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Is It A Dream?


Before anything, I'm shalyn03, 15-years-old. I really don't know if I really have my third eye open, but I used to see things which I know are not ordinary. In this story which I'm about to tell you is what I consider the most strangest thing I've ever experienced. It happened 2 years ago after we moved here in Bicol. We used to live then at my grandmother's house but now we already have our own house.

My grandma's house has 3 bedrooms. The second one, which is at the middle, is our room. As you enter the room, you can see at your left a TV, next to it is a vanity table, in front of it is the bed and at the end of the bed is a cabinet. One boring afternoon, I decided to sleep in that room. I lie down facing the TV and the vanity table. Behind me is the window. I was the only one in the room and everyone was outside the house that time so it was really quiet. I looked at the clock and its already 3 in the afternoon so I decided to just take a nap since I have to do some homework.

I faced the ceiling while holding a pillow and covering it into my head (it makes me comfortable) until I fell asleep. After, I think an hour, I partly opened my eyes without knowing why. It seemed like I was still sleeping but half of my mind was aware of happening around me. As I looked at the vanity table, I saw a woman standing just in front of me wearing a white gown and her hair was covering her face up to her waist. I cannot see her clearly since I'm still sleepy and I have no force to widely open my eyes. After a second, I realized that I cannot move my body as if I was paralyzed. I tried to shout but there's no voice coming out. Aside from it, she's not just standing in front of me. Her hand is raised, palm open as if she's absorbing all of my strengths! I fell asleep again.

After that again, I forced to open my eyes a little bit. I feel like I'm still sleeping and what happened a while ago is just a dream. Suddenly my mother enters the room and tried to wake me up because according to her it's already 5:30 pm. I tried to remove my hand together with the pillow above my head but again, I feel I'm paralyzed. I can only see my mother's waist. After a minute, I fell asleep again.

Finally, I woke up. It was already 7 pm. My mother called me for dinner so I get out of the room. After we eat, I told her everything. At first she didn't believe me. She said that I was just dreaming. But when I told her that I even heard her waking me up but can't move my body, she finally believed me.

I'm not really sure if it is only a dream. But I'm pretty sure that I saw her, I felt it, everything. What makes me wonder is, why is she doing it? Why is she raising her hand like that?

Before I forgot, the time when we settled in that room, my cousin told me, even my aunt who is living in Italy, that there is really a ghost of a girl in that same room. At first, I didn't believe them until I saw it myself.

I know she's not harmful but what explains those?

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Harkaromoine (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-05)
Well I have this habit that everyone will think that I am awake already because I will response to them, then I will go back to sleep and remember nothing about it when I wake up. Do you have this kind of experience as well? 😕
bandet888 (86 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
I'm not saying it's definitely not paranormal but it could have been a dream most of the time. When your mother tried to wake you the first time you probably were still half asleep but awake enough to be aware that she's there but your body did not fully wake up. A lot of times I'm half asleep and it seems like I'm moving my hands and arms but I'm not. The only thing I can really move is my neck buy twitching it. If I ywitch enough the rest of my body starts to wake up. Once my body starts to wake up it takes a tremondous amount of effort to move my arms. That's when I realize that no way I could have been moving them before I was just dreaming that I was moving them.
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-10)
Well, I personally think that it would sound like an episode of Sleep Paralysis:
Or you can research it yourself.
Love & Light, Rachel ❤

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