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Hello everyone. This is my first story I have contributed to this site and, no offence, but hopefully my last. I have had ghostly experiences since I was 4 years old, or, since when I moved into my aunt's house. I want to start this as far back as I can go so I'll start there.

Before my aunt and uncle moved into their house (that they still live in now), they brought my uncle's brother over to take pictures of them in the house to show everyone. They took many pictures but the last one they took was my aunt and uncle in front of the house. This was before digital photography so, when they developed the film, the last picture looked a little weird. It showed the house with them outside but there was a smoky figure of another family inside. This family consisted of a father, a mother and a son. This son, they guessed, was about 5 or 6. I have never seen the picture because they burned it afterwards but that image is burned in their head forever.

Now, nothing strange really happened until me and my family moved in when I was 4; and even then nothing really happened for a while. But strange things did happen. These may not be in order but here are all of the weird things that have happened to me.

Once, my mom and dad were out for the night, I was asleep, and my aunt and uncle were watching The Sixth Sense. Their movie was almost done when they heard me fall out of bed. This was weird because I had a twin mattress in a waterbed frame so if I was going to fall out of bed, I would just fall into the frame of the bed. But somehow, I was on the floor of my room when my aunt checked on me. She put me back in bed, confused.

Another night, same story. My mom and dad were out and my aunt was trying to watch The Sixth Sense again. This time they got to the credits when they heard a thump from my room. My aunt went into my room and found me on the floor again. Luckily, they never tried to watch that movie again and I never fell onto the floor again.

Once, my mom walked by my room and heard me talking to someone but she walked in and saw me sitting by myself. She asked me who I was talking to and I responded "Justin." That name is burned into my memory bank forever.

My mom would often hear my toys being played with at night but when she checked to see if I was up, I would be in my bed but my toys would be scattered across the floor. I've had just about everything happen to me. I've heard voices; I've had doors open by themselves.

Once I was playing outside and came running into the house screaming and crying. In between screams I managed to get out "There are people hanging in the trees." to my mom. We went outside and she couldn't see anything but I could still see people hanging from the trees.

My mom tells me I pointed some of the trees in the neighbourhood, still crying, trying to convince her that the people are there. Not many things have happened besides hearing people screaming in my head. I may sound schizophrenic but I swear I'm not.

I hope these things never happen again but if they do, I will post them here.

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JazmineD97 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-24)
Very interesting story I'm very curious, do you have any more stories.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-24)
The tree thing has me curious. I remember taking a tour of Boise, Idaho and in a section of old Victorian houses stood this massive tree in someone's front yard. The tour guide told us it was the "hanging tree" where guilty people were hung from, and usually the offense was something like stealing. Over 20 people were hung from the tree up until the 1920's. I wonder if maybe the area you are in has a similar history?

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