and her friend. To clarify, since this was my personal log, it was written as I saw it, and really not written to be read by anyone, for example, when I refer to "Rick", I am referring to myself:

1) About one year ago - Rick was going to work about 5am, as he was about to open the back door, he felt a blast of cold air on the back of his neck. He turned and looked back and saw that the refrigerator door was cracked open about 2". There is about 20ft and a partitioned wall between the refrigerator and the back door.

2) Exact date unknown - Rick heard people talking in the living room, more than once.

3) Exact date unknown - Rick came home from dad's house, away 2 days, front door was wide open, screen door was shut. We always use the back door to the house, never the front door.

4) Exact date unknown - Alice heard people talking in the living room, 2-3 women, sounded like they were arguing. This happened at least twice, maybe 3 times. Alice says that they are always fighting.

5) 12/28/09 - Jonathan, Alice's son, who was visiting from Brazil, woke up in the middle if the night and saw something/someone black in his bedroom. He also felt pressure inside his body. He is 18 years old and 6ft tall but it was enough to make him scream and cry. We had to send him back to Alice's daughter's house in Allentown.

6) 1/1/10 +/- About 9am, the second floor hallway window was wide open. I proceeded to shut and lock and lock the window.

7) 1/2/10 +/- I checked the same window, the window was now unlocked.

8) 1/3/10 +/- 10 PM - 2 knocks at the front door, this happened twice, no-one was there.

9) 1/5/10 - In the morning while making bed, Alice saw 2 shadows come into our bedroom and run into the bedroom closet.

10) 1/6/10- ABOUT 2 AM - Vase fell off dresser in master bedroom while sleeping.

11) 1/9/10 - Stacy and Jan went into the house to turn of the heat. We were on vacation for the weekend; Stacy showed Jan the living room where the Christmas decorations were by the fireplace; On Monday night 1.11/09 we came home to find the fireplace on.

12) 1/12/10 - Alice was in the kitchen. She heard 2 knocks on the wall between the kitchen and the laundry room.

13) 1/13/10- Rick left for work at 5:15 AM. Alice called at 5:45 crying someone was in the house. She heard someone walking up/down the stairs. She went downstairs and found that the basement door was opened. The way the house is set up, when I (Rick) left for work, I Had to pass thru a hall where the basement door was. I cannot do that unless the basement door is shut. Police were called to the house.

14) 1/14/10 - Alice found 2 dolls that were originally on a shelf in the spare bedroom, now on the floor. These were porcelain dolls but were not broken. The dolls were on the floor but they were symmetrical to each other.

15) 1/14/10 - Alice was in the living room when she heard the TV in the master bedroom go on.

16) 1/17/10- We had a very small jewellery case in the shape of an Easter egg, about 4" high. It was on the back of the dresser. When we woke up, Alice saw that it was on the floor upright, unbroken about 3ft from where it originally was, underneath the bedroom window.

17) 1/18/10- Alice returned home in the afternoon. When she opened the back door, she heard a loud "POP" in the living room. Nothing was there. She checked the entire house.

18) 1/24/10- 11:55 PM: We heard a loud noise. I turned on the light to find the same jewelry box described in item 16, on the floor, in one piece, but with the hinge broken, below the other window in the room, on theopposite side of the dresser, about 6-7 feet away from its original location. The odd thing was that if it had fallen from the dresser, it would have had to roll about 6-7 feet. With the box opened up it couldn't not have, and with us getting up as soon as we heard the noise, we would have heard it roll.

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6 years ago (2016-02-08)
This sounds really scary. Do you have any idea of what might be behind the haunting (why it's interested in jewellery/dolls?)
mrsmla4ever (3 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-28)
It sounds like you have a lot of paranormal activity going on in your home. I am extremely interested in hearing more about your situation. Please keep us all posted! 😊
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-27)
Keep us posted on all events as they happen. This is some interesting stuff here!
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-27)
Oh, I wanted to mention. As far as a cleansing ritual. WhiteBuff gave someone a tip. Taking a bowl, adding some dirt from the backyard, mixing with a bit of clean water. Set aside somewhere in the home out of the way. This was said to have good results.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-27)
If no one is playing games at your home, sounds like you deff have some type of haunt happening there. Did this just start occuring, or has it gone on for a long time now. If it just started happening, maybe you could link it with some specific occurance. A newly purchased piece of antique furniture, for example. Someone recently pass away in your family? Since no one is being harmed with this activity, maybe you can find some answers before taking action to cleanse the home.
Good luck, and stay tuned for folks giving you ideas for cleansing.
SGT-SPOOKY (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-27)
I like the chronology setup, it gives you a better feel for the way things happened, especially written as they happened. It leaves less chance for someone to inadvertantely exaggerate the truth for story telling purposes. Please keep logging it and posting it as it sounds like you have a pretty active home.

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