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Is A Ghost Reaching Out To Me?


I'm nineteen years old and within the past couple of years I've suffered from what I imagine to be night terrors. What happens is, I am lying in my bed and my eyes are barely open. It's like looking through your eyes when they are as squinted as possible. I feel something next to me holding me down, and I try to scream for help, but I can't. I can barely whisper. Eventually I snap out of it and wake up terrified and shaking.

After this happening so many times, I decided to try and control it. When the thing next to my bed held me down, instead of screaming for help, I tried whispering to it. I asked who it was and what it wanted. My bedroom is in the basement of my house. A place I was terrified of as a kid, as every kid is scared of their basement. Once I started trying to control my night terrors they came even more frequently, until one of them changed the routine. I was having the same night terror as always, could barely see out of my eyes, couldn't scream, couldn't move, had pressure on top of me, but this time my bedroom light was on. In all of my previous night terrors my light was off, and it was dark. Also in this night terror, I managed to fling myself out of my bed and crawled ever so slowly towards the door. Half way there I gave up in anguish and rolled to my back, when I saw a person standing above me. Not a mean person, not someone I didn't know, but my grandfather who passed away when I was 6. He didn't speak, but a feeling of comfort overwhelmed me. Then I woke up, but not terrified, or shaking.

Now that I'm back at college, and living in a different house, I thought that I escaped my haunted basement. Then I started having my night terrors again. It's the same scenarios as it was at home, except now I'm starting to feel things when I'm awake. It's like something is watching me, but it doesn't come everyday. I know this all sounds crazy, but now weird things are starting to happen to my roommates.

Yesterday, when I went to take the dog outside, I noticed my roommate's bedroom light was on because it was shining through under her door. This was kind of weird because I thought she left to take a test, but I just rationalized that maybe she finished early. When I brought the dog back upstairs, her bedroom light was off. Maybe she was taking a nap, I thought. Then I heard our front door open and my roommate came to tell me about her test. I asked if she had been home within the past hour, and she told me she had been taking tests the past two hours. I told her about her bedroom light being on and then off, which seemed to really upset her.

She told me about how the previous night she couldn't sleep because she felt like something was standing in her bedroom. I have never told my roommates about my night terrors, or how I feel like I'm being watched sometimes, so when she told me this I started to get worried.

I don't know if it's me that brings these weird occurrences, if it's something I own, or if it's all in our heads, but something isn't right. Does anyone know what could be happening?

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NightTerrorGirl (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-17)
When I had the dream about my grandfather I woke up still in bed, and my bedroom lights were off. The night terrors subsided for a couple weeks after that incident, but like I said, they started back when I came to school.

As for the old items that could have something to with this, I own tons of antiques. Even my furniture are antiques. I should sort through all of my things and try to remember if I got any of them around the time that these occurrences started.

The journal idea is great. I will definitely start keeping one and tell my roommates to do so as well.

Things have been calm the past couple weeks, so unless I feel more threatened I don't think I will need the cleansing method. Thank you so much for your input. If you can think of anything else, I'd be more than grateful to listen.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-17)

Based on just what has happened to you (for the most part) I would have said Night Terrors coupled with Sleep Paralysis. You however mentioned that during one incident you crawled out of bed and saw your Grandfather and hten woke up...Questions:

Were you actually out of bed or did you find yourself in your bed when you woke up?

You asked if something you own may somehow be connected to these events... Did you purchase anything or maybe you received a present just before these events started? Chances are it is an older item... It may even be from a relative who passed, someone you didn't know very well, it could even be an estate sale purchase. You are the best person to answer these questions however.

The incident with your roommates light may be a one off, but everyone in the house should start to keep a Journal of any 'odd events' that may happen to them. Everyone can them compare notes, weed out anything you can find a 'natural/normal' explanation for and then see what type of experiences remain (if any).

If you truly feel the need to do something I have a Cleansing/Shielding Method I will gladly share with you... Yours for the asking.



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