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My name is Alinah-Jo, and I never believed in ghosts until one day at school, me and my friends were talking about their ghostly experiences. I didn't believe in ghosts and I was getting tired of hearing things I didn't think were true, so I went to the bathroom. I heard a little girl sniffing. I asked if she was ok but no one answered, which I thought was strange. That night, I went on my computer to check out the ghost web sites and as I was reading some disturbing ghost stories, someone or something pinched me on the arm. I thought it was my little brother and I looked, but no one was there. I kept on reading, a little bit scared. Then something or someone, as I said, leaned over me and I felt a small gust of wind, small enough to be someone breathing. I thought it couldn't have been a ghost because they don't breathe.

I was shaking and then the door slammed, but it was my older sister and I quickly jumped off the computer. She noticed me shaking and asked what was wrong. I told her everything that happened today. She told me not to worry because she was there with me. She told me to try and think of something happy, but every time I got something happy in my head, it just turned to what had just happened. Now, after what had happened that day, I believe in ghosts and choose not to talk about what had happened when we talk about ghost things at school. But I still can't understand what that sobbing was in the toilets that day.

Please tell it may have just been a kid in the toilets. I saw every door was open as I went out.


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zacksawyer (1 stories) (20 posts)
11 years ago (2009-03-07)
First of all your experience is creepy, having said that it can or maybe just your active imagination. I said this because you said yourself you where checking out "disturbing ghost stories" on the net. This would have made your mind more alert and freaked out at the stuff you were reading so the slightest noise or movement could have been multiplied and considered creepy. I'm not saying this to offend you because I do believe in the paranormal (I would not be here in this website if I didn't) plus I witnessed it a couple of times myself, one of which I submitted here under the title "in my room". This is only my opinion and your more than welcome to prove me wrong, besides your the one who experienced it. Have a nice day 😉
CenterCore (guest)
13 years ago (2007-01-14)
Freaky. Yeah, I used to have things like that happen a lot to me. Back in my old house, though. We've moved in the past couple years. If you read my "Sick Man" story I talk a little about this ghost. I've encountered in many many many many many more times than than but that was the strangest one. Peace out.

- ©Œnter¢o®€
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
13 years ago (2007-01-12)
Hey Alinah, I think that you encountered a ghost. I do believe you and I think that the ghost in the bathroom is of a spirit that died in there or something. Well, I think that you had a good reason to believe in ghosts and I know what it feels like and if you want to read some of my experiences, go to the your true ghost stories icon and go to the a and t section, my stories are A grandfather's experience and The haunted blue house. If you wish to read them, can you please comment them telling me what you think?

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