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Confederate Officer On Horseback


Being a native Virginian in Civil War country, I have been lucky to have a few encounters and this is my favourite.

It was the fall of 1988; I was driving in the northern part of Fauquier County Virginia approx. 45 minutes outside of Upper vile. I was in a very remote area where the hills rolled gently and there were no homes, barns, fences, riding trails or other motorist. I was really enjoying the scenery when I drove around a curve and there on the left side of the road about half a mile ahead was a horse with a rider. This is pretty common in Fauquier County but this was a bit different. Again, I was in the middle of nowhere. Once I drove closer to the horse and rider, I noticed what the gentleman was wearing, a full Confederate uniform with sleeve markings indicating a high rank officer. His uniform consisted of the grey in colour pants, jacket, and full belt dressing with sword, a side arm, black hat, riding gloves and riding boots. As I drove past slowly, I waved and he tilted his hat. I will never forget the expression on his face. It was one of confusion and interest.

Being a Civil War enthusiast, I was very surprised and enjoyed the sight. This person and his horse seemed as real as I am. I could not understand why someone would be dressed in this fashion in the middle of nowhere. He appeared to be dirty enough for me to notice from about 20 feet away. His beard looked unkept and his hair was longer than the hat would cover. That's when I decided it must be a ghost. This is the only thing that is logical to me. Once I found a place to make a u-turn, I drove back and there was no trace of the person.

Please give me your opinions and views on this sighting. This occurred in the middle of the week, my day off at the time was Wednesday. Weather was cool and clear.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-03)
Fascinating! I would love to see something similar.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful account of your experience.

Kind Regards,
gunner41 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-24), 24 Sept 2013, my father in law told my wife and I the same story essentially that you have reported. I only checked this story out online since my father in law mentioned the story himself tonight.

My father in law is 83 now, and still very sharp minded and able to get around physically. He drives, goes out shooting guns with me, and he still has it "together". He mentioned tonight that he had a "ghost story", and he told my wife and I this story:

Back around 1950 or so when he was around 20 years old, Ed (my father in law) was stationed down in Virginia assigned to the Army. He and a buddy were heading (driving a car) back to his base one night, and Ed said he saw a horse in the roadway and there was a rider on the horse dressed in what he thought was a confederate civil war type uniform. He was speeding apparently when he saw the horse, he hit his brakes and covered his face in anticipation of hitting the horse... Only to find that his car hit nothing. He stopped the car and inspected the area for a horse and/or rider, only to find that nothing at all was present there. No prints from a horse, nothing. His buddy, Bob, had been asleep in the car, and he saw nothing of the rider or horse.

The next day, Ed was eating in the chow hall. He told us that he picked up a newspaper while eating, and saw a story in the local paper about an event that apparently happens every year on the date that ed saw the horse and rider... A story about the annual appearance of a ghost rider from the civil war on horseback.

He has never (apparently) forgotten about this event...
raccoonbonapart (1 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-08)
Mountaineer, I thought that maybe there was a reenactment too, but then he said that the soldier was dirty and disheveled.
Mountaineer (4 stories) (176 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-28)
Well you live in Civil War country. Could he have been involved in a Civil War reenactment? They have a lot of those in Virginia. Also, he could have been confused and curious for the same reason you were: He was in a very remote area and did not expect to see anybody. Now if you had gone back and NOT seen hoofprints, it would have been freaky.
markj7 (3 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-24)
I did not think to check for physical evidence. Today I would have. I also have been carrying a camera in my glove box since. Maybe I'll catch a great picture on day. Next time.I'll stop and chat regardless ghost or live person just to make sure.
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-23)
That was a nice story, I even had the sound of the hooves in my head while reading it. Then it occured to me to ask, when you turned around and drove back, did you happen to look for hoof marks? Now THAT would would be freaky. 😊
Scooby (20 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-20)
Can't wait for more of your stories! Please post soon!
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-20)
happy's idea could explain some modern day ufo sightings as well.
markj7 (3 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-20)
Thanks for the great comments. I have always enjoyed this incident due to the details I witnessed and my love of Civil War history. I feel I was rewarded for my compassion and respect for the 620,000+ souls lost during that brutal time in our countries history. I have a few more to share in the near future. Thanks again.
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-20)
Hi markj7, this is a very nice story. I believe you saw a ghost because he looked at you with confusion and interest. Maybe he was surprised that you could see him. It happened to me also on two occasions where I saw ghosts and they were shocked when I saw them. I must also add I saw three ghosts in my life that was like you and me, you would never thought in your mind that they were ghosts but they were. The one lady ghost walked through a wall when I followed her to call her back to the female ward I worked in-I thought she was one of my patients so real was her appearance. Thanks for sharing. Trix
HappySpirit (187 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-19)
What a wonderful story! I would classify that actually as a "time-slip" - where 2 distinct time periods overlap and one interacts briefly with someone from another era. To use an analogy, it's like time is normally a long string laid on the ground that stretches forward infinitely - but with a time slip, the string has for a moment been looped back to touch itself at an earlier point. Although the soldier could also have been a ghost, the fact that he was so real and he interacted very visibly with you (to the point of acting curious and amazed to see a "horseless carriage") makes me think it was a time slip.

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