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A Haunted House Or Just Me?


I'll start off by saying I've never believed in paranormal entities such as ghosts or demons, although I have had some interesting experiences in my life which some may deem as such.

This happened when I was around the age of 11 and continued until I moved once again at the age of 15. I lived with my two parents and sister in my second home when I was 11, I had never watched any horror programs or read anything remotely scary at that age. But I was familiar with the classic definitions of ghosts and ghouls. The house was normal, 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, garage, basement, and a backyard. It wasn't an old house maybe 10 years old when we moved in, it was a nice size for a family of four.

I'm going to mention my pets as I believe they are relevant to these events, at the time we had 2 cats and a dog. Both cats moved with us from our last house and were each around the age of 10, our dog however was a rescue and we got him at the age of 7 months. The first cat often hid himself to sleep and only ever came out for food where as the second always found her way to your bedside and seemed protective of us, our dog however was just loud and obnoxious often barking for seemingly no reason.

My parents were party goers and left my sister and I alone without a baby sitter which I had begged and pleaded for since I was 8. What made it even better was my sisters own baby sitting job which left me with the house to myself. I was never afraid of being alone in a house, in fact I have always found it to be quite relaxing. Of course at night any kid's imagination will get the better of him and I did spend a couple of occasions with my back towards a wall. That being said the "bumps" that come with an old house were far more present from what I can recall. I would hear heavy footsteps coming from the upstairs hall way as I sat in the living room below. Banging on walls coming from the basement, and sometimes a knock or two from random doors in the house. These occurrences have been noticed by not just myself but guests and family members alike who write it off as the houses "squeaking" which I would agree with.

I'm going to describe what I believe to have been abnormal during my time in that house starting from what I find to be trivial.

The basement has always been a scarier place in anyone's home as it is usually always the darkest area of the house being underground. As I am a normal person I too was afraid to be alone down there, but not just because of the cool atmosphere and darker lighting, I always felt the presence of something behind me. We all have that sort of "sixth" sense about what's behind us, whenever I was down there regardless of who was with me, I always felt that I was being watched.

Phone calls were plentiful at my old house, we always received 10-20 a day. Two things were strange about our line which my father who is an electrician was never able to explain. The first is the sound of breathing as if someone was on another line listening in on our conversations but would disappear the second you would try to ask if someone else was on the line. The other was the faint sound of chatter and in some instances laughter coming from the background noise. All the phones in my house displayed this problem, we had 1 cordless phone at the time and two corded.

My grandfather had just passed away a year before we had moved and my sister has claimed to have seen him standing beside her bed at night, his face expressionless staring at her. She has said even now that she believes he was protecting her from something. I cannot say I have ever seen him as an apparition before and the closet I have to an experience with him would be in my dreams.

Since moving into that house I had terrible nightmares, I would wake up constantly crying from vivid dreams of shadows and evil creatures attacking me in my room. These interest me only because I only ever dreamt of being attacked in my room or within the confines of the house rather than being attacked in another area such as a school or even just outside.

These next two are both the most vivid and in my opinion the scariest phenomenon I have ever experienced. The first are whispers I would here in my pillows, when I would rest my head upon a pillow in my bed I would hear endless chatter ranging from unidentifiable gibberish to my name and obscenities, often I would not sleep for hours until passing out from exhaustion. These whispers did not happen every night, and I can tell you for certain no one was speaking within the house or close outside while they occurred.

The second disturbing event was sleep walking, I would get up from my bed and walk over to a family member, there I would stand hovering over them in a trance before returning back to my room. Every member of my family has had an experience with my sleep walking, whether I remember doing it or not. I have never remembered getting up and walking to their bedsides but I have recollections of a few instances where I became concious while standing over them.

The last oddity I would like to mention involves my pets, and still happens to this day. My cats and dog would often stare at empty spaces or doorways, my cats would sometimes hiss and my dog would bark incessantly. I could never figure out as to why they would both simultaneously growl or hiss at an empty space however I did find it interesting that they would both stop their hissing/barking at the same time, as if whatever it was had left. I mentioned that it is still occurring, while my dog is the same we have since seen our last two cats pass and have since had two new cats replace them. They continue to growl and hiss at empty spaces even in this new house.

Since we moved, I have no longer experienced nightmares, it is a brand new house so very few creaks or sounds can be heard coming from the structure. I have no recollection of ever sleep walking since we moved years ago and my family is relieved to report the same. My sister has not seen our grandfather or any other apparitions. Our phones have no voices in the background, and I have not heard a peep from my pillows since our move.

I have done some research into what sort of mental illness might cause some of these hallucinations, and I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for a lot of what I have experience such as trauma from moving. As I said before I still don't believe in the paranormal, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious as to why my animals continue to bark at ghosts.

