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I lived in a semi-detached house with 2 other girls for just under a year whilst in my final year of university in 2010/2011. I was friends with one of the girls that lived there the year before me and also had my room. The first time I heard about it being creepy was when my friends boyfriend got talking to me about me moving in next year and he told me there were 'bad vibes' in that house. He'd never struck me as the kind to be spooked so I thought it was a bit strange but didn't think much of it and forgot about it.

I moved in September 2010 and saw what he meant pretty much straight away. The house was not that old - 1950's perhaps but it never felt like a welcoming place to be. I thought I was just letting what my friends boyfriend had said get to me until my housemates started to mention that they didn't feel comfortable either.

Not long after moving in I walked into the living room after finishing work just after 10pm one night to find my housemate (we'll call her Y) sat on the sofa watching TV. She said that our other housemate (S) who's room was directly above the living room had been walking round in her room all night but had not come downstairs. I told her that S was still at work and had been since that afternoon, she didn't believe me until she looked outside and saw that her car wasn't there. Again I didn't think much of it and thought maybe she got spooked because she was in on her own and maybe it was steps from next door carrying over.

Not long after I began to hear these steps myself seemingly coming from S's room when she wasn't in both when on my own and when Y was there. Y also began hating being in the house on her own and would sit in the living room with all the doors shut because she didn't feel 'safe', she would also refuse to sit on one of the sofas because she felt as if someone was standing behind it.

Things soon began to get stranger. Y was out for the night one night and S had gone to bed about 9pm, it was midnight and I was still awake and suddenly heard voices coming from outside my room. Initially I thought S was on the phone for some reason but decided to investigate anyway. When I listened at my door I realised it sounded like two male voices having a conversation on the stairs, but I couldn't make out what was being said. This went on for a few minutes and then stopped. Convinced I must have been mistaken I asked S the next day why she'd been on the phone at midnight and she looked at me blankly and said she'd gone straight to sleep when she'd gone to bed hours earlier.

Another time Y locked herself out of her room for the night and had to stay on the sofa. She ended up staying up all night and the next morning asked me if I'd come downstairs to the bathroom/toilet (which were in separate rooms at the end of the hallway downstairs) about 5am, I'd slept through until 10am so assumed that it must have been S, until she said she'd slept through until late morning too. We thought Y might have been hearing things but she was adamant that someone came downstairs in the early hours, went down the hall and into either the toilet or bathroom (however the toilet didn't flush) and went back upstairs.

After that nothing major happened except we continued to hear footsteps, and a friend who is quite sensitive to the paranormal said he woke to heavy breathing in his ear when he slept on the sofa one night - which he told to go away and it did. Some nights I began to feel as though the atmosphere in my bedroom was 'buzzing' as of sorts, I couldn't hear anything but everything just felt 'static' and just full of activity floating around my room. Kind of as if the room was full of white noise from a TV. This would happen maybe twice a week.

I also began to experience sleep paralysis (I am aware this does not mean it is a paranormal experience but I feel it is worth mentioning), which I had never experienced before. One particular time I felt as though I was being grabbed by my arms and legs and lifted up and was floating uncontrollably towards the ceiling. I couldn't open my eyes and tried to scream for my housemate but of course nothing came out. I have only had one other episode since moving out 2 years ago.

Eventually one of my best friends who is a medium came to visit me (a social visit); I hadn't told him about any of the happenings and didn't ask him. Within 10 minutes of coming in he looked at me and told me there was something nasty in the house. He said he felt that there was a lot of negative energy, in particular my room (which made sense as I know my friend went through quite a few tough times whilst she lived there) and that this presence was feeding off the negative energy and was trying to spook us. This came as a shock as I hadn't mentioned anything and wasn't even expecting him to say anything as it was a social visit. After his visit things began to calm down and eventually nothing was really happening anymore, but there was still an uninviting presence in the house. It was almost as if the presence had got 'bored' of spooking us.

Hope you enjoyed, I'm sure much of it could be explained but I certainly don't miss living there!

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rainbow-rose (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-10)
It was actually just a normal semi detached house in a residential area that they rented out to students, so we were surrounded by family houses. I'm not sure how long the landlords had been renting it to students but it was quite some time. I never did any research - never thought as I was so busy with my final year. I was surprised that no one was ever touched or felt anything physical, it was such a creepy house
Bluerose19 (3 stories) (164 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-10)
Its good to know that you don't live there anymore, and must say you people were lucky enough that you weren't hurt anytime. I assume the Student House you were talking about is some kind of apartment that students used to stay for studying and then passing out some time later. It might be a case of residual haunting, may be of some student that had died there earlier. Did you collect any information about the House/Building/Area?

Take care.

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