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Alright just to give a background I'm an average 15 year old boy who lives in a small town in Massachusetts. In my life I've had some experiences with the paranormal. Just wanted to post it up to see what you guys think. This all goes back to when I was about 11. I lived with my mom in a small apartment. We were told after moving in that somebody had committed suicide there.

We have a shelf in our kitchen and things always seem to fall off. It seemed to be a normal occurrence with at least one object falling every day be it a loaf of bread, to random things like brownies. Even flat items would fall off.

In my room my television would turn on by itself all the time. I'd be playing a video game, switch everything off and go into the living room. As I would be walking out of my room the TV would switch on by itself.

One event that really sticks and I remember vivid happened to me one night when I was home alone. I was watching TV late it was about 11:30. I was lying in my bed with my dog. (He's an Italian grey hound but he's blind due to diabetes) My door was open and I could hear footsteps that led up to my door. Like someone was walking towards me. All of a sudden my dog started barking. He wouldn't stop for a good 3 minutes of constant barking. After I calmed him down I was really scared. I could feel a presence in the room just watching me. I quickly fell asleep.

My mother and I fell on some hard times and had to move in with my aunt. She lives in a decent size house on a dead end street. Ever since we moved in I feel like things have gotten worse.

I have my own room there and she renovated her cellar so it's another living room. This is where most of the stuff happens. Sometimes when I'm using my laptop I sit in a recliner I have in my room. I'll have the door closed and the air will be completely dead. Then I'll just feel a cold breeze on my cheek. It's the weirdest thing. It startles me but it doesn't feel threatening. Also ill be in the cellar, I'll bring my laptop down there. From the corner of my eyes ill see black shadows. They like just run by really quick. On some occasions I've also heard voices / whispers. But I couldn't make them out. That only happened a few times.

Another night I was alone at home. It was about 7:30 it was dark out. There were no TVs on in the house so it was dead quiet. I was lying on my bed using my iPod touch. I had the sound off so you couldn't hear me typing or anything like that. Then from behind me I heard like an exhale. Like a loud. "huuuuuuh" It scared the crap out of me. I went in my living room, turned on all the lights and waited until somebody got home.

This last event happened to me today. This was kind of the reason that I wrote this whole thing. Diagonally across the street from my aunt's house my cousin (or her daughter) bought a house that was for sale. Her daughters 29 and she bought the house a few years ago. But my aunt has lived here for a good 20. In my cousins house there was this old man Walter that lived there. He was really weird. He died about 5 years ago he was in his 70s. He died in the house. Then this mother and daughter moved in. They were kind of odd. The daughter was about 25 and she would do weird things. Like one time she threw a sewing basket in my basketball hoop. It was really strange. Then they moved out and my cousin bought it. (Later we found out the daughter was suffering from schizophrenia. Not sure if that would add to any of this) Anyways there was nothing to drink in my house one day so I figured I'd run over and grab a coca cola. They usually keep their door unlocked it's pretty safe neighbourhood. So I go into the house and open the fridge. I grab the coke, and then I hear whistling. I was like that's weird. I closed the fridge and it's persistent and getting louder. It sounds like somebody's whistling in the house. I freak out and run. While I'm running away the whistling stayed the same "volume" you could say. Like I expected if I was running away from it it would fade out but it was just as loud when I ran away. I swore I could hear it outside to.

I'm really not sure about any of this. I hope you guys can shed some light on my situation.

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Christmullins14 (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-22)
So alright I just thought id post this and see what you think. I don't know if it was my imagination. But on 2 occasions this past week I think I seen an orb. Like I was using my laptop and I seen like a little white "pearl" you could say go in front of my computerscreen then curve around towards me and disappear. I know all this stuff probably sounds fake but I tried to debunk it. It was just so random. I never seen anything like it before.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-21)
Christmullins14: Your exactly right negative beings feed of your fear they love it. But how hard is it not to be frightened? Easier said then done right?. I think you have a bit of researching to do regarding what your experiencing get closer to finding out why this is happening so then you have a better chance of tackling it head on. Please keep us updated.

Christmullins14 (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-21)
Trix I've try to tell people about it but they just laugh and play it off that its my imagination. But thanks for all the information. I'm going to do some digging and see if I can find any old records of this house. I have a question. Like sometimes at night I'll be in my room, and something strange will happen. Naturally I get scared and then I feel the experiences are progressing the more I get scared. Would my fear help the ghost manifest itself? Like it would start out as something small as feeling a presence in the room. Then it progresses to usually headphones or something stupid like that falling of one of my bureaus. Then my heart starts beating fast and ill hear whispers. But I feel like the more scared I get the ghost is using my energy or something?
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-20)
Hi Christmullins14, I feel that something is haunting you as a person because you didn't mentioned if anybody around you noticed any strange things or odd feelings. Your dog definitely was well aware of a presence in your room. What is strange for me is it seems like something is following you around, because you went across the street and it was manifesting again with a whistle sound. What does your mother says about all of this? Did she and your aunt notice anything strange in the house? The guys across the street should also give information if whether they experience strange things in their house. You should ask them. If all of them say no, well then it is something trying to get your attention. To get to the rood of this you have to go way back in time to see when and where did this start, and were there other people also involved that experienced this with you.
Try not to fear this thing because it will feed on your fear. Sometimes it helps to tell an unwelcome presence just to leave you alone and to go to the light. My dog is with me all the time and even in my house the dog will sometimes following something with his eyes and then I will just say out loud that it is my home and whoever is bothering my dog or me is not welcome and should leave. It works for me most of the time. I hope you get to the bottom of this and that your problem will be sorted out. You should really talk to your mother about this. She might be able to help you. Good luck and take care. Trix.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-19)
Christmullins14: Wow these are some really strange events you have witnessed, where to start? Firstly I would ask your Auntie wether or not she had experienced things in her home prior to you and your mother moving in with her, if she hasnt there is a fair chance whatever you are experiencing is connected to you or your mother.
Now regarding your cousins home and the whistling I'm a bit lost on this, perhaps it may have been something to get your attention and to let you know that it knows you are in the home it doesn't seem malevolent though.
If any of the loonie bin club is reading this story please extend what your thoughts are on this situation if you could. 😊

Thanks for sharing your story.


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