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Is There A Spirit In My House?


I feel I have the right to believe that there is a spirit in my house. Many strange things have happened, but there are a couple that particularly stand out.

From reading other stories on this site, I have learned that children are sensitive to paranormal visitors (or something along those lines...) My mother has told me that when I was a baby, a couple of months as to where I couldn't even walk yet, I used to talk to the wall.

She said that frequently I would bounce over to the corner of my living room in my walker and talk and giggle to the wall. I would pass this off as just something babies do, but then she told me that my brother (two years younger than myself,) did the exact same thing when he was a baby too.

A couple of months before I was born my aunt had died, and I was thinking maybe whatever my brother and I had talked to might be related to her. She didn't die at our house, but she was very close to her sister, my mom. That is why I think that it could be her, maybe she just wasn't ready to let go of her.

Another reason that I feel my house may be inhabited by something more than a human, and slightly related to my aunts' spirit, is that whenever I would have sleepovers (where we slept in the living room) there would be unexplainable shadows near that same corner, odd noises, and the feeling of being watched.

More recent possible paranormal happenings involve the front hall (being by the door) and where the front hall intersects the main hall of my house. Every time I walk by, I get chills and the feeling of being watched. When I pass by that spot I feel like I am being followed until I go into a room with other people. Whenever I am in the kitchen (where you can see the hallways from there) and am just looking at the hallway I see unexplainable shadows of people pass by the wall. Every time I walk by (as opposed to running through it) I see something at the end of the hall out of the corner of my eye.

To me it's very creepy, and I'm just wondering if it's really a spirit or ghost or something out of the ordinary. Please comment if you have any explanations or advice. Thanks for reading my story!

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myronwilleatyou (3 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-22)
I forgot to mention that my cat also acts strange around the front hallway. He stares down it all the time and sometimes attacks things that aren't there. When he is doing that I go and check to see if there is a bug or something, but there isn't.
AwakeAtNight (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-22)
I don't fully believe in the paranormal, but I am 90% believer,10% skeptic. Lately, odd things have been happening. When I babysat a friends daughter she insisted we play hide and go seek, so we proceeded to. Once we did, I found her later on along with everyone else except my brother. When we went to find him the sink in the bathroom turned on and we all ran to see if he was there. We entered the bathroom and no one was there and my brother came out of the bedroom down the hall asking why we never came. I thought I was hearing things but I looked and the sink was wet. Maybe it was from past usage, but we all heard it.
Another moment was yesterday when I was in my bathroom and I got out of the shower and looked over and the toilet paper dispenser was rolling until it was all on the ground. I was shocked and couldn't believe my eyes. It didn't roll fast. It took it's time. Later on I confronted it with my sister and we rolled the spinner and it didn't budge much. We then put toilet paper back on and tried that as well and it didn't budge either. We turned the air on and did everything and it didn't roll at all like before.
The main point is what's going on? Could I be having physic experiences or could this be coincidences that just so happen when I'm at the wrong place at the wrong time? Do you think this could relate to yours? I also realized I have seen someone just like you. A man actually. But he only appears when I'm angry, sad, or stressed.

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