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The Torcher


I'm Indrajit and I'd like to share this particular experience of mine with all of you. It took place at Silchar, a town in Barak valley, which is located in the southern part of the Indian state of Assam.

It was the winter of 1997. I was merely 20 years old, a college student, had a conventional teenage life, playing hide & sick with responsibilities that come on your way during that specific period, a kind of an unruly child to be precise. I had a crew of classmates who cooperated with me in the business of the transgression of rules and we used to have a lot of fun. Sometimes we would bunk our classes and flee to a graveyard which we considered to be our meeting point. We boozed and smoked, confabulated all day like hell and planned our next outings/escapades. I never felt the graveyard to be spooky, though in Silchar there were many such places which were supposed to be haunted. People used to talk a lot regarding such stuffs and I always found this topic intriguing.

Well, I knew a girl, Suhasini, who was married to a judicial magistrate, resided with her husband at one of the many residential quarters out there. She used to complain a lot about feeling gloomy and crestfallen and scared of course, as she had to stay alone all day in the billet while her husband came back at evening. According to her, she even witnessed some creepy creatures, often roaming about in the backyard albeit her husband not believing her, ever.

Almost 2 months of marriage and when Suhasini was well nigh demented observing the utmost eerie situation, her aunt, mini chachi and mini chachi's 15 year old daughter, Sangeeta, whom I knew personally went to give her some company while her husband had to go out of town for a training of some sorts. One night, mini chachi who slept in a separate room during the stay (whereas Suhasini and Sangeeta slept together) hearing the door creek suddenly felt aware of somebody's presence beside her bed, she tried to grope blindly but was held back by that"somebody" and whoever it was, grabbed her throat and tried to strangle her. Somehow she was able to scream and the girls rushed into her room in no time to find nothing but mini chachi who had broke down in tears. It is also said that they heard someone banging at the backdoor of the house daily and making blood curdling sounds.So, ultimately mini chachi along with some other relatives and people of the neighboring area decided to arrange for some Hindu rituals and all. Suhasini's husband came home within a few days and he, too joined the rituals conducted by a famous Brahmin, known to have mastered the art of exorcism, tame poltergeists etc.

That evening, when the process to drive away the demons was being initiated, me and my crew gathered at our meeting spot, the graveyard, abandoning a tuition class. We were rattled abruptly by a sound of explosion. We were absolutely clueless regarding what might have happened and the zephyr that came through all of a sudden was weird and eerie. We decided to move out quickly as we knew something was wrong. One of my friends offered me a ride but I wanted to walk my way home since I had to pay a visit to a cousin of mine who had excelled in his board exams, residing nearby. I was on the route, a path which usually remained empty with not even a single stray dog around for about half a kilometer. After sometime I was about to cross the residential area of law keepers when suddenly I saw the silhouette of a man, his goddam body structure was unearthly like hell, coming towards me from the opposite direction. As I neared him I saw his face, it was totally deranged, slightly burnt and he was naked. When he went passed me I had a bizarre, spine chilling sensation... And just then only I noticed the huge combustion somewhere inside the area occupied by trees, quarters and offices. I didn't try to inquire.

The next day, I was informed of the blaze that had occurred near CGM's residence due to a cylinder leak in one of the quarters that belonged to Satyajeet Das, a magistrate. 5 people died including Satyajeet and his wife Suhasini. To me it was kind of shocking and caused some what indignation and since, that night I had a bad dream in which I saw the same creepy fellow I nearly bumped into the evening before, I felt sort of restless. It was like the image got imprinted inside my head. I discussed it with my friends at the meeting point and one of them told me a few scary things concerning that fateful house which had burnt down along with each of the inmates. Before Suhasini and Satyajeet, a female govt official used to stay there and she used to complain about a strange creature harassing her at night, having sexual intercourse with her and many other horrific stuffs that I cannot share in here. People started thinking she was a wacko. Eventually she died of heart attack in the quarter itself, that too at a young age. Probably it was an evil spirit summoned by some sort of voodoo to decimate her or might be something else, God knows, and as I think, it might have prevailed to finally cast doom upon Suhasini and her husband.

You see, I couldn't jerk off the ghastly incident out of my mind, from my system for a long long time. I did investigate some more, and I realized to what extent can these stuffs, often known as negative energy go...well, I have no idea who that naked man was... But I can't stop myself from trying to link him with that haunted quarter.

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PakaPell (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-22)
I had been to that graveyard few times which was opposite the Assam Rifles barracks with a Football field in between... This was when I used to visit my Uncle who lives somewhere close to College Road... Though never had anything close to a scare...
pankaj8 (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-23)
scary! I have friends from assam and they have so many ghost stories to tell. It's also famous for black magic or jaadu tona.
indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-05)
oh yes,geetha, I forgot to reply to that question of yours: it was indeed a gas cylinder used for cooking...
indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-05)
Yup,so little is known about the things that are not usually perceived by our human senses and a single encounter can leave you dazed like hell. There's more to that particular field than meets the eye, quicker we learn about it the better for us...
indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-05)
[at] geetha
It is based on hypothetical talks that a kind of 'YAGYA' was going on exactly when the explosion took place seizing 3lives other than the couple's. Suhasini's aunt and her cousin (was a friend of mine, who informed me beforehand about things that were happening with suhasini in that house) were among the casualties. An indivisual from the neighbourhood died too whereas the brahmin who was in charge of the pooja survived with injuries. I don't know much regarding the brahmin who disappeared short while after his failed endeavors.Uhmmm, probably they were informed, but after all it was not something like a suicide and medical reports suggested that she was suffering from ailments, so perhaps they didn't bother to take it in an earnest way but I have no idea if they had performed GRIHAPRAVESH poojas or not. You see, Satyajeet was a beginner who was dealing with a transferable job in which frequent posting swaps are done in the early stages,hence,maybe they didn't get their house blessed presuming they might have to move soon although I can't be sure.
Quite often discussed such things with friends... As I have mentioned already I was always intrigued by paranormal topics and I used to keep in touch with a few people living in the region and extracted information from them that made my researches a lot easier later on.