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Burtle (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-23)
I'm not a religious person nor do I believe there are such things as spirits and demons however, I do hope they exist as I find them to be quite interesting. I actually have forgotten to mention something interesting about one of my pets. One of the cats I own is actually blind and she still stares towards the same empty spaces as the other two.
arina (20 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-23)
😢 It's a good thing you moved otherwise god knows what could have happened.
I think you should believe in the paranormal because that's probably why all this is happening maybe it wants you to believe in ghosts.
Enza (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-23)
Burtle... You should have searched for history of the house... You have to know that animals can see what human can't see... Maybe it was that house that was hauntedbut just thank tle Lord because things could have got worse... Its important to pray... At night before you go to sleep if you have a bible do the Psalm 91 (prayer for protection) or do this prayer
Its quite powerful

Daily prayer for protection
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command a hedge of protection to be around my home and property today and I ask that warrior angels sent by the one true God would be placed to stand guard at any holes that might be in that hedge. *Holes in the hedge can be caused by yet to be dealt with sin, trauma or wounding in the lives of the people who dwell in the home.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command any free, unbound, or wandering spirits to get out beyond that hedge of protection now.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that warrior angels be placed at the doorways and access points to my home and property today that would keep out any free, unbound or wandering spirits that would try to access my home and property today. Jesus, send warrior angels that would bind and separate from their functions any demons attached to any individuals entering my home and property today. * An access point could be cable TV, internet, telephone or other communication devices in the home, power hookup, water supply or heat source.
Father God, I ask for a spiritual umbrella of protection over me and a spiritual hedge of protection around me. I place the full armour of God on me, and I ask that the light of the Lord Jesus shine through me this day.
Note: I strongly recommend praying Ephesians 6 daily over yourself and meditating on the scripture often.
Eph 6: 13-17 Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
If you are plagued by nightmares, restless nights sleeping and a sense of uneasiness in your bedroom, pray this before going to bed each night.
Father God, I ask that you would send warrior angels at the bedposts of my bed. (Alternatively, the corners of your bed if you don't have a bedpost) and I declare that YOU are the Lord of my nights.
Ringette11 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-22)
My one cat does that also and it makes me wonder but I think its because of an spirit since my house is really old I also hear creeks upstairs even though every one is down stairs. In the house you use to live in I think it was a spirit.
Burtle (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-22)
Hey guys, to start off yes I know it's contradictory to say staring at ghosts but I meant it as just a play on words. Yes I do think people have something like a sixth sense that can't be explained, but likewise with ghosts there's no real evidence to support it. And finally yes my animals are still staring and barking at walls for no reason, my dog in particular has been seen barking at empty doorways by myself and other members of my family. Other than that everything seems normal thanks for the comments!
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-21)
I agree most if not all of your experiences are capable of rational explanation. The voices you heard when you laid your head on your pillow could have been auditory hallucinations, perhaps related to the cause of your sleepwalking. The sleepwalking may have cleared up naturally, as I believe can happen in children. The uneasiness in the basement and indeed in the whole house for that matter could be explained by naturally occurring electro-magnetic fields and/or simply lousy feng shui. I would not discount feng shui, especially where the nightmares are concerned, and I don't believe it is, strictly speaking, a "paranormal" phenomenon, but just to do with energy flow. When we first moved to our house we were renovating our bedroom so stayed in the spare room next door for the first month or so. Our bed was at the foot of a staircase with my feet pointing out the open door toward the staircase when I slept - a bad set up for anyone who knows anything about feng shui because energy picks up speed as it travels down the stairs and rushes over you. Also, you aren't supposed to have your feet pointed toward a door when you sleep or a window behind your head - third strike against me. I used to have bad nightmares when I slept in this arrangement and they cleared up when we moved out of the spare room and into our bedroom. It also felt a lot calmer down there after we hung a crystal at the foot of the staircase, which is supposed to slow down the energy. As for your animals... Weird? Yes. Conclusive? No. My cat constantly stares into space, leaving the impression she is looking at something that is not there. Creeps the hell out of me, especially when I'm alone, but it's a characteristic habit of cats to do that. As for your dog, as a rescue stray he could well be "crazy" (i.e. Prone to behavioural problems). Heaven knows what has happened to him in his life before he came to you. I'm not saying there's nothing paranormal here, just that there are lots of other possibilities to consider.
MsRevz80 (3 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-21)
Hi Burtle - No offense meant, but the entire last sentence is totally contradictory:

"As I said before I still don't believe in the paranormal, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious as to why my animals continue to bark at ghosts."

If you don't believe in the paranormal, then how can you be so sure your animals are barking at "ghosts"?

I believe in ghosts, spirits and the like - I believe animals are way more sensitive to these things than the majority of us humans. I believe your cats and dog were definitely seeing something that you could not pick up on visually, but you got auditory clues on (footsteps, knocking, whispers, etc.)

Hope that this helps a bit!
Laurosawrrrr (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-21)
You say you still don't believe in the paranormal, but you believe we have a sixth sense? Is that not a bit contradictory? No offense meant.

Also, with the phone line; I'm not saying it wasn't anything paranormal, but often, my baby monitor will pick up people talking outside, or a lorry passing a couple of streets over, or it can even pick up another signal sometimes. Were there any houses close to ou or were you in a secluded area? Although it would be a bit odd if you were only ever hearing the same thing (s) every time you used the phone. From my understanding though, correct me if I'm wrong, spirits can be attracted to electricity/energy, so could possibly explain why you'd hear things through the phone? You sound like you think it was (or may have been) paranormal, you just don't want to believe it was. Glad things have calmed down for you though.
champion (3 stories) (172 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-21)
Burtle- are you saying that after moving your animals are still acting weird? Glad you moved and things have stopped for you at least. I think most of us are skeptical when we hear and see things and want a logical explanation to explain things.

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