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Unity In The Shadows

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United States
Bossier City, LA (click for map)
I launched this "LICENSED" nonprofit organization AFTER a disabling accident and waiting for call now for neck/cervical surgery #2 to be scheduled. When some is taken away from you, it opens other pathways for you to take to get you on the path YOU ARE MEANT TO BE! I'm an HSP with mixed "gifts" as stated in 1st Corinthians spanning across several "classifications" of "sensitive types". I've had experiences all my life including having to have 2 teams try to help me with 1 case when I lived in being tormented back in 2012. They didn't help me, but the 1st team did give me some of the evidence pieces to tap into myself and handle it on my own.
Since this and realizing what I can do STILL to help others, I made us OFFICIAL and we are with the IRS registered as a NONPROFIT. We DO NOT charge for our services and ANY donations made to the team via the website goes into an account that puts it all back into the team. Also, IT IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Our EIN with IRS and our LICENSE numbers are on our "Contact Us" section of our site.
I am building this still with my own limited disability income and all good things come to those who wait, they say. *wink
I digress, we offer all sorts of services and have aids from other teams, even the Spiritual Warrior Bill Bean if we need him, and we have joined in with Shane Pittman (Travel Channel's The Holzer Files) and James B. McDaniel (Haunted Life) on an investigation. MY specialty is the dark ones. I'm more "in tune" to handling these ranging from "the others", demonics, and malicious spirits. Cindy on the team is more "in tune" with the white energy masses. I am working with my sensitive team members to ensure they develop their own "gifts".

I work around schedules of the clients as well as take into consideration the schedules and duties of my members having their own jobs, family times needed, etc. We are ALL on volunteer basis and I am looking to EXPAND my members into other states should any of my members from here (LA- Louisiana; NOT Cali) as my disability DOES NOT cover my being able to PAY members. THIS IS STRICTLY SERIOUSLY FOR HELPING OTHERS! We have a duality of meaning for the name of the team and we don't judge, ridicule, etc. We approach each case with an opened mind, heart, etc. And when we say "We'll stay in touch with you"... ITS FOR REAL! You can find our public FB page with the Lee's case that they decided to be open about it for their own reasons and the "Portal retry" 2 and 1/2 hour video is the LIVE FB investigation until my phone battery died, which I am working on ADDITIONAL power sources and boosters, etc. The Lee's, I STILL reach out to them and check on them. I WILL continue too. As I will for each of our clients. IF I find a client is sensitive and I'll give an offer for me to help give them a crash course training session with 3 basic things then allow their next steps to come to them and allow them to keep growing/learning as a (white) light worker.

I AM a FIRE and we are supposed to handle our own elements. Most malevolents I have found ARE of the same element. At least those with the glowing red eyes as you can see from the Lee's case on our FB page. I also have a connection with the Phoenix and I was told about age 9 by my mom that that was about the time she started seeing me so worked up she seen fire in my eyes. Of course, too young then to understand or explain, I grew with more experiences to understand and be able to communicate with these. Also, to utilize the tapping into of it for client cases. It's a whole new level with me when it comes to innocent animals/pets AND KIDS being involved or tormented also. Many people believe "if I talk about it, it'll make it worse" when that is right the opposite. NOT addressing it, the malevolent ones if they cannot finish their task at hand assigned, then THEY DO AND CAN recruit others to help them. Please be aware that our investigations that are on open cases, they are unedited, unfiltered, and raw. For what you see on big screens from Hollywood is for money, ratings, etc. And even shows, they are manipulated and NOT as much truth shown as they should be!

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