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Still Being Haunted


My name is Jayde and I'm honestly not sure how to start these so I will tell you about how I had my first paranormal encounter and how I feel I'm still being haunted.

A few years back, it was about 3 and I was still wide awake. The lights were off but the T.V was on. I was laying down and turned my head and saw a shadow of a man or teenage boy walking along the door, it turned it's head and made a hand motion as to say "come here". I didn't do anything after that.

A couple years later, I still lived in that house I saw the shadow, my cat hisses at the door a lot and runs away from it. I never see her near that door. I fear I might have made things worse for a friend of mine and I have used the Ouija board more than once in that house, and I have heard of it being very dangerous.

Right now I don't live in the house but I still get paranormal experiences. Such as seeing shadows, hearing voices and footsteps when no one is around but me. Also we have a few sliding doors that get slid shut with nobody touching them, also my mom and I have discussed odd dreams we have had. (I have heard the dead can connect to you through dreams and I thought this might be something I should add)

Even when I am at my dads house, whose house I have also looked on the history of-no known deaths either, I have paranormal experiences. Even my dad. The other night when I was not here he heard the words (he told me this) "Good night," before he went to bed, and that the voice he heard sounded exactly like me, which makes me a bit concerned.

I have searched the history of the house I live in now and there is no known deaths at the house. I don't understand why I am still going through these experiences.

Can someone please tell me if I am being followed by the ghost or what?

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redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
I don't know if you are being followed by any ghosts. It is possible that you are just sensitive to them. Using the Ouija was not a good idea. The worst case scenario with those boards is you open up a new entrance that bad things will use. The best (not the scariest) outcome is you have now shown the resident ghosts that you are interesting in communicating with them. So naturally some of them might not use words but they do typical ghost things to get your attention. You just let the residents know that you do know they are around and that it is ok to make contact with you.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
Simply because a house didn't host any deaths does not necessarily mean it can't be haunted. Homes with history or perhaps even previous owners who have since passed on, but felt close to their home, can host an array of spirits.

I don't know if you have spirits following you; it's possible that you're simply sensitive to their presence (and that case seems to run in your family). These hauntings sound more interesting than harmful in nature. I would be wary, but there is nothing to fear. Bumps in the night are commonplace and animals will often hiss, growl, or avoid places or things that they're uncomfortable with or don't understand. They sense things too, but may not always see them.

I would say that you're a medium who's sensitive to spirits. This can be a good or bad thing but, as I said, the hauntings you're experiencing don't sound harmful. I have a friend who experiences countless things in her home, but she's used to it and thinks of the spirits as 'resident ghosts'. They come and go.

Please keep us updated and if anything happens, or if you're anxious to be rid of some of the spirits, let us know. There are plenty of bits of advice on this site that might help.

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