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Old Line Paranormal

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United States
Mount Airy (click for map)
Old Line Paranormal is a not for profit group of open minded investigators based in Carroll County, Maryland, in close proximity to Baltimore, Washington DC, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We are a newly formed group comprised of investigators with prior experience. We are available to anyone with a desire or need for an explanation of activity of unknown origin. We collect evidence without bias as to it's cause, maintaining a professional, scientific frame of mind in analyzing the data. We hold all clients information with strict confidentiality. We will not identify our clients if it is their wish. The images and data we capture will only be released with the homeowner or property owner's consent. We are dedicated to the investigation, research, and analysis of unexplained activity which may or may not be paranormal. We hope to be of use in relieving stress or fear caused by the unknown.

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