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This is not a Halloween story but it might has well be. My aunt used to live in this part of Gilford that was kind of out in the country. Next to her house is an old cemetery. Also, about half a mile from her house is an old house, and my brother, cousins and I are convinced it's haunted.

It's made of a reddish brick, and has shutters that are all closed up, and those black, pointy, fence looking things on the top. There were never any lights on or people around. One day, my brother, my cousins, and I decided to go check it out. We figured we'd walk around the back yard for a few minutes and then leave. That's what we did at first. As it turns out, there was a huge, old barn

next to it, and a field. There was an outhouse, too and even one of those things that opens up to a cellar! The door of the shed was open, and it was kind of swaying in the wind. We couldn't resist. My brother went first, and we followed him into the shed. There was another door, and we saw that this door went INTO THE HOUSE!

We tried opening it, but it was jammed. Then my cousin saw that it was open about an inch. We pushed on it together and it flew open. I don't know why but we all started screaming and ran out into the yard. I couldn't believe we actually did that. We were just going to go home, but then we thought that we would be wondering forever what would have happened if we hadn't gone in there, so we went back. We were soooo scared. The first room looked like a kitchen, and it had one of those really old stoves, the kind that sits on the ground with a black pipe going through the ceiling. That was my first indication that this house could have been, like, a hundred years old. The floor was starting to creak, which made me say out loud that what if it gave out and we fell down into the cellar? That made my cousin almost start to cry but we calmed him down. We walked cautiously through the house.

There were a lot of small rooms. We didn't dare go down to the cellar. The front door was locked, and bolted and nailed down with boards, as were all of the windows. Did I mention that during this whole thing, we were all REALLY REALLY scared? Well, we were just about to head back, when my brother saw... A staircase. An old, brown, winding one. OH MY GOD. We discussed whether or not to go up (my brother was the only one who would, but I didn't want him up there alone with the ghosts!) He said he would only go up a few steps to see if he could see anything up there, so we let him.

And that's as far as he got. He was on about the 5th step, when we heard a horrible crashing sound from the kitchen. We all started screaming, and ran out of there fast. We didn't bother to shut the door - which was probably our first mistake. We ran back to my aunt's house, past the cemetery. At the time, the only person we told about this, was my aunt. She's cool, and we knew she wouldn't tell anyone what we did.

Well, my brother and I eventually had to go home, but this is where it gets weird! The next day, my mom took us back to my aunt's (my other cousin was going back home to Chicago the next day, and we wanted to see her again before she left). As we drove past the cemetery, I saw something really creepy. There were some men working there, and it looked like they were DIGGING A GRAVE. Now, I don't know if they still used that cemetery, I always thought it was too old to be burying new people there, but we were wondering - were they burying something - or digging something up?

We told my aunt about it right away, and she said that there had been a FIRE in the cemetery the night before. Now this was too weird. All of this stuff happened the day after we went there. There were now "no trespassing" signs all over the yard, which meant - someone saw us in there. We don't know who, but all I kept thinking was, what would have happened if my brother had gone upstairs? I guess we owe our lives to that thing that fell in the kitchen!

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joebob (3 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-06)
some think kind of the same hapend to me well I will not say to much because I could get in trubal well we was walking home from school when we saw some big house looked empty but some one said it was haunted so we had to go there so we ran round the back (I got this all on video some where on my mates phone) well the gaurden was very big black shodows all other the place and a strand shed well this bit was funny and still is to evry one that was there my mate was trying to kick the door in he was going kind of mad but we was just watching him then he tuned the handal and pulled it open we all just went ha ha any way we walked in slowly the first room was like geting decurated and the door was shut my mates were not scard I don't think I was I have had a strang live when it comes to ghosts any way we opend the door and look around it look ok just a left house that was big but we went up the stairs I got realy cold and the room looked so strang to go in so we went right to the top up the norow stair you could not see behind up or in font realy so we walked slowly it was not as bad went we got up the top but I saw some think in the cornor of my eye like a kid runing there was like two wall in font of the stairs and the room was the other side if you under stand well it ran in this little room then we hert a noise so we ran but my mates went back and I looked to the top widow where we was like a half face but all of my mates where in the first room so I don't know what it was trick of the mind maby but I'm still not sure well the house got nocked down because we left the door open the next week when we went there we ran because we stole the fire extinwishers well that's bout it
monica5 (3 stories) (22 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-20)
You are all lucky that you were not hurt. I agree with Abby, but I know when you are young you are not thinking of those kinds of things. Whatever it was that warned you didn't want you their anymore. Makes me think back to the movie Halloween when the boys walk past the creepy house and dare one of them to go in. Was it "haloween" either way thank goodness for the noise in the kitchen and very lucky you didn't fall through the floor boards either. Could you imagine?
Thanks for the story.
Devon (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-20)
You guys were pretty lucky! ... Scary tho, just reading it was freaking me out! Thanks for sharing! :)
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-19)
Dear Josh Ivory-Mulligan,

You, your brother and cousins were actually quite lucky to have not gotten hurt or damaged the existing house, property or surroundings. After all you were all trespassing on private property and truly had no right(s) to be there. I am certain you all would have felt intruded upon and perhaps even angry if strangers just showed up in your home and environment uninvited. I do believe what goes around does come around, maybe not right away or as one would think it should come around, but down the line, yes down the line when one least expects it, the odd trespasser or trespassing experience will just suddenly show up in your own backyard. There were already unwritten and unseen trespassing signs and boundaries you all morally knew about, but you all decided to choose to trespass, so you ended up with the consequences of your choices and now, here you are still alive to tell your story. I am hoping you all learned your lesson as well. Quite frankly, you say your aunt is cool, yeah, it was cool of her not to tell on you, but in my opinion, her choice not to teach you all about not trespassing on other people's property, and not to teach you all about the responsibility of taking the consequences with the choices made was not a cool, action response of an adult or any human being for that matter, to me. In any case, I am hoping by your story and experience, you all have learned some common sense, consideration and respect for other people's properties and boundaries, as well as learned many other lessons from this one experience.

As for other young or novice, investigative ghost hunters or busters, please remember to get permission before going onto other people's properties or using their personal property, even if it belongs to a close family member or friend who you may think would not mind. Be smart, responsible, respectful and considerate. Most of all use your common sense and always ask first before you ghost hunt on another's property.--Abby
cupcake10132 (4 stories) (193 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-18)
wow!i have the shivers now! I wounder if I'll ever experince something like that...

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