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Big Island Ghost Tours

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Big Island Ghost ToursĀ® offers stories and legends of Hawaii's most supernatural sites for visitors to experience and come to their own conclusions. From places where human sacrifice was performed for ancient gods & goddesses, to the more modern sites including resorts and museums, many of the places we visit on our tours are history by day and haunted by night! Visit our tours page for complete tour details. Our ghost tours are fun for the entire family and offered year round, Monday through Saturday from 8:00AM - 9:00PM. Our new daytime Kona History Walk gives you the chance to hear about Kona's history without a paranormal twist, and our healing Island Vortex Tour based on the book Hawaii Vortex Field Guide gives you the chance to see and experience more of the Big Island in two days than most people do in two years.

The Hawaiian Islands, and especially the Big Island, are well known worldwide for their history, culture and supernatural phenomena. Home to Madame Pele, the "King's Trail", mystical "menehunes" the mysterious "Nightmarchers," and energy vortexes similar to the ones in Sedona, the Big Island is not only the most historic of the Hawaiian Islands, it is also the most spirited.

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