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I was 9 years old when I had moved into Kirkdale, Bootle. I had heard nothing for 2 years. It all started when I had my new room and I would hear banging.

When my friends stay over something always happens, like I have 4 people in total who have stayed and I will tell you my times with them.

1) Sasha- she stayed in mine and we were in bed and we could hear noises down stairs. We knew it wasn't my mum, sister or brother because they were all in bed and so was my nan so we couldn't get to sleep. When we did we had woken up scared out of our souls.

2) Megan- she stayed and we were talking to my friend on msn, Sean, when we noticed there are 3 white plain dots on the wall facing us. Megan had said they were angels that look after you but I am not sure... We were scared of this and had run up to bed. In bed we could hear people downstairs and they were talking. We were too scared to look down stairs. The cat was outside the door and when we looked she was in the room. The bedroom door is shut so I open it. The cat is sitting there when we hear someone run down the stairs full speed. We don't go to sleep until 6am.

3) Sean- Now with Sean loads of things had happened. My mum and her boyfriend had left me and him alone for awhile and we could hear stomping upstairs as if someone was angry. We heard noises in the kitchen so I started to hug him. He is only 9 which by then I was 11 years old. He hugged me back. Its around 6am and we decide to turn in. We go to sleep and then this loud thump comes. He didn't hear it but I did.

4) Emma- Nothing really happened. We were on the laptops when she turns to me and said she saw someone in white so I say okay, maybe its your imagination. We ignore it then when everyone is alseep we get scared. There are noises we can't even explain.

My godmum, who is my cousin as well, Cathy, stayed again. We were in bed and we were all tired. It had been a good day and night and I am drifting off to sleep when the music studio comes on. You need to put it on if you wanted it on, so its loud. I am scared. A couple of minutes after its still playing. We can hear people or should I say a person dancing. We knock at my mum's door and cry to her. My cousin said she was going because she was not staying in a haunted house. She wasn't going to take that risk.

My Boyfriend Sean comes in and he says if any one is here make a sound. We hear a tap. He says. Can you make that noise again? So it does another tap. We write on a piece of paper saying to leave me and the house alone. It gives us a hair and a line. Me and him cuddle up because we are scared to death. When he goes home I hear noises.

When my friend Sasha stayed last year for Easter we were playing hide and seek and I was the seeker. I ran to my brother's door and it slams in my face. I try and open it and it doesn't allow me so when it finally does I look around and no one is there. I searched high and low, no sign of my friend so I run down stairs screaming, telling Sasha all about it and she dosen't believe me.

Everynight you can hear noises. If you are lucky there will be people talking. This freaks me out. My friend had a marker and had drawn on me and paper, no where else. When he goes home there is green and blue marker on the door and last year we found on my sister's door stars. In the toilet down stairs was a cross in a circle, and on the door thing there is a cartoon character.

Can you comment and tell me if this has happened to you or if you know what is following me, or is in the house? Thank you xx

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xmeggymoo08x (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-08)
thanks very much I'll update another 1 this was just a quick one
Jawzii (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-06)
I've had experiences kind of close to this, but mine are more evil. Your spirits seem to be playing with you. They don't seem harmful what so ever. They just like to scare you. And it seems like some of them might be stuck in time if you hear the same things over and over. Try not to let is get to you very much. If they start to actually contact you or touch you, then freak out. Good luck hun! 😊
xmeggymoo08x (2 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-05)
Thank you this has help I have had my mums door not opening even when I gave it my all but this has helped this ghost or whatever it is has followed me since a child there are many stories of when I was little and you no it can't really be helped but something was angry to slam the door in my face and thx again for the info I will use this 😁
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-05)
Well, it sounds like you've got some weird stuff happening for sure, everytime I hear about a door that slams in your face and then won't open it always gives me the creeps. I hate that! About the only thing I can say is try not to be so afraid. Alot of times it's not meant to scare you. Not everything is scary like in the movies it's just that the movies make it that way because they don't think anyone will watch them if they don't. When you a hear noise and it gets on your nerves tell them to 'knock it off'. Especially if you're busy doing homework or on the computer. If they get away with stuff all the time they start to think it's ok, but it's not. Anyway, that's the advice my mom gave me and it worked. It's your house now and you're the boss, remember that. After I told them that it stopped. Maybe it can work for you too. 😊

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