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valkricry (47 stories) (3171 posts) mod
2 years ago (2019-08-18)
Caz, I was over the moon. I've had things returned to me before, but never with something 'extra',like that cigar box. It's a goodly sized chest shaped affair, complete with hasp and hinges, and well crafted.
Something I would remember having.
My older sister simply said, "well they had to put all those bits and bobs in something. Probably through in a bit extra as an apology for upsetting you."
Jubeele (24 stories) (874 posts)
2 years ago (2019-08-17)
Hi Val,

My mother often misplaced her jewellery, only to find them later in the strangest places like the bottom of a wastepaper bin or a tissue box holder. Sometimes, they don't come back at all. We used to think she was just being forgetful. But now that I know the place was built over a former cemetery and after hearing so many accounts of "lost-and-found", I wonder if some of them were due to ghosties at play.

Last Halloween, I lost a ball of purple wool. I last saw it downstairs where I had been working with it. A few months ago, I got the notion to pull out the camphor chest from the foot of the bed while I was vacuuming. There, among a nest of dust bunnies was my missing yarn. I have no idea how it got upstairs and lodged itself under the bed.

Your flatmate's Charles Manson friend sounds truly alarming. I hope he never darkens your path again. He sounds more frightening than any ghost I ever encountered.

I'm so glad that you found your treasures. Maybe a general call-out was made and all hands got busy to find everything they could. You've clearly got friends with helping hands there. 😘
Caz (338 posts)
2 years ago (2019-08-17)
What a great story Val! You must have been delighted to get your bits and pieces back. I know how precious these things can be! Someone's definately looking out for you! 😊

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