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Its difficult to know where to begin. An entity is communicating with me in its own little ways. Frequently, it uses the baby moniter making clacking sounds and sounds only made when the antenna is being touched. Quite a few times, I have heard loud cries and make a dash for what turns out to be my sweetly sleeping baby. There aren't any other babies within interference range, and what was most alarming is my other children had not heard a thing, only saw me rush off panicked for no apparent reason. It plays with me, in so many ways, and I suspect its been at it for a long time.

I've read several stories on this site but have not read any experience quite like this one so I decided it was worth sharing anonymously, anyway. I'm sure face to face disclosure would produces only incredulous looks, and zero insight.

I'm careful about bread. After hearing an awful story about bread mold getting into someone's sinus cavity, I'm careful. Perhaps overly, I don't know.

One evening a few months ago, the kids had skimped on the dinner and so I was giving in to their demands for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had everything out already and pulled out four slices of white bread (wheat isn't quite right for pb&j in their opinion) as usual I examine the bread. It was fine perfectly white and soft. My eldest child took over for herself. So, I had only one sandwich to make. The first slice of bread, I looked at carefully front and back and all along the crust, in my search for any sign of anything. Put the jelly on and placed it on the plate. I now checked the second slice thuroughly. I must say I had already checked all four slices on pulling them from the bag.

There was nothing, I put down the second slice, and picked up the knife (for slicing up the sandwiches in whatever way the kids felt necessary) to get my eldest child's sandwich divided into four triangles.

When I got back to the uncoated slice, I noticed a brown square at the bottom left side of the sandwich, I was dumbfounded. What! I looked closer. A perfectly square portion at the bottom left-hand side of the top bread was clearly brown and porish like the crust of some wheat bread or something, no seeds or rye just brown and porish. I glared at this bread for some time, and decided to tear that portion off, it measured, I would say 3/4 of an inch but was not very thick and did not reach through to the other side of the slice. It felt stiff like it was overly toasted. I thought again and threw out the entire slice. I started over with a fresh slice, checked it thuroughly, put peanut butter on it and slapped it on the bread. I reached over for the knife when I looked back at the sandwich there was this brown spot, completely identical. Identical, in every way. I didn't wish to pay attention to this peculiarity but honestly it freaked me out. I again tore the little square off and looked at it. Almost thought I should keep it, but didn't. I threw it in the trash.

Then, on thinking my child would be eating this blighted bread, decided to throw the slice away, and very carefully made up another slice. My partner came in, I almost shared with him but decided it would be too longwinded. Now with my new slice buttered I put it on the jellied slice, and looked at the sandwich everything was fine.

I turned it over to examine the other side, an identical square, on bottom left side. I gave my partner instructions to dispose of that slice and make up another, because well I don't think I gave him a because. But now I think back on this, and it still makes no sense.

I can no longer doubt a spirit's existance and influence in my life.

Frequently, its just playful, flirty, like the other night when it got the dogs barking which sent my partner out into the night with his flashlight, rid of him, it raced down the road as a curious red light and then came up on the porch, where I leaned against the rail actively suspecting that it was responsible for the red light, and blew in my ear. Unmistakably. It blew in my ear. Which made me laugh, because I'd sensed its presense and had thought about turning my head quickly and saying Boo! But thankfully it hadn't given me time. Thankfully, because frankly I would be at a definite disadvantage in that kind of game with this visible-at-will creature.

Assuming this is one being, it's appeared to me visually as a bright light, a thickening of fog in the shape of a man leaning upon a tree in a flirtatious manner, a fast red light, and brilliant quick flashes that seem to wrinkle and move on the air (I think when he (it) is happy) and I suppose you could say, as perfect squares of unearthly baked flour.

I have more to tell, but have gone on for an eternity already. Thanks for reading, please feel welcome to comment. I'll read them all sooner or later. I seem to be in for the long haul, so to speak.

