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In my previous story, I told about my mom's most memorable experience with spirits. Since that incident in Italy, my parents moved to Brazil, and my mom converted to spiritualism. For that reason, I grew up visiting spiritualist communities and doing charity work with them, studying the phenomena, and participating in séances.

My mother became an important medium in her community, and used her gift to help people that were being harassed by malevolent spirits or others that had trouble dealing with their gifts. She delivered messages to those that needed them, and tried to teach about the importance of love and charity to those that weren't born with a connection to what lies beyond this life.

I wasn't born psychic. I can only sense shifts in a room's "energy", and I am very sensitive to other people's moods. I sometimes had uncharacteristic mood swings which my mom always associated to an undeveloped sensitivity, and to the fact that I never tried to learn how to deal with spiritual influences. When I turned 10 years old, I decided I would never step foot in any religious community again. Recently, I went through a more traumatic spiritual experience, and started looking for my old journal, to try and remember the turning point that made me give up on my spiritual training and religion.

I was just a kid, and lived in a brand new house built in a gated community. I had all new furniture and toys in my room, and I loved spending my time playing dress up and jumping on my new bed. That Saturday morning, I had spent all my energy doing just that, and I decided to lie on my bed and rest for a little while. I can remember myself lying down and starting to take off my shoes, watching the palm tree leaves rustling on my window pane, not thinking about anything in particular. Suddenly, I felt the room temperature drop, in the middle of the Brazilian summer. For a few seconds, I could feel a presence in my room, a different atmosphere. I was scared, and just a child, so I stayed still, waiting for something to happen or for the courage to stand up to come over me. I slowly convinced myself that nothing would happen, that I was just a little shaken because I had been alone in that part of the house for longer than usual.

I stood up and slowly walked to my bathroom to wash the sweat off my face. I dried my skin with a towel, and as I stopped to look at my face in the mirror I could see my bed and the window reflected on it. It seemed that, for some reason, the light in the room was a little odd. That's when I noticed a tall dark figure with long shaggy hair dancing around my bed. It looked like some tribal dance, and it lasted what seemed like forever. The figure jumped from one foot to another, shaking its arms in the air. It was hopping around my bed the way you would imagine a movie ritual around an altar or a bonfire would look like. Then it stopped completely, and slowly turned towards me. I was stuck in place, scared out of my mind, and did nothing but stare as it grinned maliciously at me and disappeared.

It felt like someone had just broken a spell that was freezing me into place. I started screaming and ran to find my mother sitting upstairs. Crying, I told her what had just happened, and she listened, believing every word she heard. She told me to breath in, try to stay calm and pray, and not to let fear take over me. That day, I decided I didn't want anything to do with spirituality, ever again. I told my mom about it and she just sighed, looked at me and said "I knew you would give up on religion at a young age. But I also know that you will still be young when another event will make you seek it again. Don't cry now."

Last week, another terrifying event, obviously triggered by spirits, made me want to visit my mother. I felt like I needed to understand why some of these things have been happening, and I hadn't told her why I wanted to see her specifically. She was waiting for me at the porch, with my journal in her hands and a smile on her face. She hugged me and whispered in my ear, "It's ok, but now you need to catch up with your studies, Dear.

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BabaY (guest)
6 years ago (2018-01-04)
I had a n experience just like this happen to me instead I was asleep and awaken by the feeling that someone was behaving extremely silly while I'm sleeping and mocking. I woke my self up to see a tall black person in tribal charms and clothes doing a dance like you described. And when it noticed I was witching it crouched at the foot of my bed and disappeared. Did you ever find out what it meant or what was going on.
CityGal (3 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-28)
Javelina, I'm glad to be back!

I will post about the turning point that made me seek out my mom's help as soon as I can.

I can't tell you how glad I am to have grown up with such a fascinating person as my mom. Her abilities have helped me in so many ways, and her life is full of interesting paranormal occurances that I am sure to post as soon as I get to write them down. Hope you enjoy them!
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-28)
Welcome back! I was wondering when we would hear from you again. Of course you know I am partial to hearing about your mother as well.
Wow! The description you give for the tribal dance and dancer is quite vivid. And to be seen by the eyes of a 10 year old is understandably frightening. But what got to me was you seeing it in the reflection of your bathroom mirror. To me that is always such a scary thought. I know that if had been me that had witnessed it, I would not have been able to look into a mirror for quite some time wthout trepidation.
I am excited to hear what had brought you back to your learning and training. It must have been a very sobering experience. And to have your mother waiting with your journal in hand? I am fascinated, and cannot wait to hear the rest.
Thank you for sharing dear,

Jav ❤ 😊 ❤
Jonesfamily (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-26)
I'm not pretending to be an expert at all I don't want to be because then I have to deal with that 24/7 I don't want to ghost watch or nothing else, but seriously post more I have had some experience with malevolent spirits and with a lil humbleness and courage that same evil spirit or others have to ask God for permission to do anything read the book of Job in the bible
Jonesfamily (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-26)
You need to tell whatever it manifested it self as that that is where you sleep and nothing but you and the holy spirit can dwell there. It might get pissed but so what. You goin to feel uneasy and shook up because you are being oppressed, no you do the same thing you would as if it was human tell it to leave you alone period. Don't wonder or dwell to long on things of another world you do not understand it can be a breeding ground for something who likes to do more than dance. Bottom line we are not spirits we sleep they don't they no more than we because life is still our teacher so much more to learn. But chasing that thing or trying to become stronger to control or encourage it leaves you open to its purpose, and a lil advice from some one who has been face to face with one I couldn't even see provoking isn't always the best answer. If your ever caught and your tryn to ignore it and things are happening just say with a stern voice everything you break your going to fix and mean it!

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