Well, I suggest you to read the second story to grasp the big picture and the situation completely.

Thanks anyways
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-04)
I'm going to read your second story in a few minutes but let me comment on this first.

I have some questions for you:

(1) At the time of the explosion, you mentioned that you were at the cemetery with your friends. You also mentioned that Suhasini, her husband, chachi, and everyone else did the Hindu poojas. Was the poojas done before or during the explosion?

(2) You mention that Suhasini and her husband were one of the people who died in the explosion. If the pooja was done during the explosion, did anyone else from the house get injured or die?

(3) You mentioned that the creatures of this world was seen by Suhasini and felt by chachi (and got attacked by one). You also mentioned that a previous female resident died in that house because of a heart attack and was called a nut case because nobody believed her when she told people that she was getting attacked by unearthly creatures. I was born in Sri Lanka but grew up here in Canada so I'm not sure about the real estate procedures there in India and Sri Lanka but here in Canada and the United States, you have to enclose that kind of information to potential buyers (eg. People getting murdered / dying in the house or if there was a drug raid of sorts, anything alone those lines). So my question is that Sushaini and her husband were never informed of this information of the lady dying of heart attack in the house? And also, how did you find about that information?

(4) You didn't mention it in your story but when Sushaini and her husband moved into that house after their marriage, didn't they get the house blessed and / or didn't the elders in the family recommend it? I'm asking because of our Hindu culture having all properties blessed before moving in. Even here in Canada, a lot of families, including mine do that. A blessing would have not only banished any unwanted guests but also would have informed the homeowners that something was there.

My theory and suggestions:
(1) The man you saw was probably the spirit of a man that just died. It was the last thing that the man saw / felt before dying and that's probably what you saw.

(2) You mentioned that the cause of the explosion was of a cylinder. Did you mean the gas cylinder used for cooking? The explosion could have be just a freak accident and have nothing to the incidents at Sushaini's house. But then again you never know with the history of the house and area.

(3) As for what Sushaini (and possibly the previous owner) saw and heard was not of this world and most like a negative energy (as you might have found out by now). As for finding out what they are, we might never know and Sushaini is no longer with us and there are so many aspects to the paranormal that it's never black or white but a lot of gray in between. People with years of experience are still learning new things.

(4) For how it happened, like one of the other posters mentioned, someone or some people might have been jealous of Sushaini and her husband and under ill faith might have put a curse under the black magic. Or the area alone might have a lot negative energy because of some kind of portal. You might never know.

(5) I would suggest keeping an eye for anything else that happened / happens in that area and in particular the house Sushaini and her husband lived in and see what happens. Also, this might be hard but find out the history of the house and area.

Sorry for make the comment so long but once I get going I can't stop, especially, if it's from my culture.

Also, send my condolences to Sushaini's and her husband's families. It's never fun to lose someone you care about it it makes it even harder when they are still young.
indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-03)

You see it was pre destined mate... Nothing could have been done much. Some people heavily pay the price and regret for their past decisions but regret is indeed a manufacturing defect in human beings, we keep regretting even though there's no point to it and the thing I wanted to do was to exhibit my notion, that's it with the title.

indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-03)
and god saved me too... Read the second part of the story and give more of your feedback.TC
indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-03)
[at] Runswithlydia

Thanks! And yeah I usually watch my steps quite well...
indrajitD (2 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2012-10-03)
[at] sceptic ari
You can find it all in silchar india club region but if you really want to see the torcher... Although I feel that the probability of it is very low but still you might actually have an encounter with him, who knows and not that it's going to be a great thing 😊
Sceptic-Ari (2 stories) (611 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-23)
Dear indrajitD,
First I congratulate you for a brilliant narrative.
Where in Silchar is this Graveyard? And where are these CJM quarters located?
Please let us know so that some of us who are interested may see the torcher ourselves...

Runswithlydia (1 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-15)
Fantastic story, I work abroad with many Indians and they have many superstitions... Keap safe.
Night_Vampire (19 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-15)
I know these sorts of rituals because I had face "Black Magic" by one of the lady and she was my relative. I was almost died. She was jealous with me because of my property and house and did black magic on me... But thankx to god he saved me...
MoonFall (1 stories) (48 posts)
9 years ago (2012-09-14)
WOW! They were some really horrific events! That poor family! Her husband should have believed her and taken her occurrences as warnings and got out of there! GEEZ! I'd say the title of this story fits perfectly... Good story, but very horrifying indeed! I'm getting paranoid as I write this comment! 😨

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