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The Stain


Since my dad was in the air force, we had to move to several different places. One place that spooked me out was Ohio. It was one of the scariest places I lived in. It started when we saw this stain in my closet and we just painted over it. Soon after, it came back again. We kept painting over it, and it kept coming back! My dad hired a special person, (I don't exactly know what they were called) and he ripped the wall open where the stain was. He checked the boards, and nothing was there. He put in new one's and patched up the wall. Soon again, our troubled stain was back. There was nothing we could do anything about it.

I closed the closet and went to bed that very night, after I thought I just had to live with it. The next morning, my closet was open and it had my clothes spread out, like it I had just pushed them on the hanger. I asked if anyone had come into my room. But the replies were simply "no." I was getting really scared, so I found a thick piece of wood, and stuck so you could not open the closet, right before I went to bed. I went to bed thinking I stopped the stain.

In the middle of the night, I heard this huge CRACK! Since it was pitch black in my room, I could only think of screaming. My parents rushed into my room, alarmed, and asked me what happened. I just pointed to the broken piece of wood and my door, which was broken off the hinges. I knew that there was a "spirit" haunting my room. I knew it didn't die very peacefully. I'm just happy it didn't harm me or my family.

I am just lucky.

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CelicaAnne (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-09)
Thank you Vulcan10 for pointing that out. I guess I was just in a big hurry I didn't get to finish it.
I just had to live with that very stain until my family moved out for another state to be stationed at. We didn't move until two years later.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-09)
welllll? What happened after that? Did you try anything else to stop the stain like removing the exactl spot and leaving it open so it couldn't stain it, or putting up a metal door then welding it shut? Or spreading chicken parts and doing the chicken dance?

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