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The Man Who Was with Me


In 2001, I lived in arizona with my mother and my sister at my grandma's house. We were such a happy family until something bad happened! My mom's friend's grandpa died on May 12, 2001. We all went to his funeral and prayed for him to make a better life in heaven. 2 weeks later, I was sleeping and I heard my door open. I looked up and nothing was there. At first I thought it was my older sister just giving me a hard time trying to scare me. So, I got up and I went to her room and I saw that she was asleep. I didn't think that it was my mom's friend's grandpa, even though me and him were best buddies. He would always buy me ice cream, walk with me in the park. But I woke her up and I told her to stop trying to scare me. And she told me that I was probably dreaming or heard a mouse in the walls. I told her that my door had opened by its self.

The next day I was home alone, and I was just watching tv. I heard a man's voice in my ear calling my name. I shouted out, "who is it? Stop playing around! I don't want to be scared anymore, and just go away!" it NEVER left me alone! At night time, it came in my room and sat next to me on my bed while I was sleeping. I woke up, and saw my mom's friend's grandpa sitting next to me. He just stared at me with his deep eyes. I screamed and I wanted to run out of my room, but something was holding me back. It wasn't him who was holding me back, it was something more powerful, something that could hurt me if IT wanted to! I was never scared in my entire life!

When my mom came running in my room, everything paranormal that was in my room just went away, like it was scared of her. The next day I asked my mom to have our church bless the house so nothing would harm the family. But, as usual, the blessing didn't work. It didn't change anything! Then at night again, he came in my room and this time, he did not sit on my bed. He just stood there staring at me! And the thing that was holding me back, it was there to. But this time I could see it. It looked like a younger man, he wore army pants and shirt, and he looked very mad.

Why do they want me? I kept asking myself. But they just stood there with anger and terror on their faces. Why would they want me any how? I never did anything wrong to them! I was only 8 or 9 when this happened. And what would a 8 or 9 year old do to make these things come into the house?

A few weeks later, we had an exorcism, which was okay, I guess. These things that were here were using my mom's friend's grandpa's spirit as a gate way to the house (that's what the psychic said that came to my house with the priest that was going to do the exorcism).

That was the most frightening thing in my life! But now, I am 14 living a good life in texas! And I am glad the paranormal is out and gone.

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Tmetsfan31 (3 stories) (52 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-06)
i think the man that was holding you back was just making sure the grandpa could see you with out you running. Mabye he met a friend and the frined was helping. Anyway, great story.
Abby (710 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-06)
Dear angela,

Things must have been really extreme to have had an exorcism, but yes, I am glad for you that the paranormal is out and gone. Though, I mind it not the least bit for myself. To each his own. Abby

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