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Settling House Or Ghosts?


I'm recently new to this site but thought I might as well share a story about the strange happenings in my aunties house! It all started about 5years ago when she moved in. This house had no previous owners as it was newly built. Just to inform readers I don't live in this house but have witnessed some of these happenings myself!

The first time my auntie Marie felt anything was the week she moved in, she says she was taking a shower and all of a sudden felt as if she was being watched, so she jumped out got dressed and went to my nans! A few nights later her and her partner were watching the TV when they heard footsteps up their stairs, they said they were heavy footsteps like a man would make! They even muted the telly to listen and still they could here footsteps! Marie told her father (my grandad) and being sceptical suggested it must have been the house settling or even some sort of infestation... He decided to set traps! Anyway what he thought was wrong...

A few weeks later my auntie was having a few drinks at home with her partner and her brother! They were sitting in the sitting room chatting and in the kitchen the radio was on, but jus loud enough so they could hear it! All of a sudden the radio in the kitchen went real loud! My auntie said they all froze and then went to see what was going on in the kitchen. When they went out to the kitchen they turned the radio off and a door upstairs banged and the heard tiny footsteps run across the celling... This terrified them so much she rang my father!

Later that night my father and mother went out to my aunties and they were discussing what had happened... My father decided to go upstairs and have a look for a logical explanation as he believes there's an explanation for everything! My father and two uncles had a go at banging the door their hardest and none of them could bang it as loud as it had on its own! (Just to make things clear my auntie had no children at this time and that on this night she had no windows or doors open and it was the middle of the summer). On finding no logical explanation my father suggested she call a priest just in case!

A week later the Priest arrived he told my auntie that he believed her and he blessed her and every room of her house! You might think everything was ok after this but it wasn't. The radio still turned up on its own, the door knocked and opened on its own, her dogs acted strange when in the house and she still felt uneasy when alone!

A few months later she asked me to call out for a visit and that she had something to show me! My auntie had just got two new kittens and a rabbit at the time all of which lived in her house... When I arrived she showed me a picture of some shadowy white fog thing on her stairs. And the whole reason she took this photo was because that's where the rabbit and two cats had been playing! At the time the photo was taken nobody was smoking and it wasn't a reflection, but the strange thing is this was the third picture she had taken in the space of 5seconds and in the previous two pictures there was nothing... You just have to believe me about this for the moment as I don't have a copy of this picture but if I can I will try to get hold of it! In this picture you can make out a number of figures but as most say the longer you look at something you start to make out images!

Anyway moving on to more recent happenings about two summers ago I called out to my aunties and as I was sitting in her kitchen the door knocked. I got up to answer the door but it was already open and... Nobody there! So I sat back down and a few moments later I could hear a buzzing noise like when your TV goes black and white! I asked my auntie what it was and she said it was the baby monitor in the sitting room, the one upstairs had been turned off. Marie just shook her head and said it was happening a lot lately! She then decided to tell me about what happened that weekend, she said her and her partner were sitting on a bench outside the front door when Abbie started to cry so she sent her partner up stairs to check on Abbie in the cot! Her partner said that when he went up Abbies soother which was on a soother chain was hanging out of her blanket at the end of the cot, this was strange because at this time Abbie was too small to unclip her soother chain which was attached to her dribbler and then reclip it to a blanket!

He then said that after settling Abbie he turned and caught a hazy shadow like figure in the corner of his eye and when he turned round it disappeared! This wasn't all though Marie then went on to tell me that after all that had happened her and her partner were sitting on the bench when her car which was parked right in front of them locked... The automatic key was on her keys hanging inside in the front door, so to test the key they went inside and pressed the key to unlock the door and returned outside, and again... The door locked!

On a night out after all this she was out an a woman she knows approached her and told her there was a little child named Edward living in her house and that he isn't there to scare her he just wants her to know he's there! I think that's creepy, the weird thing is Marie never told anyone but our family about what was happening in her house... My auntie hasn't had much happen in recent years but I suppose as she says you learn to live with it!

I must also add my auntie isn't the only person in her housing estate which has had paranormal experiences, a number of people have, maybe another time I'll tell a few of their stories! An important and vital bit of information is that the area around my auntie's house has a lot of history attached and the field in which her housing estate is built was a battle ground in 1798...

I wanted to share this story to see if anyone can give me an idea of what is haunting my auntie's house or why?

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Liliel (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-11)
That definitely sounds like more than just a settling house 😁
But it sounds like whatever is sharing the house hasn't done anything malicious. Messing with the baby's soother might be a little worrying, but if it's a child's spirit it's completely understandable; most kids would be curious about new babies.
I wouldn't dismiss the idea of this Edward, lot of the activities you described seem like they could fit a child.
Really nice story and I'd personally love to hear more 😉
fififromdublin (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
HI Bekkiboo... Interesting story, thanks for taking the time to tell it... I have had some similar experiences in,also,brand newly built houses... Even though you tell yourself it can't be, I think instinctively we know when something is not normal "Housesettling"...I've heard that quoted for the most ridiculous things by unbelievers who refuse to admit the evidence before them points to the unexplained... How can two closed windows bursting open, that open outwardly into a garden;one of which being a French window (a door) ,be called, in total seriousness, the house settling?...settling its differences with the occupants is more like how it felt!...I'm glad your aunt grew accustomed to and used to her houses odd points... I must tell my stories soon... I will be looking out for more of yours... Fiona x
Bekkiboo (2 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-06)
Thanks for commenting on my storey!
I like to think that this little boy if that's what it is has setteled a lot especially since my auntie had her children! Either that or he has just got the hint that she isn't going to leave...
I must also add that the somebody mentioned to my antie that these spirits, ghosts or what ever they or it may be could have been disturbed when the foundations of the houses in her estate were being layed!

Enjoy xx
bobdylanrock2244 (1 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-06)
hes probs nice and settled in the house on his own or hes trying to tell you to stay away I don't know but I hope you find out take carexx ❤ 😁
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-06)
Hello Bekkiboo and welcome to the site. You have a very interesting story. They say that innocent spirits won't be driven out of a home by a blessing. The woman who approached your aunt told her it was the spirit of a child which would make that an innocent spirit. It does seem like Edward just wants to make everyone in the home aware of his presence and doesn't mean any harm. Thank you for sharing your story. Take Care 😊

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