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Near my town is a town called Elizabeth. In the town there's a road with 3 bridges that you go on. They're all named based on the order you pass them (1, 2, 3). (I don't drive yet so I don't remember what road, honestly)

2nd bridge is apparently where teenagers were supposedly drunk and got in a crash. 3rd bridge is where Native American massacres have apparently occurred. There's arrow heads and other things.

I've been to 3rd bridge before this experience, which I'll write in another story.

Last night my friends and I (Lee and Connor) wanted to go for the experience because both 2nd and 3rd bridge are said to be haunted. But 2nd bridge is more dangerous to be around, and 3rd bridge more peaceful.

When we eventually got on the road, I felt like there was someone else in the car. Someone young. I believe I can easily see things that a lot of people don't normally see. Out of my peripheral vision I can see shapes and shadows of what might be there. Lee is good at using her peripherals but she didn't see as much as I did. Connor is an Atheist, so he didn't really believe in anything there. I was sitting in the back seat and next to me I knew someone was there. They were moving around a lot (obviously with no seatbelt on) I told my friends that there was someone else in the car and she freaked out and would not believe me. So we dropped it. But they were moving around until we got there...

When we stopped the car I sensed a lot of young spirits leaning in on the outside windows literally staring at us. Their hands were against the windows, also. There were about 4 or 5 at that moment Lee and I sensed. I can't see anything clearly, but if I looked at the window I could see an outline shape of a little head and a hand... Or more than one.

I got a sense of panic which I didn't get the first time I went. I ended up coming up to the front next to Connor and Lee. Then Lee told me she saw someone right next to her face in the car. I saw them too. It was the ghost in the car that had been with us the whole way there. She was afraid because she could see it so clearly right next to her. She said that she felt someone very lightly playing with the top of her hair. (her hair's really short) Me and Lee were freaking out a little but Connor was quiet. Then Lee suggested that we talk to the spirit.

She started off with 'hi, how are you?'

Then she began saying please don't hurt us and can you give us a sense of peace. We got a slight sense of peace that Lee and I both felt, but it wasn't very strong. Lee told the ghost that were weren't teenagers that came here to drink and smoke, but that we came for the experience because we heard of the history.

After a while we realized we didn't have a good sense of communication so she pulled out her lighter. We asked what its name was and if it was male or female. I had a feeling it was female and its name started with an S. Lee had the same feeling. We decided to call them Sandra. We asked if it wanted us to leave. A flicker. But we asked the opposite question (do you want us to stay?) and it did the same. I felt like Sandra had given up on us and left. It made me wonder if she somehow got in the car with someone else who had been there and road with them part of the way back. And when we came they joined us for a free ride back home...

Lee thought of naming the other few that were around. We thought of Dan. And Lee asked for a sense of peace from them, which we got clearly, actually.

We decided to get out of the car because of previous experiences proving that it would be more peaceful.

We did and it was really nice out. The stars were very clear. We heard 'the drums' which are apparently from the Native Americans. Though I've heard it's an oil pump.

Lee got a really bad feeling so we ended up going back in the car quickly.

When we got back into the car, I saw 2 shadow men standing on the right side in front of Lee's car. One was taller than the other, and they were just staring at us. I knew all the younger spirits were still staring at us through the windows. I even saw some circling the car, or moving to look on Lee's side.

Lee actually screamed. It surprised me a bit. There were other shapes and shadows I saw. A hand was holding the side of Lee's car.

After about 10 minutes the 2 shadow men in front of Lee's car left. Then we eventually left.

When we got back there were hand prints on the windows which seemed to be of young children. I found a website page about 3rd bridge and some information:

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Nephele (3 stories) (101 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-14)
TinAA: That was a guess. I don't know if they came with us. But my friend and I saw one in her car. Of course their world is different than ours.
But I'm sure they enjoy messing with our minds.
TinAA (1 stories) (84 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-14)
well...its strange that you can see spirits upto this extent. Everything seems strange in your story. I mean how could you offer a free car ride to them the spirits.because,the world of spirits and ghosts is different from that of us. They don't have any type of attachment to pleasurable things which we are interested in.anyways...may be what you are saying is true. 😕
Nephele (3 stories) (101 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-13)
Bacchaegrl: Like we all say everyone is different and sensitive in different ways. But I can understand why you wouldn't understand. It's hard to explain obviously.
Honestly I don't try to communicate with them often because I try to avoid them. If they're in my house I'm afraid.
My friend was also feeling sensitivity too.

Redphx: I can agree with you at some extent.
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-13)
I don't know what to make of this story. I was young once. (I am not that old, but I am) anyway. When I was younger my friends and I were able to play off eachother very well. Even though I am sensetive to an extent and my friends are as well it seemed that when together our experiences were heightened. I chalk this up to playing in a way. We were experiencing things but they weren't really real. We were able to feed eachother and at the time it felt like an experience. Now I do think that you all felt some things but I think most of it is due to imagination, excitement, and just living in the moment.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-13)
Are you trying to tell us that you are a sensitive? I'm sorry, but I really don't understand this story very well. Do you see multiple ghosts everywhere you go? You seemed to see a lot that night. If you see that many ghosts on a regular basis, it must be exhausting. What concerns me is your non-chalant attitude toward the whole situation. You claim you see these ghosts, you give them names just because you feel like it. Yet, if you are as sensitive as you say, you don't seem to know much about the ghosts you come in contact with. If you were that sensitive, I mean, if you really saw ghosts around you all the time, wouldn't you be better at communicating with them? I really don't understand how you got a spirit to delve out a peaceful atmosphere. I'm sorry again, but I don't think any of this happened the way you said it did. I believe you went out ghost hunting, I believe you may have seen some strange things, but I don't believe that you saw a gaggle of spirits and you made no real effort to communicate with them, save for a lighter and your feelings. Maybe you could elaborate more on what happened. Go down the list, tell us about each ghost you saw that night. Yeah, it would take work and time, but it would lend more creedence to your story. For now, I just think this story is way out there and hard to understand. I would love to be proved wrong.

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