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Ghost In The Office Building


Recently, I was hired for employment in one of the biggest and famous organization in our area. I have been undergoing training for the past 10 days. Everything seems normal, until one day, I felt something weird, been seeing thin smoke flowing around me. I thought this was my aura so I just disregarded it.

The following day, I saw the same thing but I wasn't bothered at all as I was busy. After a while, when we were asked to do an activity, I happened to sit in a different chair and doing some notes when suddenly I was urged to look up and eventually, saw an apparition of a lady (white, silhouette), standing in front of me (outside my cubicle), also seemed looking at me but I couldn't really see her face. All I know, she had shoulder-length hair (a straight one), around 5'3" in height, medium built, age ranged between 20-25 years old. I only saw her about 5 seconds and she disappeared quickly. I never really expected to see someone that easily but she made herself known to me first by my sense of "feeling". Though the building has centralized A/C ventilation, it was extremely cold that day. I did not bother to ask questions from anyone as I was afraid they will make fun of me.

After that incident and out of the blue, one of my male colleagues told us a story about some employees who were victimized while crossing the road to reach the building. If she was one of those fatal victims, why show up inside an office and why did she choose me? Isn't it victims, who lost their lives on road accidents, their souls remain in that site only?

I happened to share this incident after two (2) days, while we were having some story telling with our Trainer (as part of our speaking ability recitation); the latter mentioned if anyone had seen the ghost inside the office? I wasn't sure if he was trying to scare us but according to him, he heard some stories about the entity and yet he does not have the ability to see though he wanted to, so he was not sure whether that was true or not.

Last Friday, while we were in another office room, having some different activity, the lights were put on "dimmed mode", as we were watching a VTR program, I saw again an apparition, not very far from me, about half a meter below the ceiling, but this time, a mass-like cloud, in white colour, and again it disappeared after knowing that I have seen it.

Last night, I had a nightmare and the ghost was trying to be near me. I again saw the flowing smoke around me. I was screaming and calling for help but nobody seemed to hear me. It is good I was able to wake up at once otherwise; I could probably be dead by now.

By the way, the building is kind of 2 years old only and the number of employees are huge, therefore, I would say that I don't think this kind of spooky incidents have been caused by the age of the establishment knowing that people are 24/7 working.

Would anyone share some thoughts about this? A lot of my officemates are "seers" too but no one could see the entity. Why am I being haunted?

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pilarB (3 stories) (31 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-27)
This morning, I saw 2 entities again in that office room. Our Trainor had closed the light as we were having a lecture using our online device. Again the room was extremely cold and before the lights went on, I saw 1 entity in solid form next to our trainer (front) and the other one, also in solid form, on my right. In my analysis, probably those 2 entities used to work there before as they seemed busy doing something. Also I would like to add that ghosts when lights are off are in solid form and if with lights or day time (outside) are in sillhouette.
pilarB (3 stories) (31 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-25)
Hi ScrapM, thanks for the response. Yes, I think you're right. I don't really get scared whenever I see one but the thing is, they appear whenever I am not expecting to see and in such a very busy building where people work 24/7. I just hope the entity doesn't harm anyone. Thanks again for your thoughts.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-24)
pilarB -

It just sounds like you are more sensitive to seeing ghosts than many of your colleagues. However, don't feel alone because if the building has a history of being haunted, than others before you have experienced strange things. Probably more people in your office have seen or felt strange things, but were too embarrassed to say anything about it.

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