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House In Dothan 2


This is my second story and a continuation on the events that happened when my family and I lived in Dothan Alabama on Chadwick Cr. My wife and I have discussed more of the events that took place in that house since I submitted my last story and we remember a bit more that we would like to share.

Fred was the name of the last ghost I wrote of in my first story but as I mentioned there we never saw him again but we did have a cold spot in the workshop/storage room in the garage for quite some time. We lived in a townhouse with two floors, the master bedroom being downstairs and the other two bedrooms upstairs. The stairs going to the second level met a landing that overlooked the living room. The doors to the two upstairs bedrooms could be seen from below. The layout of the house was very open and my wife was very happy with the decorating opportunities it provided.

We were all very happy with our home when some odd things began to happen to each of us myself, my wife and my two boys who were 12 and 7 at the time I believe. We parked in the back of the house inside of the garage and walked into a sun room and then into the kitchen. You could literally stand at the back door and see the front door. The stairs were against the wall to the right of the front door. Well as I would come home and no one would be at home I began to see a weird movement in my periphery going up the stairs. So after a while I started making a point to look at the stairs every time I came in the back door. Sure enough whenever I was alone I would see a blurry outline of what seemed like the shape of a head leaning over the stair rail and looking at me. Then it would shoot up the stairs and nothing would be there. This was very odd and so I began to rule out the logical possibilities. I would see it at any time of the day but there was a bay window in the living room and the door had a window so it might have been light from outside. Well we put curtains up in the windows and the door mainly to keep the house cool but it had the side effect of blocking the light. I did not tell my wife or sons as I did not want to alarm them.

So after around six months or so I was eating lunch with my wife on a Saturday and she asked me a very peculiar question "Have you ever seen anything weird in the house since that first time?" I said I had but then I asked her if she had seen anything. She answered that she was seeing someone on the stairs when she came in the back door and before she could finish I interrupted and said "and then they shoot up the stairs real fast right?" Well of course now we both knew something was going on which freaked us out but it did not feel like a bad thing so we were more interested than anything else. We agreed that it was not Fred because this seemed like a different and more interactive spirit.

We turned one of the upstairs bedrooms into a family room and had the boys sleep in the same room. When you were in that room by yourself you would get a sense of being watched and the best way to describe the feeling is that when someone walks in the room the air pressure changes and when you are paying attention you can notice it. Well this room was always like that and we kept the doors shut to the outside and it still happened. We even tested the front and back doors and the air conditioner to recreate the feeling but it just did not feel the same.

The final thing that happened to my family was on a night when I was at work late and my family was in the family room upstairs playing and all of the sudden one of the cabinets in the upstairs bathroom slammed really and scared the crap out of them. My son also said that around that night he tried to open his door to his room from the inside and someone was holding it shut and then it opened by itself sending him running down stairs. We never really got scared and never really felt like it was a bad presence but there was something there for sure.

This house had some supernatural stuff going on but it was nothing compared to our previous rental home which I will have to share with you another time.

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Jessicamoon (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-22)
Hello I live in Chapelwood in Dothan Al I drove to Chadwick Cr. I left like someone was watching me and I did see Fred. I wanted to see I he would talk to me and wanted to know if he would go into the light to see his family. Well I stopped at this house it was a hunch rely. And I felt like someone sinister was trying make me leave then my nose and head started to hurt. Then I saw Fred he looked like he wanted to talk but couldn't.
ironhide77 (2 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-27)
Pendragon - yeah that was what I was thinking, a child spirit.
Pendragon (6 stories) (296 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-23)
It seems that Fred had been checking you out, in your first story, making sure you weren't going to destroy anything. The second Not-Fred ghost just seemed curious and shy, like a child maybe? I'm not sure. Just the feeling I get from this.
ironhide77 (2 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-23)
Thank you all for the complements. I will be submitting some seriously weird stories about the house I lived in before.

The house I live in now is very much not haunted but who knows maybe I have not been looking to hard.
Shadead (91 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
Can wait to hear more you always make the stories vivid enough to picture and I must say its a good thing.

Fred may have had a cheeky relative that spent time there ect so would be attached there and playing games.

Best of luck and holding out let us know if you find out anything more.

DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-21)
ironhide77: Another great story mate, sounds as if whatever is there is checking to see who has arrived at the home whenever you pull up, I thought this may be Fred although the time you actually first saw him sounded quite like a residual haunting, these latest experiences however are intelligent because it is acknowledging you. I am glad it didn't scare you and your family off.

Thank you for sharing and look forward to hearing more of your experiences.

Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-21)
😆 waiting for your next story... I think fred got some BFF. Lol...

-Aya x Yoite

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