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sonri (2 stories) (91 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-05)
"The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" 1John 5:19
I'm glad you are here. Jesus' Soldier, dmcal-using the name Christ knew, others, glad you are in this world, still, overcoming the odds.
And Aisatsana, I appreciated your comment, it was very well-meant.
But, they change everything. They are real. The entire playing field is rigged from the get go. From the very beginning, onward.
I'd like to think its because God is giving us all a chance, demons-fallen angels, and imperfect man. We fell together, really. We fell into sin together, now we're stuck until we crawl our way out, through good deeds and basically whatever hoop we need to go through.
Do I want them to come with us? Yes, definitely, I think, hope, wish, they would, could change, return to their former glory, as I hope the same for us only at a lesser degree. We seem to have, Biblically, more of a chance; so I pity them who have simply had more time to accumulate sin, and hopelessness, which inspires sin.
For myself, Jehovah's never allowed badness to overcome me completely, this badness that was here; I was looking for it. But, I've been searching.
I've lived my life, hardly harming an insect that crosses my path, although in Mississippi, the mosquito is constantly on my hit list, just below the deer fly.
I could never intentionally harm a soul, and so I feel a certain fear, guilt, in my dealings with this spiritual entity. I hope I didn't bring any harm to him, no matter what he did to me. I like them, their species. I wish him the best, that he grows and develops a more founded moral center, and comes (perhaps again) to love the God, I love; The God of Love, joy, peace, patience, chance, math, the science of creation, divinity, 'magic', passion, wisdom, grace, and the wondrous simplicity of comfort,forgiveness, and love making.
I love you, Jehovah. Creator. Thank you for your son, Jesus. You are the Love of my life, the mystery and the solution. The greatest author, imagineable. Thank you. Thank you, Jehovah, so very much for seeing me here; giving me children, allowing me love-light, health, happiness, pain, a chance, and for this insight; may it ever grow stronger.
I love you, Jehovah, may your name be praised. I believe in You.
You are worthy. You are. And, I love you.
out2getu (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-01)
very very very very long winded why is it flirty all it did was blow in your ear frankly I didn't get the story at all so yeah xxxxxx

From out2getu
Jesus_soldier (guest)
10 years ago (2012-05-30)
Think about today and don't try to get ahead of yourself. Just try and relax your body,mind, and spirit. All this stress isn't good at all for you. I know you study the Holy Bible, so this scripture shouldn't suprise you much.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. - 1 John 4:4
Aisatsana (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-30)
Hey, you have all the power. No matter what any spirit being wants you to think, it's all centered on your will. You have your partner, your family, and they can't change that. They can only try to influence you to change it.

Believe in yourself, your love for your family, and your confidence that no one but you can tell yourself how to feel or think.

Every person on this Earth has their own demon to face, a demon that can make or break who that person is meant to be. You just have to believe you have the power to overcome it.

And don't worry, just because you know this other part of the world now exists, doesn't mean you have to separate from the real world. They exist one and the same.

Make clear that you have your own life, that you are going to live that life and that when enough us enough, it means enough. Just find a balance between the two.

Good luck and hope this helps.
sonri (2 stories) (91 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-30)
While I was distracted, wrapped up in thoughts, like 'am I crazy?'
My partner had torn off the brown spot, and given the sandwich to our child who was actively devouring it. When I came out of my musing about my own sanity, I was a bit bothered by this, but there was nothing I could do.
He'd seen it, thought little of it, knew it not to be mold, and did not want to waste the bread; which was the logical thing to do.
Point being, he had seen it, I was not the only one, which relieved my mind a bit at the time, but explained nothing, and now actually worries me.
I believe this experience is but one key to what I am now coming to understand about these spirit-beings. This is a terrifying reality and difficult to explain without sounding astoundingly bonkers. Which frankly I would rather be, because, I am so afraid to be right; wish now that I could go back to not knowing. I was founded in what I thought was the real world, developing some very good habits, and now I'm this, and don't know what's in store for me now.
I'm afraid of what could happen, what if there is no getting back.
As long as I have my partner, my family, I'll be all right, but I know now, that he, they, can be snatched from me in a moment.
A word from him has the power to crush me from the inside out, and these powers that be, know this fact, know everything. I'm tired. Right now, I just want to forget, be normal, hold my man while I still can, and be here to watch my kids grow up.

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