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Central MN Ghosthunters

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United States
Spring Lake Park (click for map)
CMNGH is a non-profit group, located in Spring Lake Park, MN. We serve Central Minnesota, including the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, into Wisconsin as well. We are willing to travel out of state as needed to investigate further areas. Our objective is to investigate and research claims of paranormal or haunted activity, and provide help to clients. Investigations are conducted in a professional manner, using scientific methods, with evidence-based analysis. Personal information is kept confidential, and not shared with other groups.
If you believe you are experiencing paranormal/haunted activity and would like us to investigate your location, please contact us at cmngh [at] Because we are a non-profit group, our services are always provided free of charge.
Any evidence we find will be burned to a disc that you may keep as your own, and evidence that is posted to our website or Facebook page will not contain personal information unless given permission from the client prior to posting.
Our team members have varied levels of experience and interest in the paranormal. Some have had personal experiences, such as being touched, seeing full apparitions, and witnessing objects moving. Team members have experience in the field of computer technology, and with the various equipment used in investigating. We use stationary infrared cameras, K-2 meter, EMF gauge, digital cameras, infrared capable video cameras, digital voice recorders, infrared thermometers, and more to attempt to capture evidence. We also make attempt to show any "normal" explanation for events, if a normal explanation can be found. We have all had a lifelong interest in the paranormal, and enjoy helping others and being able to explore our interest at the same time!

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