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Oh So Creepy


Actually these stories I'm about to relate are my uncle, father, and grandfather's experiences. When I heard these stories from my father it got my interest to share it here since for me it's so creepy yet funny at the same time. So here's the stories.

Grandpa's experiences:

This one happened during his teenage years. Probably during 60's. One late evening, he was on his way home from disco (here in the Philippines, during those times discos are trending specially the night before fiestas at the provinces) alone. It was very dark and everything in his surroundings are trees. Suddenly, he felt this gentle cold wind blew at his back. He turned around and saw 3 hooded ladies following his track 4 meters away from him. He didn't mind them because he thought they also came from the disco and having their way home just like him. But then he thought why are they wearing similar dress? So he simply took a glimpse at them and reality hits him that they are not just walking, they're floating! He tried to walk faster as he could until he reached their house. And because of so much fear he kicked their door ignoring if it would be destroyed. Unfortunately it did and so he got sermon by his father. Ha ha!

Another one is when he already have his family. He was taking a good rest at the veranda located at the second floor of their two-story nipa hut. He was facing the dark garden and looking at the house of their neighbor 10 feet away from him. Then, he saw this huge bat-like creature which they called manananggal (creature with a half body and huge bat-like wings that fed on human flesh) peeping at their neighbor's window. He got alarmed knowing their neighbor is pregnant so he hurriedly went inside and called my father and nephews (they are 16 that time) and told them what they saw. So they went outside and decided to burn tires as they believe can drove away those creatures. Minutes later, a loud BANG! Coming from the roof shocked and surprised them so they run immediately inside the house and covered there selves with blanket and laugh with each other's cowardness.

That's all for now. Sorry for the wrong grammars. I'm not really good at English. I'll just share to you the other stories in the part 2 of these story. Hope you enjoy.

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Mintyleaf (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-22)
The 3 hooded figures your grandpa noticed are called Kumakatok. There has been many sightings of them in the Phillippines. Normally a death omen.
BunnyPanda (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
I don't quite get the part where you said " their " house lol 😆. I wonder if Manananggal are real 😕. But you have a interesting story there;). Thanks for sharing.

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