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Settling House Or Ghosts? 2


I previously submitted a story called Settling House or Ghosts? This is a follow up about other experiences had by my auntie and other neighbors living in my auntie's housing estate.

A few days ago I was speaking to my auntie about her house and if anything else had happened lately. She said that noting has occurred lately apart from that one of her kids doesn't like the dark and cries at night when he wakes and the other child laughs and talks to thin air. I know this may not be strange behavior but after everything else that's happened it would make you wonder.

Anyhow back to the other occurrences, my auntie's neighbor asked my auntie after they had moved in, if she had experienced anything strange in her house and my auntie told her about the foot steps, banging etc. Her neighbor then told her she was relieved it wasn't just her house because she thought she was going mad. She told my auntie that she was hearing things too and that the cutlery holder in her kitchen rattles on the counter on its own and moves. She also said her kettle has boiled a couple of times on its own too! This woman eventually moved out after a few months.

My auntie reckons the woman directly next door is experiencing things too, her suspicions being that one day she seen the woman get out of her car and stand looking at her house for a few minutes as if hesitating whether to go in or not. My auntie never asked the woman if she had experienced anything so I can't elaborate any further.

One early morning during the summer my auntie and her partner were lying in bed. They heard hooves trotting on the cobbles down the street, Marie (my auntie) said she knows she wasn't hearing things because her partner heard it too. She said he even got out of the bed and opened the window and he could see noting, my auntie said it sounded as if it passed their house and it didn't sound like one horse but maybe to or three. As I mentioned in my other story the site on which my auntie's house is built is believed to be a battle ground from the rebellion of 1798.

Down the bottom of this housing estate a 2nd cousin of mine lives with her husband and two children also. Just for clarification my auntie and my cousin are not related one is my mother's cousin the other my father's sister. About 3 years ago my cousin was pregnant and this particular day she was tired so she said she would have a lie down on her sofa. So she lay down on the sofa and turned in to the cushions and rested her head on the arm, so in other words she back was facing the fireplace etc... The front door was wide open because her son was out side playing and the sitting room door was open but only wide enough to hear him outside.

She said she was lying there a few minutes when she heard someone in the hall, she said she thought it was her son's friend coming in to use the toilet because this little boy was very forward, meaning he wasn't afraid to just walk in when he pleased! She said she then heard the sitting room door open and a hand touch her hair, she said she jus laughed and said joking 'Who's that messing with my hair' and when she turned around nobody was there! She said she was shocked and that the hand felt small and thin even skeletal like.

This wasn't the only thing to happen in my cousin's house either. A few weeks later she was lying in bed and he son came in to ask could he go down stairs and watch cartoons, she said that he could and that she would follow him down in an hour. About twenty minutes later she heard him scream. She said she got out of the bed as quick as she could because she was heavily pregnant and ran down the stairs. When she went into the sitting room her son was standing up against the wall screaming a crying, she said she called him over and he clung to her crying.

When she asked him what happened he said he was watching the telly and someone whispered his name in his ear. When she asked him what they had said he said it went 'Bennnnn' she asked him was it a nice voice and he told her it wasn't a nice voice like hers.

So there you have it all these new houses built and 3 people in different houses having paranormal experiences. I personally think these spirits if that's what you would call them, were disturbed when these houses were being built. It could be a case that people died in this area or were also buried there. I know a man in construction here in Ireland and he told me that if bones are found when digging foundations for houses the foremen usually keep quiet and carry on because if it is reported they will loose loads of money. That is in my own opinion what happened here.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this could be happening or if they know of anywhere else that is similar to this housing estate I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-20)
Taz890 is right about cleansing the area and the estate. I would take a step further and cleanse each house (if permission is given by the other homeowners). You mentioned in your previous story that your aunt had the house blessed. I think it may have to be done more than once.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-08)
something like this happened a few years back in a shop in leicester a lot of old lead coffins were removed from there resting place for a shop to be expanded.
When the shop reopened the staff had a lot of things happening so a priest was called in (but kept quiet hardly anyone knew about it) to clense the area I heard about the things happening as I worked near there at the time.
Has anyone thought about a clensing of the area/estate? It might help
Brier (2 stories) (54 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-08)
well first of all, if it was indeed a battle ground, there could be a few imprints floating around. An imprint is either a scene or sound of something where great trauma took place.
As for the ghosts and whispers, if bones were found, the spirits will get angry that their rest was disturbed. I would try to find out more about the ground that the houses are built on.

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