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Last February I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and since then, our relationship has been on the rocks. Within this past year, I have definitely been feeling something in the bedroom and sometimes in the bathroom with me. Usually it was just the sense of a presence there, sometimes I would hear my name, and then I started feeling it getting on the bed.

At first I thought I was just imagining it all, I would tell myself it was the dog jumping on the bed and then realize he was already asleep next to me, that's when I would get scared and start saying my prayers until I fell asleep. I told a friend, who practices Santeria, about what I was experiencing and he told me that there was a spirit following me because he was jealous of my blessings. I thought my friend had gotten rid of him for a while and then the other day, after my boyfriend and I deciding to break up, I felt a presence get on to the bed with us and do me missionary style. I thought I was loosing my mind, I kept tossing and turning but I could still feel it over me, I could even feel the bed moving to his rhythm and I knew the dog was under the bed so it couldn't be him. My boyfriend was in bed next to me but I didn't say anything for fear that he would think I was nuts.

The next day I found the framed prayer I had hanging in the bedroom doorway broken on the floor and a weight I kept behind the door in the way of opening the door. That freaked me out the most because I know the weight wasn't there before and the picture seems to have lifted itself off of the wall because the hook on the wall and the frame were fine, it was just the wood frame that was cracked.

I told my boyfriend about the picture and the weight and then about last night. He said he had been awake too and felt the bed moving but thought it was the dog until I reminded him that he was the one that kicked the dog off the bed. My boyfriend immediately tried to call the most spiritual woman he knew, his mom, while sitting on the bed in the bedroom. Twice he tried to tell her what happened while in there and both times the phone cut service, it wasn't until he went into the bathroom that the phone stayed on.

I'm going to be moving into a new apartment by the end of the week and I'm afraid that the spirit will follow me there. He doesn't seem to necessarily want to hurt me yet, but he seems to be getting stronger, or at least bolder.

Is there anything I can do to make sure I'm left alone? I really feel like the spirit is laughing at me and happy that we've broken up but I'm not trying to have this go on forever. Can you tell a ghost to get an afterlife?

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KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-03)
I realize this is a bit after the fact as I am a bit delayed in reading your story.

First of all-OMG! You must have been absolutely horrified. To be violated so severly ans not even to be able to see who or what is doing it.

I believe you may be dealing with an incubus. You can research them on the net. You must get rid of them. They use a woman sexually to gain powser, they can make the woman physically ill and even die. (For men, it is the sucubus) Both are demons and pure evil.

Please keep a Bible in your room with you. Read passage from the Bible out loud (it helps if you mean what you are saying) my favorite passage is John 3:16. Place a cross at the door way to enter and at the top of your bed. Tell them to leave in the name of God and to NEVER return! UYou must be firm in your statements or they can also feed off of your fear.

There are many ways to rid yourself of these 'things' for good. Shane and Martin along with many other individuals have posted some fantastic help.

God Bless!
Keep us posted.
Adventure_Ms_Aqua (10 stories) (71 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-13)
Well, as Abby said be confident in yourself and stuff like that. If the ghost is jealous of you, maybe you can be nice to it like saying "Hi..." It might not hear you, but if you do some nice things to it, it might get better. The ghost probably wanted all of the good things you had, but died before he or she got it. Just keep positive and maybe you'll get your boyfriend back again. 🤔 Good luck!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-13)
Dear Stac,

I find it hard to add more than what has been stated by Abby. You could try smudging yourself and your belongings before moving them into your new apartment this should keep out any unwanted attachments from your old place. Good luck to you.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-13)
Dear Stac,

If your belief system is that which accepts ministers, priests or Native American medicine people, I would suggest you find one and/or others you trust as counselors and consult with them. Please also have a medical check up to see that there are no physical causes. Changing your place of residence and starting out in a simple new place with a new life, perhaps minus the boyfriend may help you greatly. The more you are at peace with yourself, and the less stress you have, the more you will be empowered to stand in your own foundation of your own belief system and not have to rely on others or relationships to validate who you are. When you love yourself unconditionally you accept yourself and freely let go of old things like old boyfriends that do not fit in one's life anymore. You also show respect for yourself and for your body, space and life. With unconditional love and respect of self, one can set boundaries with consequences for all beings, human or non-human, alive or dead. The less negative energy, stress and chaos in one's being and life, the less a negative being, human or non-human, alive or dead will be able to use or abuse you, as well as feed upon your own negative energies, fears and self doubt about your own value of self and self-worth. In the end the only one who can empower you is yourself. Unconditional love and respect for oneself is the first answer to every question that begs to know why the negative things are happening in one's life. The responsibility to find the soul's solution lies with the soul. Continue to search, research and try all things that are comfortable to you and your belief system until you find your soul's solution. The key words are unconditional love and respect for self and others, responsibility, use of common sense and know when to set boundaries with consequences and always follow through. Love thy self.--Abby

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