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What Was That?


My story may sound like I'm just making it up but I swear I'm not!

My story happed just a week ago. I was walking down the hallway to my room to get to sleep because I had school tomorrow and I felt a chill run down my spine. I heard walking behind me (remind you it was like 11:00 at night). "Kaitlyn is that you?" I said a bit worried... No answer. Ok I thought it's in your head Sam your probably just sleepy.

So I continued to walk to my room, I went in, pulled my covers down and lay in my bed. I was trying to go to sleep when I heard a zipper un-zip coming from under my bed, I thought what the I don't have anything with a zipper in my room, then I remembered I do it was a suit case and it was under my bed...

"Sam stop thinking like this you're getting to paranoid" then I heard a knocking under my bed... What was that? I thought to my self. I went back trying to go to sleep when I heard my door open and as I do, I pretended I was asleep so no one would annoy me, the door closed, something walked toward me and sat next to me, shaking me like saying wake up Sam, I finally said "yes Kaitlyn?", "what do you want?", (no answer) so I turned around and nothing was there... I decided not to tell my mum and dad because they wouldn't believe me!

A couple of day's later mum said she was lying in bed and when dad walked in the room she saw something following him. She said she couldn't explain it. It was like a really dark shadow like blacker then black and then a night after that she said that she was lying down facing the wall what something sat next to her and shook her... She said yes just like me and then when no one answer she had a feeling she shouldn't turn around otherwise something was behind her and going to stare at her or something. She told me all this and I froze with fear I still haven't told her about my incident!

Thank you for reading this!

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Sundaydrive (49 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-13)
I know you were probably too scared to, I know I would have been, but did you ever check on the zipper of that suitcase under your bed? I'm wondering if it had enough energy power to actually unzip it, or if it was just using the noise to get your attention. Have you caught anyone else at home talking about similar things?
Sweet_Sammie (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-13)
I know it sounds fake because I put 'my story' but I'm meaning like everyone is telling there story so I'm saying my story, do you get me? 😜
elner (38 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-08)
how could you say TO YOURSELF that this is real WHEN its actually your own opinion. Its believable but when you get to that first line you get a doubt. You just made this up. Fortunately you did a good job lying but... It wasn't clever enough 🤔

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